Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26 - tidbits and tidings

Just a bunch of random thoughts for the day.  Enjoy.

  • I hate when Josh leaves to visit his dad in Iowa.  It makes me sad.  I do love accompanying him to the airport, however.  We always share a meal together and usually pick up the tab for any traveling soldiers we spy.  Today, we saw no traveling soldiers... but I saw some neat randomness on the wall of TGI Fridays and it made me smile.
File:Starbucks Coffee Logo.svg
  • I had my first Starbucks in four days today.  They didn't screw it up.  It was good. 

  • I hate the smell of Lysol.

  • I don't understand how someone can have and spend most of their adult live with a last name that ends in "s"  With ALL that "s" experience, and then make their last name POSSESSIVE when they send out a Christmas card.  For instance, My name is April Driggers.  My name ends in an "s."  Yet, I don't say "Merry Christmas from the Drigger's" now would I?  No, because that'd be absurd.  Is common sense with the proper usage really so difficult?  It makes my eye twitch.  

  • My Young Living diffuser is awesomeness.  Josh thinks it's a volcano.  Drew doesn't think anything.  Benji seems to think they are trying to diffuse his brainwaves and constantly shuts it off.  It's an epic battle.  Some days he wins.  Most days I do.  We're trying.  That's what counts.  Right?

  • I lost my voice yesterday.  Today I sound better but my throat still hurts like hell.
  • Drew could eat his weight in my Paradise Bakery Copycat sugar cookies.  The recipe was posted on my Instagram account.  
  • I have the urge to take down all of my Christmas decor NOW because I want to dust my house without having to move it all to dust... and then dust again in a few days when it comes down because of all the random bits of greenery that pops off.
  • I want my tree flocked.  So you could scream MERRY FLOCKING CHRISTMAS!
  • I miss the gym.
  • I hate having boobs. HATE them.
  • Next year for my birthday and Christmas, I want a boobectomy.
  • My friend April is a badass and built her boys one of those Nerf gun storage walls.  She's awesome!
  • I didn't shop today or Christmas Eve.  Not sure you could pay me to.  
  • I do have a 40% off coupon to use at Michael's however, and I want some of their collage frames.
  • I love having a fresh new calendar to start off my new year.  It's one of my most treasured gifts I receive each year from a dear friend and AMAZINGLY WICKEDLY CRAZY talented nature photographer, Bob Falcone.  You should get one, too.  If you ask nicely, he may even sign it for you too.
  • I'm about to spend the next few days in major list making mode as I get ready to fine-tune and tweak my labor of love... more details to come.
  • My kitchen is clean (except for the cabinet tops.  I hate cleaning that... it's like... so dusty... and then I get up there and feel like I have to start all over again cleaning.  Denial is good.  besides, I'm short... I can't reach up there even if I stand on the counters.  Vertically challenged and completely in denial.
  • I need to wash my sheets.  The boys ate pretzels in my bed.  That can't be good.  I'll brush it all over to Andy's side.
  • I had a great Christmas.  I love watching the boys open gifts.  Watching the way Benji is SO excited at just opening things.  Seriously, I think you could wrap individual markers and he would get excited to just open!  Drew savors each gift... totally freaked out on the WWII DVD set we got him... I knew he'd have a geek-seizure over that one.  He did.  Major points for momma bear!  Josh takes his time opening as if tearing the paper at the seams makes the moment more significant or makes him seem less greedy.... but you get that little smile of approval and you know ya done good.  
  • We got all three boys Kindle HDs.  The little ones got them so that I could have mine back.  I'm kinda sick of them on mine always running the battery down.  Pisses me off to be honest.  I can never use it at night and that's when i want to read and surf pinterest to find the exact recipe for whatever it is I"m searching for at the moment.... and how can I remember to look for it and be side tracked 725 times by awesome pins if I don't have my fully charged Kindle at the ready?  Impossible I say! Get yer own!
  • I love the movie Brave. Ya can't watch it and not want to speak in some Scottish Irish dialect.  
  • I'm not drinking enough water.  That's bad.  Starting back on tracking on myfitnesspal app so that I can hold myself accountable.  Going to adhere to this shitty diet of restriction... more like a paleo on crack for autoimmune diseases.  I have to get the gut in check.  I will say the throat issue has been MUCH less the last week or two... so I'm actually savoring the small victories while still having my eye on total healing.  
  • I want to launch my Thirty-One supplies because it's such an awesome product that sells itself.  Just need the time.  Ha!  What's that?!
  • I keep getting signed up for people's crap under my e-mail address.  Right now it's some clown named JERRY who is using MY e-mail address to refinance his house and search for the best insurance rates at the same time.  
  • I'm happy.  No explanation necessary.... but in this current moment.... even with the chaos around me.... I choose to be and am ... happy.
  • I want a hedgehog. 
  • I went to the grocery store because I was planning to make my meatballs with chili sauce and grape jelly.  I'm a snob, I want Heinz Chili Sauce.  There is no substitute. They were out... I grabbed a bottle of store brand chili sauce (lesser quality I'm certain).  Yet a few short steps away, I walk by the meat counter and there is a WHOLE ENTIRE SHELF OF Chili Sauce bottles just smiling at me.  They were so happy to be near me... I think they all secretly wanted to go with me.....They were near their chili meat cuts.  I grab one and promptly replace it with the knock off brand in my basket.  I took that lesser condiment but really didn't want to purchase because it was NOT Heinz.  So, now my inner turmoil begins... I'm conflicted because I really don't want to just LEAVE it where it doesn't go but again, I don't want to have to walk all over the damn store yet again (my list was just .. well, it was COMPLETELY DISJOINTED and I'd been all over the store and back 2 times already.  I was DONE!) So... shamefully, I did... I left that shit right there next to the others right where it didn't belong and it ate at me the ENTIRE REST OF MY GROCERY TRIP.  I mean... this kind of guilt drives me absolutely insane!  :(  I can't hand lit.  When I go back to Kroger I will likely go back to see if it's still there and I could move it back to where it goes or I could apologize.  Yeah... I'm that girl with the conscience the size of the elephant in the room... but I'll also b the first one to tell you about it.

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Paula Kaye said...

Wouldn't it be fun to own a hedgehog? But I'm sure I would tire of it quickly.