Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tip Junkie - my tip for the day

I'm a sucker for a list of great time-saving, life-organizing tips. I have a folder full of them and from time to time, I pull it out to see if I can utilize any to save time or space or just help me be more efficient in life.

I realize that I have something that I've done that a lot of people just go "oh WOW I should do that" so I thought I'd share..

What is my little secret? I use vinyl pocket shoe organizers everywhere in my home. You know, the ones made from clear flexible vinyl that are made to hang shoes fron either a hanger in your closet or to be used while hanging over a door (those are typically what I purchase and I just put them on the wall with heavy duty photo hangers.) HERE is one from The Container Store that is only $14.99. Once you read these ideas, you'll love this idea so much you'll just run out and buy one yourself!! :)

I have one hanging in the pantry. When Drew was a baby I used it to store bottles upside down. You can fit 2 large or 3 small bottles in each little cubby... i would shove all the bottle rings and nipples in another... in the top pouches I would put medicines, thermometers....

In the play closet they serve as an arts/crafts organier... container of crayons, decorative scissors, paint/brushes, etc. the bottom also holds action figures and their accessories ... like a charm! :)

In the playroom, we have one on the closet that holds nerf dart guns EXCELLENTLY!

Places I don't have one but I was brainstorming about....

Kids' bathroom: I don't have one but if you used one or punched holes in it, it'd be a great bathroom toy organizer... what about a mesh one...that'd work better. Or if you have one bathroom that more than one kid uses... put one on the back of a bathroom door and let each kid sort their own stuff within two rows of having that so they always have their stuff handy and it's not in anyone's way...

Craft storage -- I know I have rolling tubs for mine but... using it for markers, paints, crayons, stickers, pencils, colored pencils, stencils, highlighters, staplers, glue, etc. That's be a great "go to" place for the the kids to know where something was

Garage: store bubbles, small handtools, balls, chalk, paint brushes, emergency flashlights

Girl's rooms -- hold all their hair care accessories

Coat closet -- a GREAT place to store all those gloves, scarves, mittens and hats when the cold of winter hits... each person could get their own row and make sure that their goods makes it to the same place every night.

Travelling -- they can be cut... why not use it in the car for an organizer for all your kids "stuff" while on a road trip.

Back of closet door -- use it for the electronic accessory storage outlet in your house... you know, when you buy something electric ... all those little parts and pieces that come with it. Get yourself a label maker and you'll never have to look for charging cords, spare batteries, etc.


you could use it to hold your wrapping STUFF... ribbon, scissors, tape, tags, tissue paper... it'd be a great way to keep it all handy and visible in a spare closet

Utility room -- put your different cleaning supplies in each one with it's rag next to it... that's a great way to keep them away from little hands or organized so you know what you need when... you've got sponges in one, toothbrushes in another, rags in one... spray bottles, etc. everything in it's own place... wouldn't that be just a heavenly place?

Baby's room -- a cloth one on the back of a door is a great place to organize socks, tools, diapers, wipes, meds, onesies, burp cloths, rolled receiving blankets...

Playrooms for boys -- oversized car storage, train track piece holders

Kids rooms -- WEBKINZ STORAGE! Nuff said!

the possibilities are endless!

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