Saturday, August 23, 2008

Am I A Bad American?

You know... I love my country. I'm PROUD to be an American and as the Olympics are taking place in Beijing (or however you spell it -- CHINA... there ya go) I still get a little teary eyed hearing our national anthem being played. But, just because we had an athlete win, I don't feel it makes us any better than anyone else.

And then I look at some of these athletes... is ping pong REALLY a "SPORT" good grief... pretty soon they'll have Texas Hold 'em tourneys in the Olympics... those boys will probably be pretty po'd that they didn't get much more than a medal on a string though!

And synchronized swimming... it, to me, is more of an art to be appreciated... rather than something to compete in... I dunno. I just feel like... yeah, they're athletes but..???

What do you do... I dive. OK... so what ELSE do you do.... I dive. What's your contribution to society. I dive....

IN the grand scheme of things.. WHO CARES? I mean, it was really awesome and I watched EVERY ONE of Phelps' races...but in the end... ??? he's just a great swimmer (and yeah, has some wicked abs)... but does that make him a better person than anyone else? I don't think so... it's just fluff... I dunno... I guess I just don't feel so fluffy. LOL

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