Friday, March 29, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29


Day 29 - What is your favorite time of the year and why.

This is SUCH an easy one for me.... FALL!  

I love the colors of fall.  Who can NOT love this type of autumn splendor!?

I love the holidays in the fall -- Halloween and Thanksgiving!  

I love the flavors and aromas that tend to come alive in the fall -- cinnamon, pumpkin and spiced apples.

I love decorating my house for the fall.  

I love hay rides and pumpkin farms.

I love the slight chill in the air.  I can break out my sweaters and flannel and JEANS!

It's the PERFECT weather in which to go camping!  

Fall....glorious... beautiful.... aromatic... perfect FALL!


Paula said...

Your pictures are beautiful. But I just don't like that fall means winter is coming. I am a summer girl myself

Cristy S said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the scents that come with fall. I also love breaking out my hoodies and jeans.