Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday for Dad

My dad's birthday is 2/21 but since that fell during the week, I offered to cook dinner for him Sunday the 24th. He spent most of the weekend with us anyway. Friday he took Josh to a play to see Heather (his friend's daughter) in her theatrical debut at Theater Arlington... he came over Saturday and helped me set up for the Blue and Gold and then went to that and stayed til the end to help un-decorate the cafeteria. He stayed Saturday night. Played golf Sunday morning and then had his birthday dinner on Sunday. Shanna and Dan came over too.

Boy the conversations you can get into with two medical professionals. :) It's just too funny. Shanna, my little sis, is a PA and listening to some of her stories is just mind boggling... lets just say that sometimes, I really feel people should be qualified to hand out "stupid" signs.... man alive. :)

Dinner was great. Shanna did a great job on the cake. :) I love seeing her... they're so fun and down to earth... good people. :) She's got this sweet little weenie dog named Cocoa that has a cerebral condition so he really doesn't have good balance... it's almost like he's got Parkinsons and an equilabrium problem. It's SO sad but Shanna and Dan have made sure he is not in any pain so for the time being, he's just being really spoiled. :)

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