Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ghostbusters, Gustov, Potter and Buffy

I actually watched a MOVIE last night with Josh! Don't laugh but it was:

I let him pick it out. :) And when it was time to go to bed, he was a teensie bit creeped out so I walked him to bed and tucked him in... and gave him a flashlight. :) We spent the better part of yesterday rearranging his room. It's pretty cool now with the bed at an angle. It gave him a neat little corner to put his clock and electronics ... a fun little niche for his guitars and so he's diggin it. :)

I remember as a kid, my dad taking me to see the Howling and I had nightmares and was creeped out for MONTHS after .. we were talking over dinner a night or so ago about how I wanted to watch the Lord of the Rings... I really wanted to make this a Lord of the Rings weekend... but oh no... that wasn't goign to happen. :) Josh was creeped out watching about 10 minutes of The Mummy. I thought he'd really never sleep alone again if he watched LOTR! SO... I 86'd that one and thought I'd check it out at another time. :)

And what about that little rain storm blowing through the Gulf... Gustov is it? What an odd name for a storm. . . they've got evacuations in place along the Louisiana coast -- amazing what one good smack between the eyes will do for a state, huh?


I'm honestly so glad that the projected path once it makes landfall INCLUDES the DFW area ... I'd love a day or three of rain! :) I don't know HOW much rain we'll get but I'm just thankful to be getting some! :) I love rain... and I love slow and steady rain days. Not that I want to get out of bed and be productive, but still, I do love and certainly appreciate them! :)

Because it's around the 3 year anniversary of Katrina, they sure are making a huge deal out of this storm... which is yet another reason for me to leave the TV turned off. Not that I don't believe we shouldn't remember the death and destruction... but we should also remember that WE should take care of OURSELVES and NOT expect ANYONE ELSE (i.e. the government to do that for us). Shoulda been doing that to YOUR mayor and YOUR governor.... I truly believe that more power needs to be given back to the local level of government...

Ok, I need to get off my soapbox now or I'm going to blow! LOL

On another note, I actually WATCHED TWO more movies today -- ones that I haven't seen yet! That's liek... maybe a total of 3 this year I've seen.. bwa ha ha.. I am SO far behind on my movie watching!! I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
I absolutely love the creativity and the animation and computer graphics in the Harry Potter movies. I don't get into the whole religious debate... I look at it as pure entertainment and nothing more. Life's too short to get caught up in the ridiculous peril of morality assuming everything is trying to whittle away your "good" and leave "evil" in it's place. Yes, it's about wizards and witches, but it's nothing more than a novel full of imagination and creativity. If you REALLY want to look at good/evil... look at our government. Nuff said.

The other movie I watched was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Bwa ha ha ha... why? Because I never knew it was an actual movie. I only thought it was a TV show with really bad acting by Sarah Michelle Geller. LOL

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