Monday, June 29, 2009

Drew's room

The decision has finally (FINALLY) been made for Drew's room. He wants a fireman room. So, he's getting a quilt like this: Photobucket

I'm going to paint walls... hang curtains... I've found several things that I'd like to do to his room... so we'll see how it all pans out. :) But, this is the start of it! Anyone with fun ideas, let me know! :) His walls are a blank canvas and I'm not opposed to painting the furniture! :)

Kids keep you honest...

Drew was running a slight fever so I gave him some ibuprophen and told him he had to have quiet time on the couch. Once the latest episode of Phineas and Ferb (his recent favorite) was finished, I asked him if he'd like to have a snack. "YES!" Off he ran to the kitchen pantry. He pulled out the BBQ Lay's potato chips (mmmm...). I helped him put a small handful into a little bowl. Then I took about 3-4 chips out and stuck them to the side. I was going to enjoy them. :) I'm feeling good about myself having today hit the 20 pound lost mark. :) (yea me!) And Drew was picking up his bowl and saw those and said, "I'll just take those too" and then he scooped up my chips and put them in his bowl. Ha! Little twerp. So I went to the pantry and got my Sun Chips and a small bowl of picaunte sauce. LOL... I guess it helps keeping me honest in my diet. ;) 12 more pounds to go and I'm THERE!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Can I just please ask for those out there in my little world to pray for me... and my family right now... I'm so let down and devastated. I'll be at church tonight hoping to find a message in the sermon that is sent out just for me.... sigh...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Car Clutter

I AM an organizing freak. If I can't find a place for it, it needs to go away! I was recently reading through my iGoogle reader of organizational tips and car clutter was the topic. Here's my comment to that post where it asked what you do to keep your car clutter free and what do you put into a well stocked car?

First things first, I don’t think it’s possible to have children and have an organized car! Ha! I love having an SUV because I CAN have my “must haves” in the car without compromising space or comfort.

In the back seat I have a plastic tote with handles that the boys are allowed to fill with whatever toys they want but they have to stay IN THERE when we get out (easier said than done) — it’s a work in progress.

In the back, I keep a milk crate with the following:
  • zip loc bags of napkins
  • an extra box of Kleenex
  • plastic cups
  • boo boo box (small first aid kit)
  • two bottles of water
  • two rain ponchos
  • antibacterial hand wipes
  • Zoo pals brand snack cups (built in lids)
  • straws in case we get drinks from some place and they either have a hole in the straw or forget to give us one
  • sunblock and/or bug spray (depending on the season)
  • our cup of Chuck E Cheese game tokens because you never know when you’ll actually be hit with the urge to get out of the Texas heat

I also keep a tote in the back of my car with two towels and a travel blanket inside. Also in the back is where I keep my emergency roadside kit (jumper cables, flares, flashlight, etc.) in it. I always have at least 2 umbrellas as well.

Depending on the season I have a few other items… when it’s “sports season” I keep my two bleacher seats in there. In the winter, I have no-sew fleece blankets that I made for both of the boys and they love using those to stay warm before the heater kicks in.

In my console I keep my emergency tool (has a hammer for breaking windows, cutter for seatbelts, etc.) my car charger for my MP3 player

We ALSO have a tote that we take with us when we’re “on the go” It has markers, crayons, small containers of playdoh, plastic stencils, sketch pads, activity books, etc. This comes in and out of the vehicle with us since, face it, it gets hot in Texas and I don’t want the crayons to melt or the markers to dry out.

If we’re goign to be gone longer than an hour, I also grab our handy little travel cooler and pack the boys some grapes (halved of course so they don’t choke) carrots or other chilly snack and something for them to drink. It’s nice to have that so you don’t have eto stop for unnecessary and unhealthy snacks/drinks when you’re on the road.

So now I ask you, what do you keep in your well stocked, organized car?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The (so called) king of pop has expired

Today Michael Jackson died. I see throngs of people on tv at the hospital. There are photos of fans in tears. I dont know. Am I shallow? I worshipped that man (literally, not ACTUALLY) when I was a kid and remember asking for a Michael Jackson jacket for Christmas one year! I can sing tons of his songs ... still... to this day... by heart. I learned the dance routines to many of his videos. The man was such a huge part of the music of my childhood.

Then.... he just started to get weird. He went from a good looking black man to an ugly white woman. It was just... weird. The climbing tree thing from one of his interviews. The wanting to sleep with kids... the masks... the plastic surgery. He was just really "off." I'm surprised someone never realized he was just ... off. Eccentric I suppose is what people call you when you're rich and weird. Right?

But I mean, it's like people will ask... do you remember where you were when so and so died? And I'll remember I was home on the computer and Josh called to tell me Michael Jackson was dead.

I guess it's weird to me that people want to gather...??? at the hospital...??? why? I don't understand the point? I think I was severely turned off on him from the first settlement of a child molestation charge. You don't pay if you're not guilty... it was just how I'd feel... so that was just distasteful -- in my opinion.

So what now? What happens to his kids? I hope they, now, have a *somewhat* better chance of a *somewhat* normal childhood. I still think they're adopted. Yikes! I can't imagine having any sort of romantic relation with him. CREEPY!

So... just to have an entry to mark the day. He passed... oh well.

So did Ed McMahon (recently) and Farah Faucett... and she had her own shampoo!

Say a little prayer tonight


Tomorrow at 9am the mighty alarm and protector of our yard and defender of our property is being put to sleep. He has fought a hard fight against a cancerous tumor in his belly attached to his urethra. He has been passing blood in his urine for the last several months but he still was spunky and playful. The last several weeks he's just gone downhill. Andy wanted to give Josh the chance to say bye to him but since he's having a difficult time even getting up without pain... walking is hard and he's not even giving kisses any longer. I think we now know that he is ready. Andy always said, "animals will let you know when they're ready." Enjoy your last night with us big guy... tomorrow you'll be back running with your buddy Boomer and Gidget waiting until we're with you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cricut Wish List

I love the Cricut! I love the ability to use it for crafts, scrapbooking, homeschooling, card making, gift giving. It's just a great tool! I do, however, need to expand my under-developed Cricut cartridge collection. Hereinafter referred to as the CCC. :) ha ha..

It's amazing to see how far they've come since developing this tool. They have a Spongebob Squarepants cartridge now. I do not, however, feel the need to have that one. But I could see how it could be quite advantageous to possess such a tool should you happen to be throwing a birthday party with that theme. That could be a great idea for invitations and thank yous along with, of course, scrapbook pages. :)

But whoever is running this company is brilliant -- they've got Sesame Street, Hannah Montana... I mean... MICKEY MOUSE? They've got it all! I LOVE IT! I want them ALL!!!! Grrrrrr. But when they retail at $90 each... you HAVE to catch them on sale. I think my master plan should be to just collect one or two a month -- strategically placed purchases that reflect not only the upcoming season that I may be using them WITH but also the topics we'll be covering in our homeschool because so many of these would create GREAT user friendly interactive elements with which to work.

I'm going to keep my running wish list... in no particular order (just so I don't have to keep a list elsewhere! haha) I just recently compiled my lists into ONE list. I'll have to do a post on the madness of a listmaker later! :) But ... THIS list is below... just in case that special someone wants to ever surprise me with something wonderful... here's that list baby! ha ha ha!

I mean, LOOK at these! They're adorable sets!!!












and trust me...the list goes on and on... 32 on my list right now. :) Ha ha ha... so I'll be collecting for a while to come! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sick day today....

Mommy's got Aunt Flo visiting. Drew wakes up with a tummy ache (self induced from missing his brother, I'm sure) so we had a zero-productivity day.

Typically Drew is at his extremely expensive, two-day-a-week summer reading/phonics camp but I just think he needed a day to "chill" and so today was that day.

We did go run a few errands today. I felt like I've been to the grocery store every day for the last four days and every time I go, it's nearly $100! Crazy! Saturday for an early Father's Day cook-out since my dad was leaving town ON Father's Day, Sunday for something, yesterday for another round and then again today for what I kept forgetting! Today, however, the store run consisted of a Target spree. I love their $1 section! :) It's like a homeschooler's goldmine. They had some great flash cards on all kinds of things from dinosaurs to US landmarks. We're going to have a great year this year! I'm already looking forward to it!

I'm glad Drew was there with me because he helped me remember what the heck I was there for. I'd walked down this one aisle wondering why in the heck I was walking down it... got to the picture frames... you know, the typical "Target browse" where you wind up buying about 10 things that weren't on your list! He said, "Mommy where are duh stwahs?" I was like, "OH geeze, thanks for reminding me! We walked right past them and I forgot!" He was like, "Silly mommy." And I'm thinking, "I wonder if it's true how I heard that if you use antiperspirant that you're more likely to develop Alzheimer's???"

Oh, we also went to a local consignment store. I am hell-bent on getting a travel stroller for Drew to use while we're in Disney this September. I don't want to pay the $15 or more a day to rent one when I can PURCHASE one that will recline all the way and actually be comfortable AND sell it when I'm done to get some of the money back! I remember going when Josh was 4 and the stroller for him was so not comfortable. It was if we did rent theirs, we'd totally have to bring a pillow or something to make it comfortable for him. I'd get out the zip ties and squish two pillows down to nothing in our bags... and then use them for the boys while we're there... so that it'd be comfy. We'll see. I had no luck finding one at the consignment store. While we were at Target I did look at some new ones but Drew's too tall in his upper body so that his little head was squished over -- he was simply too tall for it. I may actually wind up having to get a high dollar lightweight so that it'll work. Dad gummit! I really just want a light weight stroller that reclines back so the poor kid can take a nap if need be... I have a light weight stroller but it doesn't recline. And you know, once you get your mind around something... you just want it because that's what you want. I guess in the end... I may be using that again. Oh well.

I've also got the bug... I've got the decorating bug. I'm ready for some drastic changes in my house! The last time I felt like this... my living room was turned red. :) I need color in my life. :)

What's on the agenda now you ask? Well.... do you have a week? Ha ha ha! (oh, and as a sidebar - the photos on this are obviously not mine. I have clicked and saved where ever I've seen something that has caught my fancy. If they are from a site you know, let me know and I'll gladly give credit where credit is due.)

Exterior: paint, recaulk, new roof, gutters on one side of the house. I actually think I'd like to get a rainwater collection bucket for the backyard. Oh and we need to repair outdoor lighting and the sprinkler system in one spot where there appears to be a slow leak.

I'd like to consult with a decorator (unless any of you are up to giving me decorating advice -- maybe I should put pictures on Rate My Space?!)

Interior: All major areas except the upstairs tv room, family room and Josh's room need to be repainted.... trim included.

Foyer: This needs to be painted. I've picked a color I's similar to a color called Restrained Gold by Sherwin Williams.

Laundry Room: I'm going to overhaul this room. While I initially painted it a really cool shade of green (not cool as in a color that is "cool" in hue... I mean, cool as in groovy!) But I think reality has sunk in and it needs to be painted the same color as the rest of my house is going to be. I'm then going to paint the cabinets black and get a new countertop and install pewterish colored hardware on the doors/drawers. I'm big on hardware. Find a cute little curtain for in there and it'd be all cute and DONE! :) Right now the walls are green, washer/dryer are red...cabinet, floors and trim are all white... it just is a mess! I'm SICK of the white walls... not a fan of white walls. BUT... I did see this CUTE picture today of this country/cottage/whatever little room that had black walls... white cabinets! LOVED IT! And the red curtain would go perfectly with my family room.

Kitchen: I want to purchase a beautiful lit wrought iron pot rack to hang above my oversized island. I need a window treatment above the area where the cooktop is. I need to know what the heck to put on the counters... I have NO CLUE how to accessorize counters and I can't seem to find any place where they give ideas. Anyone have some ideas -- come to my rescue! I would like to install some under counter lighting and I'd like to get some rugs for the areas where I stand a lot that have some cushion but that are also easy to clean. BUT... ha ha... wouldn't you just DIE for a kitchen like this? Photobucket
I would! I do save little pictures here and there from all over the web. Like this one -- I saved because I love the idea of dark storage for root veggies. Genius use of that space to brake up the monotony of cabinets.

Guest Bath: I want this redone DECOR-wise... I don't have a clue what to do... I just know that I don't want it like it is... any... more.

Master Bed: I want the walls painted, the floors done in a stained concrete (black), new bedding (seriously need help picking this out too). I need my curtains that pool in the floor FIXED so that htey don't becuase I HATE curtains that pool in the floor -- with two children that like to play hide and seek -- curtains that pool are an evil, evil thing. One thing is that...while I like rooms like this: Photobucket and can appreciate it. It's absolutely NOT ME. It's so sterile and lackluster and boring (to me) that it's just blah! I think it's beautiful but so sterile looking. I think this is the color scheme for bedding that I want:
Photobucket And this isn't even rich and puffy but it looks SO comfortable. Not sure the dark chocolate would work in my room but I still like it...and the touch of whimsy the zebra pillow adds. Photobucket

I just need to find it with ANOTHER color of wall because I don't want yellow walls with the taupe curtains I already have.... Hmmmm.... gotta think now... hmm..m.m.m.m.

Master bath: This bathroom has TOO MUCH WHITE! White counter tops (double vanity), white 18" tile floor, white-ish wallpaper with a faint taupish print. I'm going to take the taupe off the print and paint the vanity cabinets taupe and install hardware on them -- probably in black. I'm thinking of going the whole country-cottage-shabby chic and do the white/black/taupe route with this. That way it will also play into the taupe/black theme in the Masterbedroom I want to carry out (I think). ha ha! I think this will be easier than hanging new wall paper or having someone come strip the wallpaper and then texturizing the wall like that plaster finish (that I'd REALLY like to have done) done. :) I'd also like to have a cabinet built in the loo closet as well...with pegs or a towel rod that hangs below... . You know, a place to hide things like... toilet paper, monthly requirements and even medicine. There IS no medicine closet in my bathroom?! It was in a bottom vanity drawer but face it, that's not safe with children. It's currently in an drawer in my closet. Since I don't own a chest of drawers... I built a shelf rack from the Container Store's Elfa Storage systems. :) I'm sure I could have bought a hand scraped mahagony dresser for the cost of that freakin thing! But at the time, it was a much needed necessity so I won't complain now! :) I have a 1/2 moon window above the jacuzzi tub that I hate with a passion so that's going to be covered with frosted vinyl stuff so the neighbors can't peek in... and it needs a window treatment BADLY! The room is SCREAMING for color! So...what color is a good accent color for black/taupe/white? ??? yeah, I don't know either. I was thinking light turquoise???? Heck, I haven't a clue. BUT then maybe painting the cabinets BLACK is a great way to give the room a kick. Check this out:

Breakfast nook -- this room has windows on all sides and NO WINDOW TREATMENTS! I'll tell you.... patterns SCARE ME. I love them as long as someone ELSE PICKS THEM OUT! I need something that looks good in here and coordinates with the red family room. I also want a new 60' square table. I found one. I'm just tired of the old old old one that's in there. It creaks, it's ugly, it's an odd size. I just want one for me. And a rug. :)

Family room: This room ... WINDOW TREATMENTS! I think I actually have a clue what I want in this room. Like I said earlier, the walls are red in here...and I love it. I need someone to come tell me what to put on the mantle... I love a beautiful mantle. I also want a rug in this room... I think I'm going to get a room carpet actually... a huge shag room carpet that is just inviting and cozy. :) I need some printed fun pillows for the couch as well. The last thing this room needs is a lamp with a fun shade and a display on a bombay chest that is in there... and perhaps some kind of photo/display on a wall area above my computer armoire.

Formal Dining room: This room needs color!!!!!! I want to paint this room guessed it... WINDOW TREATMENTS for the large window that faces the dining room.

Formal Living Room I have an artist coming to do a beautiful "thing" to the area above the fireplace ... it's textured..scrollish hand painted stuff to make it beautiful so that NOTHING needs to hang there (picture) and it's just beautiful.... after that, I need someone to come set up a beautiful display on the mantle. :) ha ha ... Like I've said.. I SUCK AT ACCESSORIZING! I can find ideas that I like from pictures and other places... but coming up with it on my own... I have a panic attack!

And that's pretty much the downstairs -- the office/classroom is just...well, that's going to be something for another day. I do think I'll apply that frosting to the glass French doors so that the mess is hidden, however. :)

It's hard, too, to figure out what "style" I am when I'm decorating. I know, for sure, I'm not French country -- too much pattern/floral. I know I'm not modern as I hate the clean lines. Is "comfort" a style? Photobucket This is more like me. Rustic elegance. I love old furniture. I love weathered wood. I love pieces with history. I want my house to look like a place you just want to kick off your shoes and snuggle on some comfy furniture. I don't want everything so in it's place and sterile people are afraid to sit down. While I like looking at those places, they're SO not me.

So... while I'm making this little laundry list of items to do... I just think...OOOH... I want some new Cricut cartridges too! Ha ha ha! :) I LOVE the Cricut! It's the coolest thing ever! :) But that's a post for another day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smells like???

Overheard at my house today...


Smells like... roast beef.

Yes, that's Drew, talking of his SOCKS!?! Ha ha!

An Award...

I typically just say thanks to anyone that takes the time to notice my little ole blog... much less leave a comment but to give an award is just really sweet. :) Thank you.

Blog Award

It was given to me by a wonderful blogger I follow. You can find her here:

Now, there are some rules that go along with this award:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.Now here are my newly discovered great blogs:

And I promise that I will, in the next few days post another group of blogs that I follow -- I think it should be less than 15 though :) I DO have a life ya know? LOL... so I'll shoot for 15 but if I get 5, I'll be pleased! :) Deal? Deal!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow last week was a killer!

I was a chaperone for a group of 1st and 2nd year Webelos Scouts at the annual Mustang District Day Camp. What a WHIPPIN! While I love these boys and love the Scouting world, spending an entire week in the Texas sun sure can whip your tail!

Monday, June 8 was about 95 degrees in the shade with zero breeze. I walked over 10,300 steps on my pedometer.

Tuesday, June 9 was about 92 degrees with a slight breeze. I walked over 10,100 steps on my pedometer.

Wednesday, June 10 was partly cloudy with a slight breeze and was extremely humid from a brief storm that blew through the night before but even with the humidity the clouds proved to be a wonderful respite from the sun and just helped give people the oooomph they needed to get through hump day.

Thursday, we were rained out due to torrential down pours and near tornadic winds that blew the Campsite apart!

Friday, we were relocated to a parking lot so the direct sunshine, no shade and lack of programming had me ready to leave after only being there an hour.

Photos to follow. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Well, I'm not leaving -- Josh was. Today Josh left for Iowa. He started to cry before he left. He really didn't want to go. He'd said that repeatedly. Poor kid. :( He wants to go up there ONLY as long as his dad takes off work to spend time with him. He doesn't like having to babysit his little sister when his dad's not around. Hopefully he'll learn, in time, what he needs to say to his dad so that his wishes are considered along WITH his dad's.

I'm glad we got to the airport 2 hours early. We had to stand in line for an hour. It was INSANE! And how in the heck do we ALWAYS get the person that has never done an "unaccompanied minor" paper packet. UGH!

Oh, and I got stopped by security. I had a multi-tool in my purse that I carry when we go camping... the blade is MAYBE 1 1/2 inches long. . . at LEAST the guy took it from me and put it at the desk for the id checker to give it back to me. If I had been flying, it'd have either had to be mailed back to me or thrown away. Oh well.... I look like a terrorist -- this I know. :) Ha ha! I'm going to kidnap people with my teenie tiny blade and make them do my freakin' laundry! Ha ha ha!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yes, today is my six year wedding anniversary. I came home from the campout and unpacked... then I started some laundry and lay down on the couch and WENT TO SLEEP! I was EXHAUSTED! He went to the gym. I don't even have a clue (or remember) where the boys were. I know they went to their grandmother's (his mom's) for the evening around 5 at which time I got ready and we were going out to dinner.

The plan was to go to JR's in Grapevine -- it's a great place and he knows the owner so it's always good to visit places you know you'll be taken care of. We get there... closed. So we think -- Bob's Chop House down the road. We get there... closed. OK... so how about Silver Fox down the road from there... closed! Is this a bad sign?

So we call to check on the boys... they're doing great... and we head to the Old Hickory Steak House at the Gaylord Texan. OH MY GOSH it was divine!

Most of you know I'm on a "prepared food" diet (Jenny Craig) and I've been doing SO GOOD. I talked to my counselor and she was like -- enjoy your evening. You will have to learn how to work special occasions into your life just do it all in moderation. Once you're "on goal" for something, you have a little angel and a little devil riding on your shoulders full time just to help keep you conscious of what you are putting into your body.

BUT, since it was an anniversary, I indulged!

We started off with an appetizer of lump meat crab cakes with this FANTASTIC chipotle sauce that they were resting on. That was followed by a mozzarella / beefsteak tomato salad covered with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. YUM! Bring on the Mondavi Cabernet! YUM! Then dinner... I ordered the surf-n-turf. I typically am not one to indulge but you only have one of these events a year and darnit -- I earned it! :) ha ha! I was brought a 6 oz filet mignon and a 1/2 lobster tail that was bigger than THAT! I, of course, ate the lobster first... and only about 1/4 of the steak. The sides were habanero cream corn, asparagus and shitake mushrooms in a wine sauce. I died and went to culinary heaven. It was such a splended meal. Service -- impeccable. They even brought us a creme brulee topped with fresh berries with "Happy Anniversary" written on the plate in dark chocolate. Oh such a shame you can't realistically eat like that every day! ha ha! I did enjoy it... Oh...and my weigh in 3 days later (I can tell now since I'm writing this in the past)... I STILL lost almost 2 pounds that week! ha ha!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Camping We Will Go

Since our last gradation campout was canceled due to rain, this weekend was the day for us to go for "take two."

I left the house and had to stop by Target for some last minute items, then to make copies of our Sunday Scout's Own service program and then headed on our way to Lake Grapevine for our campout. We got there and started getting camp set up.

I had two gentleman do the shopping (playing Quartermaster) and unfortunately purcahsed way too much food so I had to make a run back to my house about 10:45 p.m. to stick the meat in the freezer so that we could use it at a later date.

The only bad thing about the weekend was we didn't have enough Webelos II show up to cook breakfast so it was left on ONE MAN's shoulders! He did an awesome job! I didn't even eat any. I was too busy looking for a grommet from a flag that we retired. I'm going to put the grommets on a bolo and give it to our two Webelos II scouts that were present for the ceremony.

I wrote a graduation ceremony program, a campfire program and a Scout's Own service for this weekend. I was BIIIII-ZEEEEEE the days preceding this campout let me tell you! That is a TON of work!

Photos to follow.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I earned my beads!

Tonight at the Mustang District's Annual Picnic, my Woodbadge Patrol Leader awarded me my beads! I was proud.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Boy Scouts of America, Woodbadge is a leadership training program. It is the highest level of training you can receive through the Boy Scouts of America. It's an intense, two weekend course jam packed with meetings, team building exercises, leadership style grooming games, and what not. You camp in open air tents the first weekend and then "backpack" in the 2nd weekend and cook as a Patrol having to entertain guests all while on a budget.

I made some great friends in the program and within my patrol. I'm a PROUD BUFFALO!

While we were at the picnic, my Course Director, Fulton Jones, called all the way from Afghanistan to wish me well. He is just an amazing man and I respect him such a great deal for his leadership in this course. The team of staffers he put together (including my lovely Tour Guide) was second to none!

Anyway, so you're looking at a beaded Woodbadger. :) And I'm proud of it! Yea Me!
As you'll see, my contribution to the cookout was a Buffalo Cake! SR-903 is our course number.

...I used to be a Buffalo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Removing the expander

Joshua was SO excited about going to the orthodontist today. They removed his top expander and told him he only had to wear his bottom one at night. It was weird to see the indentions in the roof of his mouth that it left. Poor kid -- hopefully this will help him not have to wear braces at a later date OR help him not have to wear them SO LONG at a later date.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today and tomorrow are Drew's last two blastball games for the season. He has such a great time.

Blastball is a sport organized for 3 and 4 year olds to teach them the general ideals of baseball. You hit the ball with a bat and then run to the base. Only, in blast ball instead of having an outfield and infield working the bases, all players attempt to catch the ball and then yell "BLAST" I love that they don't keep score, everyone gets to bat. Once the batter hits the ball, everyone advances a base. The last batter hits a "homerun" and everyone runs home. It teaches them how to work as a team. And, hey, they're so cute in their little uniforms!

His team -- the Yankees! :) That's probably the ONLY time you'll hear me rooting for THAT team! :) Pictures to come.

Decluttering with a Camera

You know when you go through your daily life and then realize you have absolutely too much crap? You want to purge but how, when, and what all will you purge? How will you find the time to get rid of it all? What about those things that you love for sentimental reasons but that you'll never ever use again?

I happened upon this article at Frugal Hacks:

And it's a great kick in the pants to realize that it's JUST STUFF. I'm a HUGE fan of organization. I'm a hater of clutter but it seems the more stuff that gets into my life... the more stressed I get. The more I'm stressed, the more headaches I have. I need organization, I need space. The clutter is, right now, taking over! UGH!

I'm off to purge this week. That's my summer goal. I want to be clutter free.... freecycling what I can... e-baying and/or Craigslisting what I can and having my SPACE BACK!