Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday 13

13 Fashion Fads that should die or NEVER ever EVER come back in style.  

I've addressed some of these back in 2010...and they are so timeless, they're still on the list!  This list is in no particular order... just so there is no confusion as some are more particularly garish than others.

1.  acid wash denim

I just don't think there is a way to make these look good, normal, fashionable... they're ghastly!  I owned a pair as did most kids in the 80s and they still didn't look good.Let the fad die to never return again.  Please.

2.  MC Hammer pants

The only think I can gather from this ... ridiculous ensemble... is that it could be comfortable.  It would allow dancers the freedom to move however they pleased.  That being said, they're ugly.  Was, were... always will be.  Take that inseam up a good foot and a half!

3.  Z-cavaricci

Slater (I think) has completed a full on double-whammy here -- acid washed AND z-cavs!  He needs detention!  I think you could probably take the entire wardrobe from that show and add it to this list.  

4.  Mom Jeans

High waisted, tapered legs... I can't BELIEVE they still make these hideous creations!  I can't believe women still want to WEAR these things!  There is NOTHING fashionable WHATSOEVER about Mom Jeans.  Ladies... hire a stylist!  I'm not a fashionista but even I know that these things are a no-no!

5.  Workout Clothes (in General)  

Unitards -- the fact that it has "tard" in it should be clue enough to avoid it like the plague.

Thong workout wear over shorts... seriously?  This look had to be invited by a man.  No right-minded woman would ever work out in this shit.

6.  Popped collars on layered shirts.

He must get cold... 

7.  skinny tie

It works on Zac for some reason.  Maybe because he's a complete dork.  I guess skinny ties are okay if you're a complete dork...but, as a general rule... I don't like them.

8.  leggings

This has come back in style (THUD!)  I see this one teacher at my son's preschool who wears these -- WITHOUT a tunic overtop and she's a BIG GIRL!  YIKES.

9.  Anything with cheeky language
juicy asswriting.JPGaloha-butt-writing
Anything with writing across the rear should be burned.... 90% of the people that buy them should NOT be drawing attention to this area of their bodies.  If there is a chance the fabric between your legs could ignite from the friction just because you walked across the room -- that is most certainly NOT "sexy!"

10. Anything worn by The Spice Girls

GHAD they're disgusting.  

11.  bell bottoms

Katie sported these.  These ridiculous leg flaps.  

12.  jellies

Nothing says "comfortable footwear" than rubbery plastic that not only holds smells but also bacteria and sweat!  WOO HOO.... score one for all girls around the land!

13.  Skinny jeans

Guys, if we can tell that you're circumcised  you need to buy bigger pants.  This is probably one of my most hated looks for EITHER sex but MOSTLY on males.  Skinny jeans are just... UGLY.  Period.


Paula said...

LOL...this was funny. I agreed with you on MOST everything. I just like the fit of MOM jeans. Sorry, but I am an oldie so I am not even trying to be fashionable. I hate feeling like my jeans are falling off. I want my bellybutton covered.

Vivien Jackson said...

Funny! Am shocked you didn't include my own personal wardrobe fave: sweatpants paired with a sarky tee-shirt. But you probably just ran out of numbers. Heee.

christina.owens17 said...

OMG - I love love love leggings, not gonna lie, however, I HATE when girls wear them as pants!! It's outrageous! LEGGINGS.ARE.NOT.PANTS...neither are "jeggings" sorry girls.

christina.owens17 said...

OMG I love love love leggings, not gonna lie, however I NEVER wear them as pants...because LEGGINGS.ARE.NOT.PANTS...neither are "jeggings" sorry girls.