Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Woke up this morning... got the boys ready wearing their spiffy long-sleeved Gap shirts with the cuffs rolled up.. khaki shorts... and sandles. They both looked so handsome! :) Loved it. We gathered up the kids, the eggs, the cameras and headed to Mimi and Pop's. When we got there Drew was about to pry himself out of the car to go see "MIMI POP MIMI POP MIMI POP" he didn't even bother to walk around the flower beds... he just plowed right through them. We got inside and Mimi told Josh that they'd just got in from church and wasn't sure if the Easter Bunny had come yet or not to go check... he opened the back door and got a huge smile on his face... I got some great shots of the boys... Drew had it DOWN man... after the test run egg hunt at Mimi's the previous Saturday... he had it DOWN man. Egg... slam dunk! They cleaned house! M&M's ... mini chocolate bars... money... Josh found MONEY>.. he started checking all the eggs and if they didn't have money in it.. he was putting them BACK! LOL talk about a kid on a mission

I'm sure Drew now thinks that every time he's at Mimi and Pop's that he will be there to go on an egg hunt in the back yard! :) Wonder if I fill them with green beans, corn, carrots, raisins, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pasta, mac n cheese.. if he'd be as excited about them! LOL..

Mimi made a feast! There was ham, a corn casserole, asparagus, potato salad, crescent rolls... it was all so good! I ate too much (of course) and wound up with the hiccups! I hate when I overeat -- I ALWAYS get the hiccups!

The rest of the day...we came home and let Drew nap... then me and the boys went to Irving to see grandma and say happy easter to her too. We took her to Red Lobster. Josh rode with her in the Corvette -- pulled up beside me and said "we're riding in style"....LOL>..well, sorry my mom bucket isn't "in style" LOL...but it gets me where I need to go! The vette looks better now that I'm a little older... I still remember her telling me that she wasn't going to leave me the vette in her will because it was "too much car for me". LOL... oh good GRIEF! I just told her... it's your stuff... not mine... do what you want with it... I don't care... still don't. I never understood why people go ape shit over one another's belongings. I mean... it wasn't yours... really isn't... who cares... what they want to do with their stuff... is up to THEM... you have no proprietary rights to anyhing so get over it. The only thing I can say that I'd have any sort of sentimental attachment to is photos... or anything that is from my grandmothers that was passed down. Otherwise, it's all just mom's stuff and I'd just do with it whatever she wanted done with it. Materialism is such an unfashionable quality. My ex-sister-in-law, Susan told me once of how her relatives got in a fist fight at her grandmother's FUNERAL over her stuff... how classy huh? I'd never see that happening at my family's.. speaking of which... I need to finish my will. UGH...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A shopping we will go

This day was spent in shopping HELL! Drew already didn't feel good but I decided dto drag him to Costco and home then to Wal-Mart and then back home... why do I punish myself like that? LOL... he grabbed the bag of deli-meat fresh from the counter and proceeded to open the bag and throw it on the floor in the produce section. :) At least they opened it back up.

Josh wanted to have everyone guess the amount -- I'll bet it's $150... everything if it's expensive is $150 to him. Very cute. AND.. someone stole my freakin coupons? Why would anyone steal someone's coupons? Did they think it was my wallet? How gay?! Those were MY freakin coupons... ticked me off!

Oh well...

We decorated eggs that evening after Drew went to sleep. Josh did a great job. They weren't the dip eggs...these were sponge painted eggs. So after Josh's fingers got all gummy he decided that he wanted to paint his FINGERS and then fingerpaint the eggs. He did great. He was up until about 9:45 doing that and then it was off to bed. Big day tomorrow with the bunny coming and all.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Straight from the horse's mouth -- Punctuality!

My housecleaning service is consistent at being inconsistent. I guess that's the price you pay when the same person doesn't come clean your house every week. It's aggravating because I need to leave by certain times on certain days... and after specifically telling them this repeatedly... they are never there on time. This morning was no exception. I waited until 9:20 and finally just left. I was paying for Drew to be at Mother's Day Out from 9-12 and if they're eating into my time... I was now going ot miss my gym class and just be screwed out of all my free fun time to just do nothing or anything... that and MDO is the same price if you drop them off at 10 or 9... so I'd rather get my money's worth! It's aggravating!!! DAAYYYUUUUMMM!

Then we go to the t-ball game at 6pm... I'm about to strangle these kids! LOL... (in a good way)... I think they all snuck into the Easter candy before coming to the game because they were literally climbing the chain link dugout! Then my mother-in-law comes and motions to me to get out of there...Drew's sobbing so I'm like.. Uh OH! Apparently, he got his hand a little too close to a horse's mouth and it tried to take the tip off his middle finger.... it's pretty gnarly and bloody. I've been bitten by a horse many times... it hurts...but it's not life threatening. I had a little first aid kit and took him back to the car.. and when the boo boo was covered up with a bandaid and some antiseptic ointment... wow... he was a little better. I think he just got himself all worked up that he couldn't calm down so after the game there was no way I was going to be able to go to eat burgers with them afterwards. :( But, I couldn't not let the COACH go with the ones that WERE going because the baby was whining... sometimes this role really stinks... but when they give you the unsolicited "eye ya ya" (I love you)... you really do get the gushy feelings... wish those were more than the "I want to lock you in the closet" feeling! LOL.. KIDDING!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Running on empty

Got a few favors called in today which I was more than happy to oblige -- because that is what friends are for! I had a GCSML playgroup this morning at Erica's so I drove to her house (a little farther than I thought)... it was Michelle's last playgroup before moving to Denver! :( She's just so sweet. I'm SO jealous because I'd love to move back to Colorado... would do it in a heartbeat! Erica's house is so bright and cheery! Love the layout. She lucked out with a backyard... many of the homes in her area are ZERO lot line.. in teh front AND the back. It's complete surburbia! I'm SO done with suburbia. I want a view.... and land... and to have to drive a tractor to mow the grass!

So, I left the playdate and went to take Raquel to the airport. Her dad wasn't doing so well... he had congestive heart failure with an enlarged heart to begin with... over spring break moved to Alabama to live with her sister and shortly therafter was involved in a head-on collision... all his organs begain to fail so she flew out there to say her final goodbyes. :( I miss spending time with her...she's so fun!

Then drove to Flower Mound... stopped by the Drew some grub... (no sleep)... I held up the wall... picked up the boys from school... Lisa asked me to keep Jackson at the house because she had to take her new puppy to the vet -- she thought he had parvo -- her fears were right but she didn't want Jackson to go with her because he was sensitive to that sorta thing...SO... of COURSE I kept him at the house until she was done. She came by to pick him up and they went home. Drew was finally down for a nap so it was time to just chill for a bit inside since I'd been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

The Boys Night Out - Part II

Our neighbor across the street, Todd asked Andy and Josh to a Mav's game for tonight so I painted Josh's hair blue... and then Austin's hair blue. They had a great time... screaming for every 2 point shot that was made. He came home with a Dirk jersey. He's very proud of that shirt -- and should be... who pays $35.99 for a jersey for a SIX YEAR OLD? LOL... Andy sent me pictures on my phone of Josh when the Mavs dancers came on the floor.. he leaned back in his chair and covered his eyes. Funny -- he has no problem watching MY boobs bounce around! LOL... but not pretty young girls? What's wrong with this kid?!

Hit the grocery store and got wine and stuff for a wonderful caesar salad to go with the Italian spread and then we hit the Cheesecake Factory for dessert (I hate anything italian desert related so gotta try the CF stuff -- it's new... it's in Southlake and by cracky -- I wanted some!) OOOOH... it's good... the freakin line was like 35-40 minutes long... JUST to get cheesecake TO GO!?! Evening was great -- ate too much though... GOOD wine! :) Great... GREAT... night... Everyone needs a night with a Passion Par-TAY! ROFL... woo hoo! ROFL... Wanna break out the Keno anyone?


Friday, April 7, 2006

The Boys Night Out

Took the boys to Adventure Playcare and went to Southlake Town Square... bought a couple of new bras. Whoopie doo right? WRONG! I went from a 36D to a 34DD. There is just some stigma with DD to me and it just freaks me out! Wonder who came up with the standard for bras anyway... weird-o! The GAP changed the style of my favorite jeans (I'm SO PISSED)... so now I have NO favorite jeans! I have to go find some SOMEWHERE! If I lose anymore weight -- lost 20 lbs so far...down to a size 8! WOO HOO... I'll be in a 6 again before summer! I just feel it!... anyways... if I lose anymore weight... I won't know what kind of jeans to wear! I've always had a bootie and hips... those jsut aren't going away and really, everyone makes jeans for waify chicks --- which even at 120 lbs, I am not. SOooo.... the race is ON to find the perfect jean for me! Went and had a couple of Coronas at Mi Cocina, ate a few nachos and hit the road.

Got the boys from APC and Josh just raved about what a great time he had and wants to go back every Friday night. LOL... goofy kid!

I wasn't going to do anything b/c I was supposed to go out with my girlfriend, Raquel, as they were having a "white trash" party for her (dinner, drinks, bowling) but their shin dig got started late (8 pm) which is when the boys needed to be in bed... I hadn't gotten a sitter from having the sinus infection..being on drugs that REALLLLY upset my stomach... So.... wouldn'dt have been great company anyways.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

He's IN

I went and put Drew in Mother's Day Out this morning... did my thing and then went to register Josh for 1st Grade at the local public school. He was so excited to be going to "that school" where it's "free dress day EVERYDAY". (He currently wears uniforms.) I still felt lousy with the sinus infection... dad was coming over to the house before Josh's 7 o'clock t-ball game so instead of hitting the Easter egg hunt in Grapevine, we just headed for home. Did the game thing and came home.

Missing MOPS - GNO

I got an incredible sinus infection and missed mops. Drew seems to be the little germ incubator of the house... coupled with the fact that he likes to chew on everyone's toothbrushes, it's a wonder we don't all stay sick. If you can't find Drew... just count to ten and then walk to my bathroom... you'll usually find him crouched by either wall that's nearest the toothbrush drawers. When you catch him... he hurries to cram everything he's drug out that is now laying on the mats back into the drawers and slams the drawers shut. It's actually funny. He's so like "I didn't do it... you didn't see me do it". So... needless to say, from him gnawing on my toothbrush like a mental patient, I'm sure that's where the sinus infection came from... he had one a few days before. I don't see how you can have a nose that is so stuffy... yet still running. Makes you literally want to stick a cork in it and just forget about it. So... take drugs and go to Game Works! Yes.. it was a night out for the momma! Game Works. I love blowing up aliens and speeding into safety rails on racing games! I SOOO suck at racing but I can kick just about anybody's butt blowing up aliens! Give me a beer and a gun...and just back away slowly! HA! I love nights out... feel alive again. Got home a little late tho... gotta let the brewskies wear off. I'm always the safe one. Sigh... oh to be old and responsible!

Monday, April 3, 2006

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Goldfish

When you least expect it... you will find him... hiding... lurking in the dark places he nkows are forbidden. A rebel without a cause... Drew.... lose sight of him... first place to look will be the pantry... where he's no doubt, filling a snack bowl to the rim with goldfish. :) Too cute... never remember to have my camera handy anymore... what's up with that!

Back home from Fredericksburg...first day back in reality... woke up in the bed upstairs... toss and turned all night... SUCKED! During the night.. the ONE time I was asleep.. I HEARD the door open and I felt a dark shadowy presence walk through the room and stand over me... and when I opened my eyes.. it was gone.... it was the eerieset feeling.... I couldn't go back to sleep... I know someone was there.... I heard the door... (I don't sleep heavy at all)... I even opened my cell phone up to use the light from the display to luminate the room... it was empty. I'm losin it...

(like who didn't know that)...