Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's it worth?

All these recent tornadoes really have had me thinking, if I had to replace "stuff"... what's it worth?

There are things with sentimental value (obviously) that simply can't be replaced but the other "stuff" like clothes, furniture, etc. can be replaced but do you know what model you had and what it's worth?

I've gone through the house and done a video catalog of contents but when you're looking at replacing forty Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, will your insurance cover their replacement cost? I doubt without documentation.

So, I went online today looking for software (freeware) that will give me a backbone to helping me catalog and inventory our household contents. I figure a little at a time every day is a great place to start. I downloaded a 2011 program and today I shall start the tedious task of inventorying our household contents to make sure that a) we're covered and b) that we have ENOUGH coverage.

I certainly wouldn't want to have to remember what all we have in order to tell an insurance agent... because you know they'll want proof and since I don't really know what we have, how am I to give an accurate account of what it's worth?

Is your time worth it? I think mine is!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are you getting old when...

Are you getting old when you don't appreciate people messing with classics?

I'm trying to eat something for dinner as my ankle-biter walks around wanting me to pick him up, UP UP UP WAAAAAHHHHHH.... I'm like, "DUDE, let me EAT!"

So, as I try to find something to occupy his time and distract him long enough for me to scarf down ... something I realize that The Cartoon Network is on. Whatever show was on is going off and what comes on? Well, I'm assuming its going to be a classic - Roadrunner -- Meep Meep!

But it's not... the classic. It's Roadrunner and Wyl E Coyote (how do you spell his name, anyway?) doing a Matrix-esque cartoon. ??? It's rather dark and ... not all in the whole ACME fun self-defeating way of the series. It was... off. It was... not good. I didn't like it. Made me sad. They're messing with the classics.


I will say that SOME shows were better when they DID redo them. For instance, the 60s era Tom and Jerry were rather yuck. The ones I watched as a kid were cool. The NEW ones (yeah, they redid those too). The new ones... suck.

Why can't they just leave well enough alone?

Has Hollywood run out of ideas and just have to do remakes of everything? Sometimes you just don't mess with classics.

Willy Wonka for one. The new one creeps me out, Johnny Depp's white face, teeth and mannerisms are enough to make me want to immediately change the channel. And that's bad. Because I'm a real fan of Mr. Depp. I mean, he's sexy enough to make this goody-two-shoes wanna be a pirate. ;) And then he went all creepy again and redid Alice in Wonderland. STOP IT ALREADY!

Frankly, there are some shows that don't need a sequel but it seems that now the MO is to come out with a show and if it's good, beat it to death and milk it for all its worth in the box office, merchandising and McDonald's toys! And they've done it with everything but why won't they do another Nemo? Why? Becuase he's been found..??? Well, you know, kids can get lost more than once.

So, what do you think of the newly revised shows they've done? Yea or nay?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

It's always fun to realize your child doesn't own any "dress" clothes that he needs to wear the next morning for graduation so that you have to clean up your dinner mess and head to Target. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy shopping?

I haven't?

Oh, yeah. It's because...



Thank goodness for Target. Seriously, thank goodness for Target. And thank goodness, too, that my son really didn't give a flip where his clothes came from since he knew he'd only likely wear them once or twice before he outgrew them.

He found a pair of pants (navy) and a checkered shirt that was a very thin material and that coincidentally went with his favorite new t-shirt. I grabbed that, the two gift cards we needed for senior gifts, a couple of cards and the cutest little swim trunks and swim shirt for Ben.

I figure he's gotta be stylin at the pool, too. Right?

Monday, May 23, 2011

The beginning of the end

This week marks a lot of endings.... but a lot of new beginnings as well. For starters, this week is the last week of school for Josh and Drew. It marks the last week of a normal schedule in this house. Somewhat. It marks the beginning of my summer shred. It marks the end of junk food and eating poorly for most everyone. It marks the end of no exercise. It marks the beginning of my weight training. It marks the beginning of the end of two particular sizes in my closet that I shall never see again... This is a time of transition.

Today we have Josh's 5th grade trip to Main Event. Tonight he goes to a Rangers game with a friend and we go to see Drew in his kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are, thankfully, uneventful.

Thursday is the 5th grade graduation (during the day) and Drew's Kindergarten graduation celebration park playdate. The boys get out early and Andy takes them both to lunch and Six Flags (public school is still in session so they generally have no lines).

Friday is another half day and it will be followed by a 5th grade end of school swimming party.

Saturday is Josh's 12th birthday. He's going to a Rangers game with Andy, Drew, Dad and a couple of his friends. Seats in the "All-You-Can-Eat" section. :) Smart move!

It's going to be a crazy week. Especially because, I haven't planned the meals yet, either! But, the laundry is done, the house is clean and this has started the final phase of the summer shred.

Yes, no more diets. I'm having a life change. I have found that with the first 15 pounds lost and not eating fast food as much, that when I DO eat it again, it doesn't taste the same. I certainly don't appreciate it. I don't savour it. It isn't satisfying. It's just habit.

However, I've got a container of M&Ms here calling my name but if there is one thing I DO have it's willpower. And I'm hell bent and determined to shred everything that I don't want by the end of summer. (Obviously, I hope it's sooner.)

My knees still aren't 100% yet (I tried Zumba today and when I felt a twinge in one knee, I immediately turned it off and went to pilates and Debbie Seider's DVD). The fact that I'm doing SOMETHING rather than nothing is good enough for me.

I think, too, I'd like to take some before/after photos but DUDE, I do NOT want to see me like this! Ha!

So... the beginning of the end of the old me.... getting geared up for a summer of fun... and I WILL be in a bikini by the end of summer (not that you'll see) but that's a goal! LOL Hey, dream big, right?

Hollywood has ruined me...

Yesterday we were under a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm watch/warning for the better part of the day. That doesn't mean that it wasn't sunshiny and nice, it just means that typical summertime-ish weather for Texas. We had one line of storms pass through in the evening and then they were gone.

But the alarms, oh the alarms.

Apparently some numbnuts was asleep with his hand on the trigger and he must have had dreams of winning some PS2 gaming competition because the stupid alarms kept going off.... seriously. Every fifteen minutes or so, there they were. And, if you live in tornado alley (which we do) you don't just scoff at the sounding of the sirens.... until last night. I made one last check of the weather map on my phone and I was like, "See ya, dudes. I'm out of here!" Lights out!

All I kept thinking of was that scene in Twister when Helen Hunt went to visit her Aunt who had no warning.... and then there's US who had someone playing with the stupid warning signals like they had some nervous tic. Give the man a clicker pen, will ya? Get his freakin' finger OFF that button. I wonder if they sit around making bets on pushing the button to sound the alarms.

Regardless, I see Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton running the tornado in that big red truck and think to myself, "Well Self, at least we HAVE sirens. No one is going to listen to them... but we got 'em."


It's been raining buckets here for a few days...but those aren't the kind of puddles I'm talking about.

This morning, as I walked into the bathroom at 7:15 a.m. to... well, to pee... there was a PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR. Seriously, seriously. Who was the ONLY one to use that bathroom this morning?



He came down, "Yes?"

"Were you not the last one to use this toilet?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Did you not notice that you MISSED IT COMPLETELY?"

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Um... then why did you not bother to clean it up?"

[Deer in the headlights look.]

"Do you not realize that I walked in to the bathroom and stepped in YOUR PEE. I have YOUR URINE on my foot? Do you not realize how absolutely disgusting that is? You're almost seven years old. If you can't make it in the toilet at seven, you need to sit down and pee like a girl. I will NEVER clean this up again. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"You best be glad that you're about to leave for school because not only would you be cleaning this up on your hands and knees like I'm about to do... if I ever see this again, you will be scrubbing this bathroom floor WITH YOUR TOOTHBRUSH."


Boys.... bleh!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shaking My Head

I have been doing a lot of that the past couple of weeks... the news that has been filling my head just leaves me saddened and shocked, dismayed and depressed, angry and vengeful.

A woman from Irving apparently killed her 6 year old son and drove to Maine to dump the body. This beautiful blond little boy is dead... at his mother's hand. She just wrapped him in a blanket and threw him out like trash.

A friend from Irving Bible Church was feeling ill with a stomach bug and had been experiencing other "things" that weren't right (for her) but nothing was really being addressed. Turns out she has some MAJOR serious problem with her heart... she's got small children at home. However, she HAS made amazing strides and will be able to be going home... HOME?! It's a miracle to say the least. Her Caring Bridge page is: If you feel so inclined to visit and to continue to pray for her.

Another friend on Facebook posted about a little girl that was killed by a hit and run driver just around the corner from her house... only to find out that the mother killed the kid and lied about it saying she had been involved in a hit and run... Blunt force trauma is the cause of death.

Another friend of a friend is going through the beginning of a divorce and the wife is causing him so much stress he had to go to the hospital!!!! I just want to poke her eyes out!

Another friend who has always wanted children found out she was pregnant only to have now suffered a miscarriage with severe hemorrhaging. She's been to the ER twice now.

A three-year-old just died in a swimming pool...

People are throwing all their family's dirty laundry on Facebook like it's nothing and then get involved in word wars with one another. Seriously, I've "hidden" four "friends" because I'm SO sick of all their family's drama. It's beyond pathetic. I've even gone so far as to block my own sister because she just seems too happy to leave snarky remarks whenever possible.

Our government's spending is out of control... the debt ceiling is going to be more than can ever realistically be paid down... and people are more concerned about the fact that they're cancelling soap operas on daytime television and who is going to win American Idol.

And ... then I read on Fox News' website that atheists are offering post-rapture pet care. For real... for real?

... but on a lighter note, I painted my toenails hot pink and go a Route 44 Diet Coke. Doesn't that make everything all better?

To the Moon ...or just the farm

Josh and Andy were up early this morning. Today was the day the 5th graders left for their trip to Houston. They had to be at school by 6:15 in order to load the bus at 6:30 and hit the road by 6:45. Josh packed himself. I let him. I did, however, give him the old, "Okay, so you did remember, clean underwear, socks, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. Right?" I got a hug in response and the typical, "Yes, Mooooooooooooom."

Even though I was sure he did pack them, sometimes you just have to ask. I guess you never stop being a mom, huh? He's only 11 for goodness sake but he's been packing (or mostly packing) himself for a couple years for his trips to Iowa to see his dad. So, he's well versed in how to pack (roll your stuff) and what to pack.

Drew had a big day today as well. Today was Mrs. Powell's class' operetta of The Little Red Hen. They did a fantastic job. I recorded the whole thing, of course, on video. Drew played the little dog that worked at the mill. The teacher would read the story and then they would sing parts (some solo, some as a group) to talk more about the story.

It made me laugh because when I turned my head briefly, the entire front and back row was nothing but camcorders and cameras. It was funny.

Ben didn't know what was going on. He just knew he was in a big room and there were lots of people. When Drew took his place on stage, Ben instantly recognized the voice and started waving his arms and making noises to say, "Hey, that's my brother, Drew, up there!" Everyone commented after it was over that that was so cute.

It was rather fun.

This morning went surprisingly smoothly. I actually was able to get up, make cinnamon rolls for Drew (his favorite), feed Ben his milk, cereal (he eats dry Honeycomb) and then give him a cinnamon roll, too. I even got my hair "did"! I didn't wear a baseball cap and pony tail. I don't think half the parents recognized me since that's typically my "mom uniform." And frankly, I hate having hairs in my face. I always seem to fix my hair when the dern wind is blowing. ANNOYING!

So, today, we sent one off to the moon and left the second one at the farm. The mornings starting out great!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Wednesday

The Agony of Defeat.
Drew's big game was last night. They went into this game 10-0 facing another undefeated team, The Bulls. The Bulls are this organization's big winner. They're a tough team. We saw why. Amazingly quick. The skills these kids have at the age they are is unbelievable! They were three shy of their roster, too. Did you know that some coaches tell kids to stay home on game days so that they don't have automatic outs on their rosters and can focus on just the "good kids" on their team? I sure hope that wasn't the case. They can hit, they can field, they can catch. Triple threat. We got beat. I say we because I know the parents wanted this for their kids just as much (if not more) than the kids did. Who DOESN'T want to beat THE BEST?

There were a few kids that were extremely upset but kept their composure together. They were just outplayed and frankly, that's just what happens in baseball. Sometimes you beat and sometimes you get beat.

I like the way Cliff put it on my Facebook page, "It's a good life lesson, just don't let it happen again."

Boxing Breakfast
This morning I'm boxin' it... that's right, we're doing cereal. After a late game, a later dinner (Jet's Pizza--yum!) I let the boys sleep 5 minutes late and have cereal. I knew they could finish quickly and lay back down before school if they wanted to. We're all tired. As I type that, I look over to see Ben asleep in his high chair. He never really woke up this morning... he's never slept in his high chair. Crazy.

Gnarly Knees
Today also brings a trip to the doctor for me. My knees are shredded. Literally. I have fluid on both. They're swollen. Who would have thought that exercise was BAD for you? If my knees are this bad from doing something GOOD for me... I can't imagine how the knees on people that are grava-portal from being morbidly obese feel. So, I'll call Dr. Green and see if he can get me in. Andy said it's a sign I'm getting older, that I should have worked my way into a running routine. I say, "Hogwash!" I like running. You get where you're going faster. I did have a dull ache on Saturday but I ran through it. I'm always telling Josh to run through the pain (of whatever) so who would I be if I didn't follow the same philosophy? So, I ran through the pain... and now, four days later my knees are STILL killing me. It hurts to lay, it hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to get up, it hurts to do just about anything. They.Hurt. Waah!

Wishful thinking
I had another location set up on my phone for weather reports and the like -- Estes Park, Colorado. I received a weather alert last night while at the baseball game. They were under a winter weather advisory. Sigh. Can you imagine? In May, having a winter weather advisory? How simply divine. I miss Colorado.

Weight Watchers
I've lost a total of 17.4 pounds. Then I went back off the diet to enjoy Mother's Day weekend. And, I'm still not back on (you did read I ate pizza last night, right?) I'm sure I'll gain back some but I'll get back on it in a day or so. My goal is to weigh what I did almost 13 years ago... so I'm shooting for the 120s. They say when you dream, to dream big, so I am!

Girl's Weekend
Christie and I booked our cabin for Oklahoma last Friday. It's an awesome two-bedroom cabin in the middle of no where with a hot tub and we're going to enjoy the solitude. I'm going to take some books, my laptop (a girl's gotta blog), my camera... I hope to fish, and hike and eat good food. It's always nice to go away with another woman because then the cooking AND clean up duties are shared. What a concept, huh?

Random Piles
If you were to walk in my house right now, that's what you'd see. I need to get photos of stuff and get it up on Craig's List and/or e-bay. I didn't participate in the neighborhood garage sale because I got up at 6am to see who else was setting up and NO ONE was. I didn't want to be the only one to do it so I'm considering doing the fall sale instead. Nevermind that we have NEVER been able to do anything in the fall because of sports. It's a noble thought though, right? I am just ready to get rid of all the maternity clothes and now all the baby clothes from birth to 12 months and all the other various items that have been placed in the garage sale piles taht seem to be growing in every corner of my house. I'm wondering if the tax write-off would be a better use of my time? Hee hee hee

That's the news for now. Carry on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stereotypical gender color assignments

Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys. It's just the ways of the world, right? I truly believe that for the most part. Girls can obviously wear whatever color they want to. The same holds true for boys. I mean, Drew wore a pink shirt on Easter a year or so ago. Furthermore, I remember very clearly in the 80s when every guy had a pink shirt in his closet. But, shouldn't those kids be given a choice if they want to wear such a TYPICAL gender-specific colored shirt?

I'm a mom of boys. Three of them. Two are in a private school. A private school that likes to make a new t-shirt for everything. Field Day was no exception. Pay $5 and your child can have their Field Day t-shirt and wear it on Field Day and it's so exciting. I'm thinking... a cardinal red t-shirt that says something like "FWC Field Day" on it. But it was something different altogether. Each teacher was able to select the color of said Field Day t-shirt and Josh's teacher. Yeah, she selected FUCHSIA!?! He saw the t-shirt and was mortified. These are young men... who are starting to develop a sense of style and of their own identity. They have to conform to uniform regulation day in and day out. This teacher is in a class in which the majority of her students are BOYS and she chooses FUCHSIA?!! I just think it's wrong. My son was mortified. Yeah, it's just a shirt color but if you're choosing something for an entire classroom -- there are so many other colors under the rainbow she could have chosen and different hues of each that's it's just... pathetic, at best... to force such a GIRLIE color upon these boys.

Flash forward to this morning. I went to a parent's meeting about a school trip for the 5th grade class. They leave in their red uniform shirt and then during the day one day, they're to wear their Field Day t-shirts. This trip went from awesome, to something he's simply going tolerate now. He hates pink THAT much.

And frankly, I don't blame him. I do, too.

We skipped Field Day the first grade year because the t-shirts were LAVENDER tie-dye. Seriously, people.... I'm sure that 95% of elementary teachers are women but just because they're estrogen factories sportin' mammaries, doesn't mean that 95% of students share the same anatomy. Do you students a favor.... pick something a little less GIRL.

I'm annoyed, so I wrote a note to the principal. I'm sure my kids will be blacklisted now but I've never been one to sit idly by when I see an injustice.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Falling off the wagon....

... yeah, that's me. I fell off the bloggin' wagon again. It's a difficult thing to do when you have a toddler attached to you at night. So, I'm enjoying those moments rather than saving them for posterity.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there. We had a very low-key, no-stress kind of day (my favorite). I got up and went to get the boys some donuts. Drew went with me. He loves the fact that it has a drive through so he can go in his underwear. Oh the simple joys of being a kid. Ben polished off 1 1/2 glazed donuts. Drew gave me his gift since he was up first. At school, they made a tote bag (smaller one, not full sized) and it has thumb prints on it that were made into butterflies and flowers. It's very cute. He also did a little book where he wrote and colored pictures for me. I'll share it when I find it.

I hollered up at Josh (because I'm all classy like that) and frankly, if I'm getting up to get you donuts, the least you can do is get up to eat them with everyone. He came draggin' bootie down the stairs and then he and Drew brought in a huge vase of flowers for me... (again, pictures are forth coming - I have no computer right now capable of reading the flash cards).

Then I took the little guy to go lay down for a nap (it's important to nap after eating donuts, you know?)

Josh and Drew went swimming across the street. And what were my last words? "WEAR SUNSCREEN" and I told him where it was. Now, it's a day later and GUESS who is FRIED?! Yeah, that'd be Josh. And the dip$hit has a sun shirt. I bought him a white one to wear so he didn't get burned on the shoulders. I know that's mean but... Um... you kind of have it coming if you don't listen to mom, right?

I drove to meet my friend, Manny, who was going to attempt to fix the computer and then came home. I was intending to go try on some sandals as I have NO sandals. I wish I still had my Borns. I loved those shoes. Andy's old dog, Thor, peed all over them... and you can't just wash out the porous soles of the sandals so they were pitched. I was so pissed (no pun intended). So, until I get some sandals it's flip flops or not much else. Honestly, even though I didn't have a baby in tow, I wasn't in the mood to shop (shocker, huh?) so I just came home.

Andy's mom came by for about 10 minutes it seemed and then left.

We went to Fuddruckers (at my request) for lunch.

Exciting thing (I suppose) is that the Dallas Maverick's sweeped the LA Lakers. That's about all the current news I have. I guess sometimes watching TV would be a good thing, huh? I can honestly say that I haven't missed it one iota.

Saturday Drew's team went 10-0 and remains undefeated... Joshs' team held an undefeated team to the last inning and gave up 6 runs. It's sometimes so painful to watch. He's got another game tonight. Hopefully they'll have their A-game. I guess they all can't be winners. At least he's having fun, right? Ha!

I took Mom to eat at Red Lobster today for Mother's Day. Benji did great. I mean, he tossed every single thing he could get his hands on in the floor, but he did great. I love that he's much more portable now. Things are getting better.

My best friend, Christie, is finally getting rid of her parasite of a boyfriend and has moved onto greener pastures.... and for that, I am TRULY thankful. I hope that her ex's face winds up on the side of a milk box... he won't be missed.

We're into the final weeks of MOPS, school, Mom's League and baseball. Then, it's onto summer summer summertime! Wonder what kind of crazy trouble we can get into this summer?! :)

Stay tuned to find out.