Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blood Curdling Screams...

Yep...that's what the jolly old elf heard from MY youngest. Did he smile admiringly to the king of the north pole knowing he would be the bearer of fun toys and gifts? No. We made our way along the short aisle to see Mr. Kringle himself but once we reached the end and our turn was next, he would NOT take his eyes off that strange bearded fat man in a suit. Then, the moment came. Josh was elated that it was HIS TURN to sit in Santa's lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas -- did he say a football -- a bat -- new gloves - anything off his Christmas list? No, he wanted another fish? Another FISH? I said, how is he going to get you a fish that you can fly home with? So I put words in his mouth -- you mean a fish you can leave at your dad's in Iowa? OOOhh...what a great idea! LOL.

I wanted Josh to take his place with Santa first for a picture so that Drew coudl see how much fun it was.... then I walked over to put Drew in Santa's lap and you would have thought I was about to drop that baby in boiling lava. He had the death grip on my clothes. I'm like... dude, I'm not wanting to give Santa a cleavage shot here... let go but the minute I placed him on Santa's lap I think the entire North East Mall heard the blood curdling screams echo throughout all three hallways. I quickly picked him up of course. Santa tried to talk to him...stroke his cheek and smile and talk to him but Drew wasn't having anything about it. He STARED Santa down like he was the devil incarnate! Drew would NOT take his eyes off this man if it was the last thing he was going to do. So, Josh had a few words with Santa (see the fish comment above -- yeah, I wasn't there to intervene so... oh boy look what happens when mom's not around). I was paying for Josh's picture and in the process of me moving, picking up money, etc. Drew was trying to turn his head around as if he were the a hoot owl to make sure this crazy thing in red wasn't going to come get him. It was quite a day.

I got a really cute photo of Josh though. :) And a funny story to tell Drew about later in life. :)