Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do you ever get annoyed?

Do you ever get annoyed when you WANT ice cream. You HAVE ice cream. You venture to the freezer to GET your ice cream only to find that it's frozen so firmly that if you try to spoon it out.. it literally BENDS the spoon?

Is that a sign that you really don't NEED ice cream? Probably so . . .

but I'm letting it defrost on the counter just a bit. ;)

... my dogs love ice cream. They were just standing there looking so adorable... and I had like... a table spoon actually come loose so I took a little nibble and then held the rest in my hand and let them lick it... Sadie (Josh's dog) actually bit the piece of frozen ice cream in half and gobbled it up. Lola just licked it until it was gone.

1 comment:

janet said...

Oh, I've bent many spoons that way!!! LOL! Who cares if we don't NEED the ice cream...I WANT it!