Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michael's Coupon

I've been reading about Michael's accidentally putting out a 40% off coupon... now, it's not their REGULAR 40% off one item coupon, it was 40% off your ENTIRE ORDER coupon.

Michael's supplied this coupon erroneously as is obvious by the fact that the bar code on the coupon that is 40% off your entire order rings up as the very bar code that is only 40% off one item. Who would do a sale of 40% off your entire order?

And, while I understand it was a mistake on their part and yes, they should honor the coupons without incident. To me, knowing that it's someone's mistake... and you're cashing in on their mistake. To ME, that makes it wrong. To take advantage of someone's error to your benefit.... that is wrong.

If the bank erroneously deposited $400 in your account... it was their error.. to your benefit... but you know it's wrong so you don't use the money.

While I understand that it's a great bargain for anyone that likes to shop at Michaels, you need to understand, however, that it's still NOT RIGHT. It is nice that they are still honoring these coupons printed in the customer's favorite... but I still, personally, do not feel that it would be right to use them.

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