Saturday, July 11, 2015

Political Correctness, the P-Word, Being Offended and the NFL

I'm long over-due for a rant.  There have been several topics du jour that really have had my head spinning and, at time, my blood boiling.  The very notion that the level of stupid running rampant in our country is ample fuel for anyone to go off, but there was a particular Facebook post that got me thinking today.  You see, I've been thinking about the state of affairs in the United States.  Folks, it's not good.  It's really... not... good.  I think we need to just have this...

...plastered on every governmental institution until someone gets this country back on track.

This report is what initially got me thinking... This joker wants a local school to change their mascot because "Rebel" is offensive.  

People... what have we turned into as a society?  Is everyone just a big panty-waste bag of butt hurt whiners that seek to find something anywhere to be offended over so that they can have SOMETHING to complain about?  Is everything REALLY so grossly offensive or has every lost the very idea that YOU are responsible for YOUR REACTION.  In fact, the only thing that IS in your control is YOUR response to any situation.  YOU have to be in control.... of you.  However, if you choose to be butt hurt or "offended" over situation, so be it, but don't whine about it because that's your choice.  

Our government has proven time and again that they are nothing but a bunch of spineless pussies that bends to every squeaky wheel and "offended" person on the planet in the name of political correctness. I have to ask you though-- when did it become your right to NOT be offended?  The last time I checked, being offended -- a situational circumstance -- doesn't necessarily mean that anything wrong has actually transpired.  Simply stated, you don't have the right to NOT be offended.  Yet, it seems that our new national motto should be...

Max Brandstatter's photo.

People were belly aching over a historical flag that has now been taken down in South Carolina. Why?  Because people were offended.  They claim that America was built on the backs of slaves and that flag is a symbol of racism and bigoted hate mongers promoting white supremacy.  Look, slavery is bad.  In fact, I don't know a single white person alive today that would consider slavery a good thing for an iota of a nanosecond -- EVER.  Yet, we - the white people in society - are continually blamed for the wrong-doing of other white people? Did you hear me?  I agree with you.  Slavery is bad.  

I personally believe that all people are inherently good.  But don't blame every white person in America for the acts of lunacy of a few.  Need I remind anyone that there were black slave owners, too? There are actual fact-based, historical accounts of black slaves that -even when freed- stayed with their slave owners because of the quality of life that they had.  I have no doubts that there were many stereotypical racist pig slave owners.  I have NO DOUBT, but that doesn't mean that I am one.  Nor should I feel any ownership for something any other white person in history has done.  I don't feel any connection to them any more than I feel a connection to the crazy asshat that gunned down the people in the church in South Carolina.  I don't think like him.  I'm not capable of doing anything like him.  I'm not him.  He isn't me.  I shouldn't need to own ANY "white guilt" because of being a white person in America.  The color of my skin is the only common trait I share with that monster.  

I'm someone who not only believes that #blacklivesmatter but I believe that #ALLlivesmatter... even the ones the Democratic party wants to abort.  Oh yeah, that's right.  If you want to go THERE... then YES... let's GO THERE.

John Piper gave a sermon in January 2007 on abortion and racism.  "Racism might—and often did—result in the killing of innocent humans; in our history, it often did. But abortion always results in the killing of innocent humans. Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Black people were lynched in America. Today more Black babies are killed by white abortionists every three days than all who were lynched in those years."  One third of the black population has been wiped out before it ever started, because of abortion. Something the Democratic party is hell bent on keeping.  Look at the numbers people. You can't argue with cold hard facts.  If you don't arm yourself with the truth, you're already part of the problem.

Martin Luther King's own daughter, Dr. Alveda C. King, has called abortion the "black genocide."  She too, believes that black lives matter... from the beginning.

Along the same lines, though, don't #whitelivesmatter??? and #redlivesmatter??? and #yellowlivesmatter??? and #brownlivesmatter???

If you're a proud black man, you can be a proud black man.  If you're a proud Native American, you can say you're a proud Native American.  If you're a proud Asian-American, you can be a proud Asian-American.  However, if you say you're a "proud white man"... you're racist.  Why?  Why is there a double standard?  Can't everyone be proud of their heritage?  

For the love of PETE, we can't even have a woman post her beauty routine to her Instagram followers because someone gets offended as if she's doing something to incite hate and racism.  SERIOUSLY?  Perhaps they need to take that up to the mask company and ask them to change the color to red.  But... but then... Native Americans might be offended.  Yet, if you change it to green, the vegans may be offended that we are mocking Mother Earth. If you change it to white, the black population will be offended that you're wanting them to look like Caucasians.  Maybe they should have just added glitter.  Glitter makes everything fabulous.


What about the woman who is white but feels black and was (until recently) a leader of a local NAACP chapter.  She's a liar and a fraud and even received government money based on her nonexistent African-American heritage.  Where is the uproar people?  

We have entire communities rioting over the shooting death of a career criminal with a rap sheet to prove it who was involved in a physical altercation with a police officer. Forensic evidence showed that he was GOING AFTER THE OFFICER'S GUN!  And what do you think he was going to do with said gun once he acquired it?  Do you think he was going to enter into peaceful discussion?  No, the guy was out of control!  But he was targeted for being black.  

Where is the public outcry for the 11 blacks killed and over 50 wounded JUST over the July 4th weekend in Chicago?  This is a city with some of the nation's toughest gun control laws.  How can you not look at the data and make the informed decisions for yourself? Guns don't kill people.  People kill people.   Blacks make up just 13% of the nation's population but are responsible for over half of it's murders.

Another nugget that makes me choke was this:
– FACT: From 2011 to 2013, 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. This figure is three times higher than the 13% black population figure. When you account for the fact that black males aged 15-34, who account for around 3% of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of these crimes, the figures are even more staggering.
White people are twice as likely to be killed by police.  Even if someone is killed by police, I can tell you that until an extensive investigation is conducted, you're not going to see me raise a stink over it as if that person was a saint and can do no wrong.  I understand the idea of needing to come together to grieve but to try to paint ANYONE as someone that they're CLEARLY not does nothing for your case.  

We have a president who bends over backwards at every race event that has anything to do with his black heritage but let's not forget, he's half WHITE, too.  I went rounds and rounds with a well educated (post graduate degree) black friend of mine the other day (who shall remain nameless) who happens to be a Republican (I'm not), because she is not a fan of Obama (I'm not either), but someone assumed she was just because she was black!  Her contention is what I've read time and again -- people of color think that he's "one of them" and that he understands the plight of the black man.  He went to a private college prep school.  Then went to school at Occidental College.  Private school  people.  PRIVATE COLLEGE.  Elitist snob?  Currently, one year at Occidental is about $63,000.  Tell me how "in touch" he really is with the common man -- of any color.  Oh, but it gets better.  Then he went to Columbia. Current tuition is again, about $63,000 per year.  (Yes, I realize that there is a HUGE college bubble, but, I implore you to understand and recognize that private school tuition is HIGH and NOT for your poverty-stricken, down-trodden "common man" which seem to think he's one of them).  How about Harvard? Again, another high dollar private college.  Think about it.  His college tuition for one year even back in the day is like... three times the annual poverty level.  But he continues to be present at every "black" incident who seems to fit his liberal ideals.  Megyn Kelly says this best... watch.

But I digress... this is about your right... to not be offended...

As with the story of the gentleman wanting a local high school to change its mascot because it may be considered "offensive," I had recently read this report as to why there is something wrong with every state flag.  I think you'll agree.  If you don't, you clearly have no sense of humor.

With everyone being offended about everything, I thought I should jump on the bandwagon and go after the NFL.  I mean.... 

Buffalo Bills logoThe Buffalo Bills clearly need to rethink the whole idea of their name. Their logo is that of a Bison, not a buffalo.  Plus, the gentleman they're trying to honor actually was partially responsible for killing up to 100 head a day which the Native Americans depended upon for as a main food source.  His job led the suppression of an entire population of indigenous people.  A caped charging blue BISON symbolizes nothing more than the white man's beat down of the Native American Indian.  Tsk, tsk.

Miami Dolphins logoThe Miami Dolphins should just be embarrassed to use Flipper as their mascot.  Wouldn't the sharks be more intimidating?  This just isn't working for me. Look at flipper jumping in front of the sun.  Wooohooo!  Marine biologists will likely be offended you are not giving other aquatic species the same limelight.  Puffer fish anyone?  

New England Patriots logoNew England Patriots should definitely find a new mascot.  I mean, it's a grey man. You can't expect other races to rally around the support of Nosferatu.  Someone has coined the term "flying Elvis" and for that and that alone, I am offended.  You can, never... EVER... compare this to THE KING.  

New York Jets logoNew York Jets should just be DQ'd immediately as they're from and play in Jersey.  False advertising!  Next?

Baltimore Ravens logoBaltimore Ravens.  Well, if you know anything about them... they were the Browns.  They went from an orange helmet to a purple bird.  What an improvement, right?  I'm fairly certain that ornithologists worldwide would be quite offended at the very idea of you tattooing initials on the side of this poor bird's head.  For that, you need to try again.

Cincinnati Bengals logoCincinnati Bengals should change their mascot as while the Bengal tiger is a graceful, powerful predator, it's not indigenous to America.  Plus, let's be honest here -- they just suck (the team, not the cat).  Couple that with the fact that the very shade of orange is neither indicative of a true Bengal tiger, nor is it flattering on anyone is just grounds for elimination.

Cleveland Browns logoCleveland Browns should change their mascot because we are offended at the lack of effort.  I mean, the mascot is an orange helmet.  Clearly someone needs some help.  I'm fairly certain that I'm not the only one to realize that... well... you see... orange isn't brown.  Apparently someone didn't get the memo. Why is a logo a helmet??  I guess this is what happens when Modell flees with your team in the middle of the night to Baltimore leaving you with no ideas and a blank slate.  I'm thinking when they had to collectively pick their asses up to regroup, they had no money for development and so someone with apparently too many "yes men" said, "Hey, here's an idea -- let's use the color orange."  Everyone says, "Great idea." End of story.

Pittsburgh Steelers logoPittsburgh Steelers should be ashamed of their logo for promoting the steel industry.  I mean... all those plastic manufacturers may get offended.  It's not faaaaaair!!!!!

Houston Texans logoHouston Texans should definitely change their logo as vegans world-wide should not have to support the beef-industry if they wanted to get behind this football team.  Shame on Houston... shame... shame!

Indianapolis Colts logoIndianapolis Colts... this is just another pathetic attempt to make those horses who can't afford shoes feel badly.  Farriers should be rioting in the streets regarding the fluted edges on this shoe, too.

Jacksonville Jaguars logoJacksonville Jaguars should be definitely change their logo.  Do you see the color of this cat's tongue?  It's like... some sort of gangrene.  That and their owner looks like Ron Jeremy.  That's reason enough to be offended, though mostly just embarrassed.

Tennessee Titans logoTennessee Titans should change their logo if for no other reason than it reminds me of the American Gladiators and for that, and that reason alone, they should be embarrassed.

Denver Broncos logoDenver Broncos logo is strong and powerful and perfect.  If you have issues with a horse with demon-orange-laser eyes, that's not my problem.  

Kansas City Chiefs logoKansas City Chiefs clearly need to change their logo as the Native American Indians should definitely be butt hurt over the fact that their hunting tools are glorified in such a way.  Oh the humanity!

Oakland Raiders logoOakland Raiders clearly has no effing clue what the hell is going on... is it a football player?  is it a pirate?  perhaps a Musketeer?  Go home Oakland, you're drunk.  We should all be offended at their lack of direction and cohesiveness.

San Diego Chargers logo San Diego Chargers are like a pre-teen girl wanting to fit in.  First, they start with a shield.. then let's add a horse head, a lightning bolt... "San Diego" and "Chargers"... then they go flipping to light "throwback" colors like powder blue and have now transfixed on this curved lightning bolt blonde anime hair piece looking thing as their logo.  MMmmmmmmkay.  Yeah, have fun with that.  The Amish may take offense, however, because they don't agree with the use of power electricity.  

Dallas Cowboys logoDallas Cowboys should change their name because it's not faaaaaaaair to all the cowGIRLS in the world who work equally as hard.  They want a star tooooooooooooo! I'm offended at the sexism in their team name.  It should be unisex and just be Dallas Cow-persons.  See how that just rolls off the tongue?  (Are you taking notes, Jerry?)

New York Giants logoNew York Giants need to make a change.  First and foremost --all of the dwarves, midgets and little people should clearly have issues with the very name of this team.  Not so much the logo, but just the name.  It's very exclusionary.  According to our Commander in Chief, we are all about diversifying our neighborhoods and I'm fairly certain that it will trickle down to our team rosters on the NFL.  This will be an easy starting point.  

Philadelphia Eagles logoPhiladelphia Eagles should definitely be changed to something other than an evil angry bird head.  The fact that their name even has the word "eagle" in it, someone is going to be offended and feel like you are trying to push your horrible American heritage on them by making them have accept one of the very symbols of America -- The Bald Eagle -- as something they wear on their clothing and worship.  How DARE you!?

Washington Redskins logoWashington Redskins shall immediately cease and desist utilizing this image and the term "Redskins" hereinafter this proclamation.  How DARE YOU disrespect the heritage of the Native American Indian by calling them Redskins?  GASP?!?  Are you an IDIOT?  I think you should keep the embroidery hoop in the logo and maybe call yourself the Washington Football Team With Whom No Native American Tribe Shall Be Repressed by Us Pale Faces Making Millions in Merchandising.

Image result for wikipedia chicago bearsChicago Bears can't use a C as their logo when their mascot is a bear. It's just... dumb.  However, they're likely not to offend anyone other than a handwriting teacher because a true "c" doesn't have that ... that weird point in the center.

Detroit Lions logoDetroit Lions logo is no different that the rest of these crazy bastards!  They're a mess.  I mean, come on ... it's blue... which means it's likely frozen solid from exposure to the elements in their merciless arctic winters.  Lions are from Africa people! The savanna!  Perhaps this is another reason why they haven't had a championship since the 50's.  If for no other reason than that do everyone a favor and freshen your logo up, maybe you'll hit a lucky streak.  I'm offended they can't find an American animal worthy of being logo-ized.

Green Bay Packers logoGreen Bay Packers -- big CAPITAL G.  OOOOOOh that's something to be afraid of!  Wooooooo!  I'm shaking in my boots!  Not really, I just wanted to make them feel better.  However, I do think again, some vegans may get their panties in a wad when they discover that the Packers are actually referring to --meat packers.  Yup, you've got some major potential offensive material there.  While their team name does instill pride in their hometown, and that's a good thing, their fan base (the Cheeseheads) started their group at a local baseball game and carried it over to their football.  So, they have also became synonymous with the Green Bay Packer Cheeseheads.  Unfortunately, I think those who are lactose intolerant would be offended at this blatant disregard to their intestinal plight and so you should definitely consider something a little less... potentially discomforting.  May I suggest... Just Green Bay?

Minnesota Vikings logoMinnesota Vikings.  I'm offended they're showing horns.  What are they?  Angry white blonde devils?  Why do blondes have all the fun?  It's nooooooot faiiiiiir! Plus, there have been reports that the hats were not historically accurate, nor was their complete barbaric behavior so... your entire personification of a viking may very well be a complete historical fraud.  Choose again, just for the sake of historical accuracy.

Atlanta Falcons logoAtlanta Falcons' logo looks like two birds mating.  If copulating fowl are what you wish to populate your fan base with, I'm thinking parents won't be real excited about that.  I mean, when Janet Jackson poped a nip at the Superbowl, you'd have thought that someone had dropped a string of expletives that would have caused your ears to bleed.  (People -- IT WAS A MOTHER EFFING NIPPLE.  Look around.  We all have them.  Chandler Bing has three.  Why are we more worried about our kids seeing a freaking body part than we are about watching someone get SHOT?  What is more natural here?  A nipple, or watching your child blow away five army men on their latest Xbox game?  Your priorities are completely fucked up.  It's a boob.  If you don't have any, you are one (if you're offended by this).  Get over it.) However... copulating fowl is just... weird.

Carolina Panthers logoCarolina Panthers should be ashamed.  I mean, their logo is that of a lazy  animal that sleeps 18 hours a day and might eat once a week.  Wow... what a tough warrior.  I think by being a losing team and having a black logo, you're building a bad precedence for all black animals and so you definitely need to change both the name and the logo to something less offensive.  

New Orleans Saints logoNew Orleans Saints.  Unless you want to continually be affiliated and associated with the Boy Scouts of American who DO let in gay scouts into their organization, that would definitely be a contention for supporters.  This is an extreme likeness to the BSA Fleur Di Lis.  Along the same lines, you should just go ahead and put rainbow colors across that so as not to offend anyone.  If you want to go back to its true origin... it's a metal depiction of a french flower.  How sweet!  Maybe you SHOULD keep this and make it rainbow colored.  I mean, who can be offended by a flower that represents the heritage of the French royal family and your city.  We know how the French are, after all.  {insert eye roll}  American should be offended you're honoring another country.  Pick an alligator... or a hurricane (ooooohhh.. bad joke).  Apparently, I'm not the only one jumping on this particular team's racist bandwagon, either!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers logoTampa Bay Buccaneers need to change their logo because I'm sure it's considered blasphmy to depict a pigskin upon their Jolly Roger.  Pirates the world over will certainly be offended.

Arizona Cardinals logoArizona Cardinals clearly need to find a new mascot.  If for no other reason that you're taking a bird that might weigh 1.4 ounces and trying to make it something to fear.  I'm fairly certain.... that's not... happy.  Ornithologists the world over will likely take issue with this predatory depiction of their beloved feathered friend.  

St. Louis Rams logoSt. Louis Rams is definitely grounds for being considered abusive, angry and offensive.  We've done nothing to this Ram and he is clearly hostile.  I'm offended.  He must change.  

San Francisco 49ers logoSan Francisco 49ers should change their name, move and pick a new logo so we aren't constantly reminded that this is a safe-haven city for illegal immigrants to hide and be given everything and anything they need and the federal government can't touch them.  Anything associated with San Fran Sicko really isn't good.  It's all bad.  Really Really Bad.  They have a cool bridge but I have no desire to visit because my tourist dollars will go where they're needed for AMERICANS.  Yes, I speak with my money.  Kiss my ass if you think that's a bad idea.  The Almighty Dollar is the only way to get attention anymore.  San Fran-sicko.  I just can't support them because they're just offensive being so anti-American.

Seattle Seahawks logoSeattle Seahawks have taken one of nature's beautiful birds of prey and turned it into a blue and grey nightmare.  Seahawks are brown and ivory.  Are they racist? Do they not think that the brown and the ivory can cohesively co-exist?  When you think of a tough predator, however, is a bird the first thing that comes to mind?  Because, we all know that feathers pack a tough punch!  Ouch!  

So, in conclusion, almost every team name and/or logo is awful and needs to be carefully rethought out and designed, if for no other reason than for my pure enjoyment.