Monday, August 1, 2011

How to fix a bad morning....

... I thought this morning was going to start out on a great note. I was wrong.

Ben woke up at 7:30-ish in a great mood. He generally sleeps, stirs and then eventually presses the "on" button located on his battery-operated aquarium that is attached to his crib-side.

I heard it go off at 7am and he let it run once or twice before I went up there to get him. I like to sneak in and watch him as he's sleeping and/or starting to stir. It's those little moments that makes it all worth it... no matter what.

He woke up smiling. He woke up happy. He woke up, stood up, tried to grab every single blanket in his crib to take with him downstairs. We settled for his silky snuggle-bear, however.

We come downstairs. It's a good day.

Flash forward a bit.... I hear a weird nose... hear him inhale as if in fear... but I don't see him (I'm standing in the bathroom), but just a few moments pass and I see him standing in the open double doors between the bathroom and the bedroom and he is COMPLETELY SOAKED from head to toe, hair in his face, water dripping off his chin with a look on his face that said he didn't know whether to laugh or scream and, "... Mommy, what the hell just happened to me?"

I said to Andy, "He got your water."

"He didn't get MY water." He'd already dumped his in the dog's water bowl.

He got into MY water. Yes he did. I thought I'd drank it all but, obviously not.

We had a good chuckle...but Ben's morning was ruined from that point one, however. Seriously, it was like having a bad hair day -- literally!

It was about 9:30 and I'd had ENOUGH already. I just told Drew to brush his teeth, we were running an errand. Into the car we went for a trip to Shipley's donuts. Yes, it wasn't breakfast time. We'd all already eaten. We just had to make life better for this little guy.... and then I get there... AND THEY ARE OUT OF DONUT HOLES. I opted for the next best thing. I got a glazed and asked if they could just cut it into bite sized pieces. He wouldn't know the difference. We moms must improvise, adapt and overcome.

Crazy thing, he fell asleep in the car on the way home (the last 10 minutes). However, when he woke up he was in a GREAT mood!

Donuts, it does a momma good!

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