Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please pray...

One of my best friends, Laurie, lives in Ohio... has a good friend Beth that is in need of prayers so I'm posting my prayer request here because I know you will read this and then pass it on!

Laurie's friend, Beth Watson is 42 years old... a wife and a mom to 2 kids (9th grade and 4th grade). Beth has been having headaches and ringing in her ears and went in for a CAT Scan at 1 on Friday. They then called her and couldn't track her down but left messages. When she got in touch with them around 4, they told her she has possible bleeding in her brain and they needed her at another hospital by 6pm for an MRI.

She couldn't track down her husband (he was working) so Laurie graciously took her in. They conducted the tests and let Beth go home and told her they would call her tomorrow (Saturday).

They (Beth and Laurie) were not really happy with that so Laurie insisted that they find out why the contradiction between "this is so urgent that she get to the hospital in the next two hours" to "go home, we will talk to you tomorrow and you can meet with a neurosurgeon on Monday." Didn't make sense. Her husband got there then and he tried - still to no avail. So - he said they would go like they are supposed to and he would call her dr on the way home and try to figure out what is going on.

One thing that stood out to Laurie and also to me when Laurie asked for prayers was that when Beth was in having her MRI, fighting the claustraphobic feelings, she sang - in her head - every hymn she could think of and tried to figure out who exactly her favorite Christian singer was. She thinks it has to be Michael W. Smith.

So fast forward to today and here is the latest update on Beth from today...

She started by saying that she still doesn't "understand" everything yet. She said there is so much information to process and since she still has not met with the neurosurgeon, she doesn't even have all the information.

But - as of now, what it appears is that she has a "lesion" in her brain.

They are not calling it a tumor (when she told me that - she added "yet" to the end - don't know if she added that or the dr did). It is 1.7 CM. It is NOT attached to the "S-shaped" thing in the brain and it does not have "tentacles". We don¹t know what that means but she said all she knows is that that is good news. She said that there was no talk of "cancer". Don't know if the
surgeon will address that or if there is no talk because they know it is not. Don't know - she didn't know either.

The next step is that she will meet with the neurosurgeon Monday. She seems to think that he will decide if they need to do surgery or just "monitor it with MRI's". I asked what the "bleeding in the brain" was that sent her to the hospital last night. She said "you know - I don't know if that ever got answered". So - I think with information overload, she just doesn't know.

That is all I know now.

Thanks in advance for all the prayer warriors around the country pulling for healing and miracles for Beth!!!

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