Monday, February 14, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back

Ben woke up for another day... pretty much screaming from the get-go. He was awake at 5:30 am. Fun fun fun. Drew's still under the weather. Yesterday, he said his ear hurt so we put some drops in it and hopefully he'll jsut let his little body fight the good fight and get hi mbetter. Where the 102 fever was coming from, I have no idea. He shows no other symptoms.

So, Josh was the lone rider this morning in the carpool and he was also, my saving grace! With Drew being sick, Josh was the one having to carry out taking all my party supplies to the K class. Hopefully a parent stepped up to help out with serving and what-not since I wasn't able to be there.

He left for school with a backpack full of books on his back. ON his right arm he carried a tote with his Valentine's -- heart shaped lollipops covered with a red, flying-V electric guitar as found HERE and his Valentine's bag along with a chocolate gift for the art teacher (I "adopted" her this year to spoil with a little gift each month to let her know she's awesome). He also had his entry for the Valentine sack competition. They were having a contest for the best boy and the best girl themed bags. So, I said, "Let's cover it with the WORD "boy!" So, we went through 3 magazines and cut out every "B" "O" and "Y" we could find and he went to gluing. The front and back of the bag are covered with the word BOY. If that's not a "boy theme" I don't know what is! And, he thought it was creative, so... as long as he was happy with it, that's all that really mattered. So that was in one bag.

In another bag he had all of the party supplies for Drew's class party. The bingo cards, call pictures, pencils for the winners, conversation hearts for the markers, books to read for Valentine's day, Drew's valentines to distribute to the friends. His were AWESOME! Star Wars themed ones I found online. SO creative!!! THEN, he carried in his hands, a tray of fresh cinnamon rolls with red-tinted icing.

Like I said, the kid, he was a trooper today!

Today is Valentine's Day... it's all roses and love and chocolate and hearts and lace, right?


It's still dirty diapers and dishes and laundry in this house.

I guess I'm one of the few that really... I don't see a point for this holiday. I mean, I like to make it special for my kids but my idea of a great Valentine's day is just being surrounded by those I love. That is special in and of itself.

I have crazy wonderful boys and they're my Valentine's 365!

I don't lke getting over-priced flowers just because someone felt obligated to becauase of a holiday. I don't want a card that I'll feel guilty for having to throw away... LOL... just be here... smile.. and love us all for who we are. That's a Valentine's Day for me.

Tonight we're having heart shaped meatloaves, oven roasted potatoes and a garden salad. For dessert, I found this sinfully delicious looking chocolate chip pie that I'm going to make. I mean, after all, it's my LAST DAY of freedom. I start my diet tomorrow morning! :)

I've got my eyes set on 130 pounds.... dropping this baby weight... Watch out! I'm bringing sexy back!