Monday, May 25, 2015


Moments in my life have been causing me to take pause in a not-so-good say.  One to not sit still, I've been forced to more times than I care to admit the last few months for the simple fact that something is going on with my health and I can't function even half the level that I'm even remotely functioning at.

Last effort I went to a neurologist and was put on two meds -- and I'm thinking they're doing more harm than good.  Couple that with the constant weather triggering migraines, I've been pretty good for nothing.  At this point I'd rather have something TRAGIC just so I knew what I was dealing with.

Uncertainty sucks.

Uncertainty breeds stress.

I've never had stress before but now I'm thinking... I'm having stress.

So, I need Dr. House here stat to give me a diagnosis in 60 minutes.  That would be acceptable.  :)  Don'tcha think?

I'll touch base more and more as this week goes on just to make sure I stay ON TOP of my life rather than beneath it.

I've missed you all... the interactions and e-mails from dear friends.