Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to School time...

I don't know about you but as a child, I loved this time of year. You start getting all the sales flyers in the mail for all the cool new supplies. You looked forward to the first day of school to get your list in hand and hit the stores that night to purchase all the ultra cool items of your dreams. I often wonder if I'm short-changing my son because instead of allowing him this time-worn opportunity for self expression in supplies, for convenience's sake, I'm purchasing a pack of school supplies that come already assembled, in a convenient shrink wrapped container ready for him to use. They're delivered directly to the school and, honestly, I LIKE IT that way. But then again, I wonder if, before he's out of elementary school, I should allow him the opportunity to pick that perfect binder, that perfect folder, and then pick up that new box of Crayolas and let him appreciate the smell of a new box of crayons.

And then now in the modern age, if you're like moi, and have signed up for a multitude of e-zines in some consorted attempt to feel like you are in touch with the outside world, you start getting all these great back-to-school things like This

and what trendy girl wouldn't want This?

And speaking of Crayola... they have a ton of cool stuff Here

Would you believe that they have a whole website devoted to goofy little pens that are on some of the top 10 back to school "gotta have" gadgets? Check 'em out here

Like I said, the back-to-school madness is in full swing. ;) School is 3 weeks away. OOOH sanity is just 3 weeks away. Everyone says to enjoy it because the times go by SO quickly. It's EASY to say that on the outside looking in but when you've got a death grip on sanity because if you let go it's goign to get sucked into the vortex of time-suckage perpetuated by a tantrum throwing 4 year old wailing because HE wanted to open the back door... you pray for back to school times. :)

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