Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Let's Get Organized for your day! It's time for the Lists

Well, it's the first day of the new year... and man it's been a doozy of a day for me.  Crohn's.  Sucks. 'Nuff said.

However, with the "down" days, I still try to do, plan, be organized and present.  Today is no different.

With the new year comes the new year's resolutions.  As I've stated time and time again, I am not a resolutions maker.  Why?  Because people tend to make them... screw up once and have the mindset of "well, I gave it a go."  Then they go back to their old ways of doing whatever it was they were attempting to change silently thinking "failure" in their mind.  What a way to sabotage your motivation!

Friends, I'm here to tell you the ONLY time you FAIL is when you QUIT!  Or stated differently by someone I highly admire...

I've loved some of the meme's I've seen about that very thing... quitting over one hiccup.  Ya just don't need to do it!  
I'm always fascinated by the idea of resolutions for the new year.  I don't really understand WHY people feel the need to wait for a whole new year to make positive changes in their lives when they have the option to do that EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Aren't I just a ray of sunshine?  

I'm thinking of the typical new year's resolutions I hear (in no particular order)

1) lose weight
2) stop smoking
3) stop drinking
4) eat healthy
5) get fit
6) further education
7) further career (raise, promotion, etc.)
8) take a trip
9) get out of debt
10) get organized

So, HEY, if you're on the resolution bandwagon and need the motivation of a new year (which is here now) and want help to get your groove on and plan your a new, blank slate... your time is now!  And aren't you lucky?  That's what I'm here to help with RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!  


The easiest place to start with any of your resolutions is by getting organized!  Why?  Because you can't do any of the other until you actually accomplish that goal.  I'm not talking about having color coded bins with all of your children's socks matched, your garage floor squeaky clean and have homemade cleaners whipped up to make your house eco friendly (although, that is coming, if you're interested).  I'm talking about simply starting out your day with a plan -- an organization of your time, if you will.  

Unless you're a freak of nature, it's not common to wake up ready to roll with a mental list already made, whittle away that list, forget nothing, stay on track, manage all the curve balls thrown at you and feel accomplished at the end of the day with all your i's dotted and your t's crossed with your gold plated calligraphy pen without missing a beat.  If so, you could just BE Batman.  But, I won't have that preposterous notion floating around in my head so we will focus on the fact that we need to get you organized!

And, lucky you!  It's a new year.  You have a clean slate so let's move forward with that momentum to get you a plan.  The key to everything is to use that momentum to make this into a habit.  Once it's a habit, you've worked yourself into your own personalized plan.  So, simply stated, to start out -- you need a plan.

There are TONS of systems out there... but if you're like ME, they're never just quiiiiiiite right for you.  How do you go about having a system in place when you can't find a plan you can use straight out of the (proverbial) box?  Well, if you're anything like ME -- you MAKE one!  I'm not one for conformity anyway.

So it's time to break out your ole pen and paper, grab a cup of something delicious and let's get started! 

There ya go... pick a pencil... any pencil. 

I like to start out simple and grab a pencil and a spiral binder.  It's a GREAT tool to start working on making your plan.  It's new, clean, lined paper just waiting for a list!  The very first few pieces of paper are going to be the guide to the rest of your life.  I'm serious.  Take those pages and across the top of the first several ones, write the following headings:
















Can you guess what comes next?  That's right, you get to have a major brainstorming session of the things that you WANT and HOPE to accomplish during each one of these time periods over the next few days.

This is YOUR MASTER list.  YOU know where YOU live and when things happen in YOUR life so you're not going to be dictated to when something wanted something done because that's when it's printed on your planner.  You're going to put it on YOUR planner because THAT is what works for YOU!  See? I just can't roll with the other.  I don't like or appreciate people telling me what to do when.  I like to be in complete control.  

So, because I do, get to as well!  Yay us!  I kind of feel like we should be running in with arms pumped in victory because this will be our plan!  It will be good!

Keep that motivation running.... let's start today with a Printable Daily Docket you can get here.

I'm telling you, you will want to add this snappy shirt to your yoga pant ensemble and you will DESERVE IT!  

So, start your "DAILY" brainstorm... What are things that you have to do every day no matter what.  This could be something as simple as "take your medicine" or "walk the dog" or "check the mail" or "do a load of laundry"... "set dinner out to thaw"... "journal"... "feed and water the dogs"... "tolerate the cat" (Hahah!  I'm not a cat person).  But this list... this DAILY list should contain things that you want to do on a daily basis regardless of the day of the week.  

I've seen plans written out "make bed" on the daily list.  Me, personally, I really don't need to waste the space or devote the time to make sure that I check that off of my list because when I get out of bed, I pull my covers up.  It's already an engrained habit in my head requiring me no reminder.   However, I'm REALLY bad about taking my vitamins at night so I DO keep that one on there as a visual reminder to do what is needed.  If you are one of those people who needs the extra nudge via a check box and reminder, to make your bed or to help you establish a HABIT so that it becomes second nature and part of your permanent plan, by all means, throw it on the list.  You're certainly not going to offend this girl.

Record your daily goals or goals you HOPE to establish this year to do on a daily basis.  

Tomorrow we will work on specific weekday assignments.

Get listing people!  There's a method behind my madness... want to know why I do what I do?  

Because at the end of the day, I want to hold my children's attention longer than I hold my phone.  I want the relationships I foster to be ones that are tangible.  While my friends on Facebook matter to me... they are not the ones that need my attention.  My family is and so by creating a plan of action, everyone's needs will be met and I will feel accomplished, satisfied... and... dare I say it... super!

And just because we're talking supers.... this is more my style.  :)  Just sayin;

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Paula Kaye said...

I so need this. After years of my life revolving around taking care of Richard I am finding that I just cannot seem to get started again. New plan!