Thursday, March 7, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7


Day 7 - What's Your Dream Job?

Wow, what a loaded question.  I have so many things I want to do when I grow up {smirk}.   I'd love to own a bed & breakfast somewhere nestled in the mountains.  I would be able to decorate it rustic fashion and elegance... wake up the guests with the most delicious aromas wafting through the house.  Be "the" place to add to your bucket list.... make it THAT damn good.

Then again, I'd love to finish law school.  I have no desire to be a cut-throat trial attorney (though I could totally see me being a big enough bitch to pull it off) but rather someone fighting for what is right... against the ACLU and all their arrogant, squeaky-wheel, far-reaching campaigns.  I'd also work pro-bono to help women who have given up their lives for their families then left with nothing when things don't work out.  I don't want anyone to ever feel like they had to settle.  

Teaching is another occupation I considered... but I get my fill of kids volunteering at the school and through Scouts.  However, I love -- and I mean -- LOVE teaching.  When you witness that "click" in a child's mind when they finally figured something out -- ON THEIR OWN... it's purely magical.  I would want to compel a thinking generation.  I couldn't be a teacher in today's public school, however.  I would REFUSE to teach to a standardized test.  So many children's gifts and potential are TRULY missed because of these bastardized "standards" some fed thinks needs to be met for a teacher to keep his or her job.  I'd rather teach preschool and play with playdoh and sing the ABC song all day!  Ha!  I couldn't teach college-aged children because they annoy me.  The drama of junior high annoys me.  High school cliques annoy me.  I would love to have a school full of children that are truly excited about learning.  

I've thought of going into photography because it is a creative hobby that has--over the last few years-- turned into quite a passion of mine.  I would, however, be more interested in families, children and pets than events such as weddings.  I'm just not a wedding kind of girl.  I love candid shots, however.  Those are truly the ones I love.  I loathe, abhor, hate, detest the "CHEEEEEEEESE" faces (unless they're my children and then they are the best.smiles.ever!) and prefer to capture the essence of my subjects rather than a pose.  

Or, perhaps published author of a best-selling drama.  I'm working on it.  It's very, very slow going.  How awesome to be able to see your name in print, however.  I love to write... and I currently DO write... but I have yet to even be tempted to submit anything for publishing.  If I could find an artist to partner with, I would love to write a children's series.  

Perhaps one day....

... you know...

... when I grow up

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