Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bye, bye 2014

They say all good things must come to an end and so much the year 2014.  I will say this hasn't been my most favorite year (primarily due to health reasons), but it's been a year of blessings nonetheless.

I'm still not a resolution maker so there's none of that "new year, new me" bullshit.  Sorry folks, I keep it real.  The truth of the matter is... I hope to have a new me every single day!  I don't need a new year for motivation.  However, to show I DO have a heart, I get the idea of having a clean slate... a blank page in a 365 page book to write your new story.  

My boys... one turned 4, one turned 10 and the other turned 15.  I turned 42 and still have the same 8 grey hairs that I pull every few months.  

This fall, I became the mother of a high school freshman, a 4th grader and an elephant.  (Don't laugh.. they don't just call them "pre-K" rooms, they get assigned animals.  It's much more exciting, don't you think?)

I didn't read as many books as I had intended... 

I finished my planner project... HUGE accomplishment!

I reread The Hobbit and saw part 3.

I've made so many great friends... and am so thankful for those wonderful people in my life.  

I've been to more doctors offices and had more tests run on me than I really want to even consider.  Crohn's is not my friend.  Some doctors are assholes who think everything spawns from depression -- newsflash -- it DOESN'T!  It's totally okay to advocate for yourself and move along (thanks Jennifer!)

It's been a crazy year and, you know how I love to reflect on crazy so let's delve, shall we?  There have been some bizarre and newsworthy events in our world this year as well and... well, ya know, I do have to "go there."

The top grossing movies of 2014 were:


These are in order from 10 to 1.  I want to give commentary on these because... well, it's my damn blog and ya know... I like movies!  

How To Train Your Dragon 2 made me want a Toothless.  I haven't seen Interstellar though Josh has... twice and loved it.  I haven't seen Mockingjay yet because I was waiting for Josh to have read the book but he spends more time fondling the remote and his phone than a book so I will try to go see it in the next couple of weeks alone!  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes... sorry, I think these are stupid ... stupid... stupid.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2.... again more with the same characters -- is there an ounce of creativity left in Hollywood?  Captain America... yeah, didn't see.  X-Men... again, yeah... no.  Maleficent.  I didn't see it in the theaters but pre-purchased it through Disney and I LOVE IT!  It's an amazing backstory and while I'm not on "team Angelina," I thoroughly enjoyed her performance.  I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas day with Josh.  I bought it for him as a gift.  It's a good flick.  I watched it as much as a Benji with a Kindle sitting next to you will allow...and it made me want to be the green chick.  No clue what her name is but... she's a badass.  And, while I am a fan of Transformers, I haven't seen it.  I'm a Marky Mark fan too which is even crazier to think I haven't seen it knowing HE is in it... yeah... just wasn't a priority.  I DID see The Hobbit and I fully expect it to make some kind of list!

The sports headlines of the year are that Seattle won the Superbowl and San Fran-sicko won the World Series and Donald Sterling is a racist.  Wow, did that one really catch ANYONE by surprise?  Yeah, I didn't think so.


In true April form, I have slept through some big headlines... (apparently there were some winter Olympics somewhere... yeah.. not a fan... )

... other news stories I could care less about others... and many of them just made me shake my head in disbelief.  

... in March, an entire Malaysian Airlines airplane went missing.  Jason Biggs (actor from American Pie) had a total social media backlash for tweeting "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?"  Ill-timed?  Yes.  Lynch mob worthy?  No. What's sad.... I thought that was funny.  If Joan Rivers had said it, no one would have said a thing.  Hypocrites.  Then you get the Mythbusters who can find the NOT so proverbial "needle in a haystack".  Maybe we should put THEM on the case.  It could happen.  

... women have come forward claiming Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them THIRTY YEARS AGO.  I claim it's a smear campaign.  I can understanding the whole idea of harboring that initial fear for a week or two... but after thirty years... you have to get on with your life so you're either making trouble or wanting to make some money.  There can be no closure at that point.  I'm speaking as a victim... for me to point fingers at this stage in the game... does no one any sort of good.

... we had an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants into our country because our sieve-like borders provide no deterrent.  Many of these people illegally entering were children.  Many of these were very SICK children who were put on buses and taken to various undisclosed locations throughout our country.  We have many diseases which should have been eradicated by vaccination starting to reemerge again in our communiites with no explanation why.  Coincidence?  I think NOT!  While I do understand they want to enter America for a better life.  Breaking the law is BREAKING THE LAW and we should NOT go bankrupt as a country to attempt to provide a better life for those being here illegally than we do for those who fight and teach and ALREADY... ya know... LIVE here.  We are going to penalize our nation's citizens for not having healthcare while giving it away for free to those who are here illegally.  Don't even start to ask me about numbers.  I live between Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas where the two state hospitals combined give birth to more ILLEGAL BABIES than ANY OTHER HOSPITALS IN THE NATION.  Just the two of them!  Both less than 30 minutes from me either way.  We have to stop the anchor baby laws.  OMG this is a rant I could go on for days about!

... whatever network airs the "Honey Boo Boo" pulled the plug because mom was caught on camera (though (shocker) denied) dating a registered pedophile... who even kept this preposterous show ON the air should have their eyes poked out.  How is that even remotely considered entertainment?  A bunch of white trash... I just don't understand for one iota of a nanosecond the compulsion our country has with train wrecks.  Her mom should have taken the money had has some liposuction on her five necks.  The whole thing grosses me out.

... AC/DC's drummer murdered someone.  Maybe all those years of drugs actually took away his ability to reason.

... I could spend weeks talking about the strife in the Middle East.  The violence makes my head spin.  While I don't fully even claim to understand it all, it does make me take pause to contemplate... do THEY even know what the hell they're fighting about anymore?  I do know that everyone seems to think that THEY are right and rightfully entitled.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist, however, to understand that not everyone can be right.  

... and amid the atrocities happening every day in Syria, we still have time to rally for public outcry to Denmark where they euthanized a healthy 18-month old giraffe and... fed it to their tigers.  They subsequently performed a public autopsy ... great!  I know my kids are ALWAYS begging see happy leggy animals killed on public display!  Can we go again, Mommy?

... oh yeah, and there was this little outbreak of EBOLA that hit... DALLAS after our idiot-in-chief claimed that it would be an "unlikely event" that someone infected with Ebola would ever "reach our shores."  Yeah, well, buddy, it reached our shores.  It reached our STATE.... it reached THIRTY MINUTES FROM ME.  I'm no fool in that when the government says ANYTHING In the neighborhood of "highly unlikely" you can bet your ass -- it's GONNA happen.  Mark my words.  I feel SO much better knowing that the government says we needn't worry about that happening in our country... and then it happened...less than 30 minutes from me.  I'm giving an eye roll.  It was SO big, I'm sure you heard it!

... there was this movie that came out at the end of 2013...and it's STILL huge.   Perhaps you've heard of it?  Frozen.  I saw part of it for the first time about a month ago.  It's cute.  Sisters fighting.  False love.  Ice monsters.  Snowmen.  Funny thing, the biggest song and I still don't know the words to Let It Go.  I just know "let it go."  So, the fact that I'll likely never know I, too, should probably just ... ya know... let it go, right? HAHAHAHHA!!!  (Bad pun, yes, I realize that!)

... I'm in complete and utter disbelief that someone I'm sure you've ever heard of (Kim Kardashian) posed nude...and her ass was all oiled up and photoshopped ... GASP can you BELIEVE it?!  Wow!  Such a shocker!  Her kids will be so proud to know their mom's shaved girlie bits are out there for the whole world to see.  Be proud.  I see drug problems in their future.  Hell, they'll probably get them from their dad.  Loser thug.

... there was a huge social media frenzy with everyone taking the ALS ice bucket challenge.  You were supposed to take a bucket, fill it with ice water, give a speech... challenge friends.  They had 24 hours to do the challenge or donate.  OR they can donate and still do the challenge.  

... in true Hollywood fashion, several of the big couples got divorced.... one notable one was Kris and Bruce Jenner.  Notable why?  He has now apparently turned himself into a woman.  One UGLY... UUUUUUUUGLY woman.  Why, Bruce?  WHYYYY????

... in Ferguson, Missouri, a thug robbed a convenience store, man-handled the clerk, and subsequently was dubbed a "gentle giant" by the media.  The media machine is OUT OF F'N CONTROL!  They would go on to report that this "gentle giant" was shot by a police officer as he was surrendering.  Forensic evidence and the autopsy confirmed the officer's story and the town rioted and burned shit down.  Let me tell you something.  1) teach your children respect 2) do not run from the police 3) do not attempt to go for a police officer's gun and 4) how does looting and burning down your neighborhood stores... the ones that bring TAX DOLLARS INTO YOUR OWN COMMUNITY BENEFIT YOU?!  Lives matter -- I don't care if you're green, orange, red, black, white purple or teal with silver polka dots.   Lives matter... but there is a thing called respect, restraint, order, law and discipline.  Exhibit those and you will NEVER have a problem with the police.  Period.  They stopped traffic on the INTERSTATES... that is NOT peaceful demonstration. Martin Luther King has to be rolling over in his grave.  Anyone standing for this bullshit.  

... a HUGE ferry in South Korea capsized with over 400 people on board.  Over 300 students perished in the waters.  I just can't imagine... they urged the younger children to go back to their rooms as others were evacuating.  HOW HORRIBLE!

... the US saw a huge tornado outbreak in April.  Sorry, I didn't see the reports of wild looting and how they expect tons of governmental handouts.  I only heard "we will rebuild" and we will be back.  

... in April over 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by terrorists in Nigeria.  And a social media hashtag war was started.  #bringbackourgirls It's rather idiotic, to me, to think a hashtag would have any sort of impact on this incident.  In my eyes, the reality is that you're dealing with smartphone toting first-worlders who probably couldn't even locate Nigeria on a map.  For anyone to consider that a hashtag would be consequential in actually bringing their girls back anymore than me saying #shootmenow after spending all day with a whiney four-year-old will actually result in me being shot, needs to understand in dealing with terrorists -- a hashtag doesn't mean shit.  Hell, they probably don't even have a smart phone or social media accounts to begin with.  They sodomize goats for goodness sake!  Those girls were abducted because they seek the one thing that can get them out of the situation they find themselves... an education.  The cruticial key is to EDUCATE THE FEMALES so that they realize that they are NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS but that they are worthy of so much more than they are taught or believe.  Their fate was likely being sold as wives to the militants for next to nothing.  A hashtag won't bring them back... if it were only that easy.

... Sony pictures was going to release a comedy about two tools who were going to go undercover and kill North Korea's leader.  Apparently, Sony was hacked.  Claims arose that it was North Korea who hacked Sony.  Other developments claim that it was an inside job.  The movie never aired for fear of terrorist attacks at the opening.  Weenies.

King George set off for his final tour.... sigh... he is... the man... in Wranglers.  There is no other...

There was some just weird "new" that I found searching thorough websites... I have to share that, too.

Did you realize it was a big deal that Justin Beiber unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram?  Why is that news?

Did you realize that Niki Minaj has a big ass and people feel compelled to talk about it?  She's a foul mouthed skank.  Zero respect for her.  Trash.

Nick Jonas took pics in his skivvies grabbing his junk.  Sigh... so much for his wholesome appearance.  He's cute but since he's old enough to be like... my kid... I find it gross.  

Miley Cyrus probably licked something or showed her butt crack... I'm sure that's up there in someone's "wow" list.  

We lost some talent this year too.  

Robin Williams killed himself and everyone seems to just be beside themselves about it.  

Joan Rivers died during another plastic surgery at the age of 81.  Again... people were just beside themselves about it.  The woman was a bitch.  I don't get it.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died from a heroin overdose leaving three kids fatherless... I can't even begin to understand addiction so I hold my opinions as a loser as my own.  He could have been a fantastic person...but to be so weak that you cant realize your own worth over that of an element that can kill you.... I just have no compassion in me for that ... for anyone.  I've known and lost too many weak.

Other celebrity deaths to note.... Lauren Bacall passed away. Maria von Trapp, 91, the last living member of the von Trapp family died.  Mickey Rooney (Gus from Night at the Museum series), Ann B. Davis (a.k.a. Alice from The Brady Bunch), Casey Kasem (following a ridiculous dispute where his wife actually HID HIM from his children -- seriously there are just stupid people in the world!), James Garner and Russell Johnson (the professor from Gilligan).

One that is definitely noteworthy is Maya Angelou.  The world needs more people like her in it... and her passing definitely made me sad.  Do a search for quotes by Maya Angelou... she was such a wise soul.

But, as it always does... life goes on.

All in all, it wasn't all it could have been...but it was so much more because of who was in it.  Now, on to 2015... I'm ready for it.  You?  Happy New Year friends, family and loved ones.  Let's start writing our books!  Grab that pen...


Paula Kaye said...

Oh April this was the BEST. I wish we could sit and share an afternoon....our views are just way too similar. I hope you Have the happiest of New Year's.

Anonymous said...

Think you fried my brain....wuv you! James :-*