Friday, August 5, 2011

It's hot.

It's hot. I say that not because it's hot but because it's like... Sahara Desert hot... it's Africa hot. It's beyond hot. It sucks. Any type of adjective you can insert that is negative in nature... you can insert to describe the intensity of this heat. We're on day 37 or something of days over 100 with no relief in sight. It sucks.

They're having rolling black outs....

It's 85-87 in my bedroom every afternoon...

The dogs hate being outside...

You can't run the oven in the house or it makes it ridiculously hot in the only tolerable portion of the house (the family room)...

Today, we decided to mess with the weather.... did three experiments

1) we made an outdoor oven and baked cookies in the sun
2) we put crayon chips into a silicone tray that's shaped for fun ice cubes and made big crayons
3) we scrambled an egg on a tray in the sun.

Yes, if you can do all three in the span of an afternoon, it is FREAKIN hot!


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