Friday, December 17, 2004

Letters to the big guy

Josh wrote his letter to Santa last night... I helped him with words (spelling).... but on the first page in red he wrote "dear Santa" in a mixture of capitals and lower case letters as he has learned some and not others at school... the next color was green... "I've been very good"....then in blue I think.. he wrote "I want:" and on the next page he listed individually what he wanted and then drew a picture of each for Santa...his simple list: a hummer, a bike, a v-tek video game system, a new cowboy hat, and a stuffed animal.

and then I helped him write Santa Claus North Pole on the envelope and put his stamp on it. and I said, if you want to decorate the envelope, you can. And he started drawing a Christmas tree on it... and he said... I want it to be his best tree for Santa.... my eyes just welled up with tears... like they are right now writing this....

it's so amazing to see the joy and wonder in his eyes while he still believes in the magic of make believe.... I hate knowing he has to grow up to know that Santa is only the spirit that lives in each of us rather than a jolly old elf in a bright red suit. He's such an amazing young boy....
to see him pour his heart and soul into the importance of decorating a simple plain white envelope to be the best that Santa would ever expect....and knowing that I get this envelope to keep is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for. These are the great rewards of being a parent.... these are the best gifts of Christmas... and they don't come from a fuzzy burgundy box, a signature turquoise box with a whtie ribbon (Tiffany's) or from any chain or department store... these are truly gifts of the heart... to me this envelope and letter is worth more than all "wants" on my short list.... this is the true spirit of the season.... in my child.

How lucky am I?