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Day Three - ADVENTure of Christmas

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In an effort to streamline your ADVENTure activities, I have created some printables for you to use.  All you need to do is simply print, cut and use them how you wish on your ADVENTure!  

The first thing you need are some countdown numbers to attach to whatever you are using to count down your days!  I'm having technical difficulties on my laptop getting the new to save as a .jpg file so you can see the font, but the style and layout is the same as below.

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Printable Advent Numbers can be downloaded here.

The next thing you'll need to do is figure out what you want to attach them to.  What I like to do is to purchase the SMALLEST plain kraft colored gift bags I can find at my local craft store.  They're usually 3/$1 at Hobby Lobby.  I simply glue the number to the front, insert the activity cards inside and enclose a sweet treat for the day.  Sometimes I buy a big box of mini candy canes and put one in there for each kiddo.  I have all of our bags placed beside our second Christmas tree. 

Pin von Lucy Foerster auf „Ideas for when I have "time" - lol“ | Pint… ☺ ✿So, ideas for the advent presentation...I've seen some really cute ones, some elaborate ones and some that are just completely over the top.  Mine is so simple, doable in just a matter of minutes and voila. Complete.  Others are awesome but somewhat time/labor intensive.  However, if you're up for a crafty challenge, check out some of these:

I have no idea who to give credit for this (left) but I love the random, earthy feel of it.  Red, white and kraft colored display.  It's tied on a branch that looks like it's hung with baker's twine to two nails.  S-I-M-P-L-E and beautiful!  You can't beat that!

Parent's Magazine (below) posted this one that's a fun, easy andcolorful way to celebrate.  Cardboard, toilet paper tubes that have been halved, tissue paper and glue.  You supply the inserts, obviously, and probably some stickers for the numbers.  again, another one that is easy and fun!  Don't overthink these!

Advent calendar
A Bubbly Life featured this advent calendar. I love how fun and whimiscal it is with the red pompom noses attached to the plastic animals that have all been painted white.  She gives step-by-step instructions on how to make this one.  Plain kraft boxes with stenciled numbers -- easy, yet impressive presentation.  Beautiful job. 

Another colorful way to use up some random colored envelopes means you're not only repurposing but also able to recycle when it's all over!  Stickers, envelopes, advent activity cards and a little painter's tape make this a quick and easy decoration for the wall -- always great when you're short on display space!  Find instructionshere.  (Featured above).

For those awesome people out there that can sew (I sadly am not one of them), Smile and Wave created this adorable felt advent calendar (featured right).  Instructions can be found here.

IMG_1089I have to admit I get a little jealous seeing things like this... that green-eyed mom-envy monster rears its ugly head because it's SO DAD-GUM cute!  Trillium Design created a tutorial for this bad boy.  
december 009

This one is absolutely adorable, doable and again, you're able to repurpose everyday items for an awesome experience.  Mindy Pitcher is the artist of this beautiful creation.  You can find it here. It looks like full sized toilet paper rolls that have been rolled in tissue paper and have the edges sealed after they were filled and then have a printed paper wrapped around and secured with a number attached.  This, too, doesn't take up a great deal of space.  Yay for that!

Christmas Advent Kit - - Created by Jill Olsen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
On the left is one of those advent calendars that would cause me to take major pause at the even remote idea that I could actually accomplish something so completely adorable.  Boxes, tags, stamps, texture and surprises!  It's a recipe for a winner!  Come check out Stampin  To the right is another Pinworthy creation made by Honey We're Home (HWH) and you can find instructions here.  Truly adorable. 

Advent Collage 2 500x500 Advent Boxes
I like the idea, too, of just a simple box to open as well.  I Can Teach My Childhas this awesome advent creative box delivery method.  It does help keep everything universal which allows you to realize your limitations for size and such.

So as you can see, the delivery can be as simple as colored envelops or as elaborate as you want to make it!  We did envelopes the first year and graduated to the little gift bags.  They're just fast, I can reuse them and they're functional.  I see no reason to fix what isn't broken.  

So now that you have your calendar printed, dates blocked off for engagement you've already made, as well as class and work parties; you've created a list of books and movies that you want to incorporate into each day as well.  Now it's time to start narrowing down your choices by day so that you can have full action activity cards.  

You need some of those, too?  Well, the list that I created in this post, I made some printable activity cards for.  So you need only print, cut and add them to whatever you are doing for your advent container.

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You can get the full list here.  Print, cut, enjoy!

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