Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A few random things

This is my little man... lover of all things "costume" In this getup, he is a builder. He goes back and forth between super heroes and "generic" people -- mailman, builder, doctor... These gloves, however, are a key element to any costume he throws together. They are fire "glubs", surgical "glubs", Power Ranger "glubs" and capable of mighty feats! Everyone needs a pair of these glubs!

Most everyone knows that my dad is staying with us right now because he had his knee replaced on Tuesday a week ago. And man alive... who would have thought that would leave your entire leg black and blue -- feet and ankles too. OUCH!
And who would have ever thought to staple someone's body back together? I'd feel very Frankenstein-ish.

OUCH man!!! need I say more?

and then the last "owie" for the night.... my sweet little boys... my sweet little boys that never listen to mom...sometimes they have to learn their lessons the hard way by the school of hard knocks. Yes... it's sometimes hard to sit by and watch but it DOES happen. And, it happened today.

I went in there and hollared at them both several times early in the day... quit jumping on my bed, no wrestling on my bed, no playing on my bed, stop messing around on my bed.... did they listen? Of course not. So fast forward about 20 minutes and Drew asks for a snack in my room... he wants his peaches and some Chex Mix. I oblige because lately, that's his favorite. Peaches first, Chex Mix second. I also do a big "no no" of letting him eat his little cup o' fruit while sitting on my bed. I'm in the other room helping my dad with his physical therapy and I hear over a period of about 5 minutes, Drew holler at Josh to "stop it JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH" I have no idea what is going on so I go stand at a point where I can see in and they can't really see me (or so I hope). It's all quiet for a while but then I see Josh pounce on the bed... and so I intervene before Drew has a chance to whine yet again.

"Josh, what have I been telling you guys to NOT do ALL morning?"

"Not to jump on the bed."

"What are you doing?"

"I'm not jumping on the bed, I'm jumping OFF the bed onto the chair."

(Jaw clenched, a 9 year old has entered the world of playing semantics with a tired and very hormonal woman... not a smart move. With my eyes I take out the proverbial white gloves and whack him cleanly across the cheeks, insert the gloves into my breast pocket, turn and walk away.)

He sulks and slides off the bed and pouts with his butt firmly planted on the chair.

I walk away, situation diffused but still irritated that he's trying to play word games on me... grrrr!

Fast forward 2 hours....

Drew is upstairs putting together puzzles because that's his thing right now -- and watching his Fire Trucks DVD. Josh is SUPPOSED to be watching a movie in my room. Dad is watching something in the living room on the other TV... I am checking a message board. I hear a slight bump.... it could have been Josh with his feet hanging off the end of the bed and bumping the heels of his feet on the footboard... it could have been him scooting the wooden tv tray over and perhaps bumping his knee on the side as he got up from eating and headed back to the bed to watch his show... about 30-40 seconds pass... not a word...and then he FLIES into the living room in UTTER HYSTERICS! IT's quite a show... He's holding the back of his head as if ... if he let go, his brains were going to fall out. It was THAT severe... I pull his hands away, I can understand NOTHING flowing out of his babbling lips... the tears are flowing... the hysterics are outrageous. I just say...

Calm down... turn around and let me see. What happened?

My head... {incoherent rambling}

Yes, I see your head... what did you do?

{more incoherent rambling}

Josh, were you jumping on the bed? Did you get hurt playing on the bed after I've spent the entire morning telling you guys NOT to play on the bed?

{he stops for a minute and you can completely see him thinking of whether he should lie or tell the truth}

Tell the truth... were you playing on the bed when you hit your head.

I guess so.

So.. at that point, the sympathy completely drained from my soul and I went into "nurse mode." You know, fix it fast and get 'em out the door. He had a pretty good bang...

you want to see? Of course you do...

These pictures do it NO justice and the swellign had gone down some but at it's "finest".... it was the size of 1/2 of a golf ball.

How'd he do it you ask?

He was taking the Nestea Plunge on my bed... but he was WAY too far from the headboard doing his fall and he nearly went off the foot of the bed (he was standing up FACING the headboard) and he snapped his head right on the footboard of the bed...

Below - see the dark spot of hair? That's BELOW where the protrusion is.

Here's a better shot showing it sticking out from his head...

All in a day's work for a mom I suppose.


vannasmom said...

wow! I was exspecting to see a few stiches in his head!!
But that knot is seriuosly big!!
I would have fainted!!

a.k.a. Amooretto said...

Holy smokes Batman! You weren't kidding when you told me that it looked like he slid 1/2 a golf ball under his skin! OUCHIE!!! Hope he's doing better!

(And it's a good thing he opted to not go to the hospital! ;) ) hahaha

SeesterK said...

Oh dear Lawd.