Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clean bowls

Drew is my little Niblet. :) He eats in nibbles and spurts. He'd prefer three individual courses as opposed to one large meal (containing all the same components.) Point in case. It's about an hour before I was going to prepare lunch, yet he tells me he wants a little snack. So, I inquire what would constitute a scrumptious snack for Spiderman (that was the superhero du jour). He said he wants some "Chex Mix with some chips on it". I laughed but allowed him to choose his bowl and I could choose which went in it. He chose wisely so I awarded him with some. Now, mind you, it has a LOT of crumbs because when your "chips" are placed on the lowest shelf in the pantry, they have a tendency to be dropped quite a bit from voracious rummaging scavengers on the prowl for a meal.

So, like I said, I have obliged his craving for Chex Mix and as he sits in his favorite chair with his legs all scrunched up watching his newest "thing" the Transformers, he was in pure shalom. I did tell him, however, that he wasn't expected to eat all the crumbs. I said that when he was finished, he could just let me know and I'll take the bowl back. He smiled and said, "okay." And, that was that. Done deal. Everyone's happy. End of story.

When he'd finished, he comes to me and asks for oranges. Surprised, I ask where his other bowl was. He asked, "what bowl?" I said, "the one with all the Chex Mix crumbs in it." He handed me a bowl and then just matter-of-factly stated, "oh, dat same bowl, I licked it all queen for you."

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