Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Wong Wit You Hair

That was the comment made by my sweet little Drew when I went to pick him up from school. Isn't that so sweet? Don'tcha just love preschooler talk?

I made a 10 am appointment at a local salon to get a body wave in my hair but did you know that with hair my length, it's more of just a spiral perm? Did you know it takes a really long time to roll a spiral perm in hair my length? Hmmm.. Drew gets out of school at 2:30 so I generally leave about 2:10 to pick him up. Who would have thought that I wouldn't be finished at the salon by then. (Not me).

Drew was a tad freaked out when I picked him up he just kept looking at me like I'd been half eaten by some weird monster still attached to my skull. "Mommy, you hair look funny"... "yes, dear, it's weird and it stinks and we need to get back to the salon so bring your backpack and let's go." "Mommy, what wong wit you hair?" "These are curlers, honey, to make mommy's hair curly." "Mommy, I no like you hair." "That's great dear, can we go now." Poor child, he's scarred for life.

Can I tell you how humbling an experience it is driving around with a salon cape on your body wearing your hair full of stinky perm rods and two plastic shower curtains to hold in the neutralizer? Driving down the road, picking up your child and then seeing all the other moms in the hallway... very humbling indeed. I wish, at times, I had papparrazi (sp?) followoing me around just to captures moments like this so I can just look back and go -- DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG what was I thinking!?!

As a side note, in hindsight, it took a very long time and next time I do something like that -- I will make sure I don't have anywhere to be ... period. :) Hair looks cute now though!

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