Friday, March 15, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15


Day 15 - List 10 Things That Make You Awesome

Wow, you know.  While I like to kid around... I don't like making lists about myself.  However, I think it's pretty good sometimes to remind ourselves just how damn special we really are!  And, no, I'm NOT talking short bus!  

1)  I am a logical thinker.  I may get emotional about situations... but I resort to logic in handling them rather than anything emotional or spiritual or otherwise.  Logic needs to trump all.  

2)  I can handle my own in the outdoors.  I can chop firewood.  Start a fire.  Cook from scratch on a jetboil.  Set up a tent, tarp, tie downs.  Sanitize drinking water.  Shoot a gun. Clean a fish.  You name it.  I'm pretty damn self sufficient.  I do, however, prefer glamping! :)  

3)  I can drive a stick shift.  Don't be jealous.  :) 

4)  I can make just about anything in the kitchen, from scratch.  I'm a damn good cook. 

5)  I'm low maintenance.  No hair highlights every 4-6 weeks, no tan, no Botox, no shopping, no pedicures, no spa days, no fake nails, no lash extensions, no brand name everything.... no nothing...  I'm a hair pulled back, baseball cap wearin', thermal shirt under a button up flannel, comfy jeans wearin' kinda girl... 

6)  I'm creative.  Be it photography.... scrapbooking.... card making... etc.  

7)  I can write and express myself well.  

8)  I can speak well in large group scenarios.  I'm not afraid of public speaking or singing.  I've done both.  They've even written a book about it.  HILARIOUS!

9)  I'm fiercely loyal... especially to my friends.  You befriend me... you've got a friend for life.  

10)  I give my kids responsibilities -- LOTS of them.  I set my expectations of them HIGH so that they can raise their bars even higher.  I let them fail.  I let life teach them lessons and do not swoop in to save them from every circumstance.  But when they do (fail), I'm generally there with some homemade cookies to help them realize that whatever it was didn't define them as a person... just found one way of doing something that didn't work out. 

Oh, and I gotta add (for Manny!)

11)   I'm Batman! 

So, that was weird, and hard, and .... hard!  But it's me.  I'm pretty awesome


Paula said...

The best list I have read so far. And I laughed out loud, so that made it even better. Thanks for sharing

Alexis AKA MOM said...

We are so the same why I love ya!!