Saturday, February 2, 2008

Can you believe...

we only have eleven and a half months until Christmas? Ha ha ha ha!

I think recently I've fallen off the face of the earth but honestly I have been SO STINKING BUSY working, cleaning, playing taxi, planning a banquet and helping my Cub Scouts that I've been too busy for the computer for entertainment... it's just been for work. Shucks.

Lets see -- HAS there been any thing super exciting or news worthy? Oh heck yeah... but I'm not putting it in here?! As if! ha ha..

Drew was sick all last week with pink eye. Poor little guy. Whatever idiot prescribed eye drops to a freakin three year old needs to have his head examined by Edward Scissorhands! Need I remind you how wiggly children are? Now imagine a wiggly child that is wiggling because he wants to get AWAY from you...and not only does he want to get away from you... you want him to lie FLAT on his back. He needs to quit kicking you in the back of the head... quit pushing your arm down... so you have to hold that one down too... pretty soon it's almost like you're having to forcibly restrain this stinkin kid just to put TWO FREAKIN DROPS in his eyes? TWO? it's n ot like I'm going to freakin cut off his tongue... it's a very simple...close your eyes... drop drop... open your eyes... but no... he's screaming, crying... well, if you cry, we have to do it again because you've washed out all the medicine. It's the biggest ass whip I've experienced in years. It's a complete exercise in futility. This 35 year old woman trying to hold his head straight up, avoid being kicked in the head, hold both arms down and pry his squinted eyes open with fingers -- that actually have real fingernails on them... without gouging his eye out and while preventing him from crying... yes... i was dropping some pretty choice words doing this... a 2 hour stand off the first day... tonight I got it down to about 10 minutes. UGh the kids is killing me!

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