Monday, February 21, 2011


Today is my dad's 64th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

You know, I got to thinking, there sure are a lot of characteristics in the mix of what makes the "perfect" dad...

They need to be
  • Christlike
  • handy with tools
  • smart
  • huggable
  • happy
  • dependable
  • loyal
  • smart
  • funny
  • handsome
  • kind
  • charitable
And, I lucked out, you know because my dad is all that -- AND MORE!

He's Christlike. He loves the Lord.
He's handy with tools. He knows enough to get the job done. However, he is smart enough to know when to call in the pro's!
He's very huggable and is generally always happy and in a good mood with a cheery disposition. He's loyal to those he loves and smart. Yep, he's one sharp tack! He holds his own in the funny department and always has us giggling with some witty comeback or remark. He's also very handsome. I remember growing up my teachers (the single ones) were ALWAYS asking me if HE was single. My dad is OH so very kind to others, even strangers (which is another way he's Christ-like). And charitable is he... with both his money and his time.

I can say that I hope my boys grow up to be a lot like their PawPaw!

So, I hope you enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL day on the golf course and that you had a great dinner with your main squeeze! I invited him to dinner but his main squeeze beat us to it! And, you know, that's a-ok. We're going to take him to dinner on Thursday.

So, happy birthday to a FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, HUGGABLE, SMART, AMAZING man, Larry Wesson!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

I LOVE that list!!! What a good daddy is all about :)