Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today I was awoke and was pleasantly surprised to find it was 58 degrees in my bedroom. Pleasantly surprised? Yes, you see, the air conditioner in my bedroom doesn't work so I like it when it's chilly so I can crack the windows and hide under the covers! But, when it's not so frigid, I have the ceiling fan. Problem is, when it's 74-75 in your room and you LIKE the weight of a blanket atop's hard to have that blanket AND not sweat to death underneath. So, on nights like last night... it's SOOOO nice. Besides, it's FEBRUARY.... we're not supposed to be having 80 degree days yet!

I got up and since it was chilly, made some oatmeal and cinnamon toast for the boys. I had my Jenny Craig sunshine sandwich.

The boys were off and I grabbed a shower. Ben's long over-due 9-month check up was today. He's at the 5 percentile mark for his weight, a little more for his height... and 95th for his head. Makes you think the kid's got a great big huge melon, but he really doesn't. He's just got the "DHS" -- a.k.a. "Driggers' Head Syndrome." Apparently, they're known to have large melons!

I went and got my (also) long over-due oil change. They filled the tires with air so the stupid car would quit blinking at me like they were about to blow.

I also stopped by and picked up dinner from Dinner Is Served. 3 entrees for $12 each and they each serve four. I think that an entree for $3 per serving is a pretty good deal. I'll couple it with the rice and veggies I have in the freezer and the boys all have their meals for the rest of the week. You can't beat that. I got Parmesan crusted chicken, King Ranch chicken... and something else along with two dozen yeast dinner rolls (six of which are thawing and rising in the oven right now).

Tonight, Josh has basketball practice for his Upwards team.

I've fallen off the wagon on my Project Life (insofar as taking a photo every day) but I have been sure to log my memory so that at least I can find SOMETHING (even if it is a photo I didn't take or some sort of memento to insert in the pages) so that it's still a complete record of our year.

I'm pretty sure Ben is about to sprout two (if not four) top teeth... he even appears to be getting fangs before the front two. If he does, the child will be sporting a black cape and I'm taking vampire pictures! Hey, they're only this small once...gotta get my kicks where I can.

I'm doing great on Jenny Craig. Today is the end of my week. So far I've lost about 4 pounds. Not too bad for the first week. :)

I'm getting better with logging my life into Google with the conversion of the Outlook to Google calendar... I still am kind of bugged that I have to go between TWO programs (Cozi and Google) to get the same results I got with the ONE Microsoft Outlook. However, Outlook has proved unstable in the past and has crashed on me before. I'm slowly trying to find a) a time each day to dedicate to cleaning out the email portion and transferring subscriptions over to g-mail and b) continually go through and delete stuff! :)

I've found, recently, that my life is a matter of little bombs everywhere. It's just that season in life...but for a perfectionist, organizer like myself... it makes ya a little nutty. For instance, I start a project while he's napping. He wakes. I try to finish. He gets in the middle of it. I pick him up and go somewhere else.... bomb left there for me to try to finish later. Start on another one somewhere else... and so you see now how I have a series of "Ben bombs" just about everywhere.

But that's okay. I love the little stinker whole-heartedly... and if someone comes over to my house expecting it to be museum-quality-clean... they're in the wrong place because that ain't me! My house is lived in, warm, snuggly with toys scattered about... dust bunnies in the corners... empty dishes places they probably shouldn't be and for now... that's okay because it'll get done when I'm through doing what really matters (spending time with my boys!)


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

My nephew got the big headedness that runs in my side of the family. Thankfully Julia was spared. You should see my dad's baby pictures though. Makes you think my grandma was quite a woman to have survived that big headed baby!

chksngr said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ben Bombs! I love it!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I've never heard of D.H.S.

I love those dinner done right places, I've done them in the past and really the portions and the meals are great. I did the one where you go and make your own ;) it was fun.