Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Josh's "whatever it was called" anniversary

Isn't it horrible I don't even remember if it was a baptism, blessing or christening... I'm thinking christening but I'll have to check the invites to be 100% sure. :) But it's the anniversary of doing "that" to Josh... his Godmother, Laurie Pezzot in Ohio, sent me an e-mail for him and I thought, you know that'd make a good blog....the story of his "whatever it was called"

His father and I were in Ohio... it was quite a big to do. Bob's old pastor from his childhood was the one that performed the ceremony. We had this whole schedule of events... they were going to do this... then this... then this... then a song... and then we were to come forward... then this... then that... and wham bam... we eat. Well, they STARTED the song... and then this little bundle of wonder started turning bright red, gritting his gums and blowing bubbles in his diaper. Yes, he was quite busy. Unfortunatley it was a quite an old church so they didn't exactly have the Koala changing stations in the bathroom so I'm on the cold tile floor, in HOSE in my dress hoping he finishes up in time... I had two peple at the door -- one Doc Nehls telling me -- the song's almost up... time to for you start walking forward -- I was like... well, the song may be up but HE isn't. We walked out JUST as the song ended... it was completely divine intervention that we made it out of there in time. What a mess. I think I must have used 50 wipes... you know how breast fed babies are. So... my little joke about the whole situation was that Josh had to make some room for Jesus. :)

It was a nice ceremony... afterwards, everyone stayed at the church and we ate, they brought gifts -- I still have many of them.... loved the little blanket someone knit for him... his bible, a ceramic cross that used to be above his door...

they all wanted to pass him around and hold him but he kept getting fussier and fussier and fussier so I finally was like, lets check your diaper again and his poor little rump was BRIGHT RED... no wonder everytime someone held him and started to pat his little rear he started to cry.... just made it worse...

It was a nice day... I'll have to dig out the pictures and scrap a few pages while the memories are fresh in my mind (awwww.. heck who am I kidding ... it's blogged now so at least I don't HAVE to remember it) :)

I'm glad he made room for Jesus... now I just need to remember to make that a priority in his life every day...

A Conversation with Superman

Drew is in a costume stage right now -- not really wanting to take them off -- EVER. His pajamas today are Superman (with a really cool detachable cape)... with all the pending hooplah, we're having a pizza for lunch. It's Digornio, not delivery! :) Ha..

Anyway, when the timer went off I announced the pizza was ready so Drew went scurrying to get the wooden stool from the bathroom so he could stand at the counter watching me cut it into bites for him.

He leaned over and kissed my upper arm. I said, "why thank you" then he proceeded to tell me the terms of his kiss "now you kiss me."

"ok" so I leaned over and kissed him on the back of the head... "no no... kiss my cheek"


He smiled, said "thank you" and proceeded to lean on the counter to watch my masterful skillz with the pizza cutter.... then I saw him wipe his cheek as if I'd just slobbered on him like a St. Bernard. I said, "you're wiping off my kisses? But those are Mommy kisses and they're special"

his reply?

"they're not special, they're nasty."

woooo wooo wooo sweet child of mine...

"...Just keep swimming swimming swimming...What do we do we swim, swim, swim..."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why We Love Thanksgiving...

I got this e-mail from a friend of mine today and thought it was definitely worth sharing!

Why we love Thanksgiving, the best holiday of 'em all.
by Mitch Albom

I'll take Thanksgiving.

You can have Halloween, New Year's, Christmas, Fourth of July, Easter, Hanukkah and any day dedicated to presidents. You can stack them all up on one side, and the turkey and I will stand on the other. I'll take Thanksgiving.

It is, to me, exactly what a holiday should be. For one thing, there are no gifts. You never have to worry about what to get someone for Thanksgiving or how much to spend. There are no lectures about "greed" or "commercialization" or how we're "forgetting the spirit" of Thanksgiving. No way. The spirit of Thanksgiving is eating. Who could forget that?

Secondly, it comes with football. What other holiday does that? New Year's Day? But at least with Thanksgiving, you don't have a hangover.

There is no "right" place to go on Thanksgiving except home. There is no church or synagogue. No graves that must be visited. No trekking out to watch fireworks. You just sit on the couch, or sit at the table, and you laugh and eat and laugh and burp and ta-da you are credited with knowing the "true meaning" of the holiday.

Also, it comes with a parade.

Did I mention the dressing? Not the turkey dressing. The human dressing. There isn't any! Oh, sure, maybe you put on a nice pair of pants. Maybe. But who really dresses up for Thanksgiving? You can celebrate in a sweatshirt. Can you say that about New Year's Eve? Not unless you're a lonely, pathetic loser.

And Thanksgiving doesn't require some smarty-pants history known only by your geeky cousin from Baltimore. Uh-uh. There's no quoting Lincoln or Washington. No reading from the Declaration of Independence. What do you need to know about Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims and the Indians had dinner. Pass the gravy.

Thanksgiving never moves. It is always on a Thursday, strategically placed so that you might as well take off Friday as well, since Saturday and Sunday are next, and, while you're at it, maybe half of Wednesday just to pick up everyone from the airport. Thanksgiving gets you half a week off. What does Labor Day get you? Monday?

And there is no shopping on Thanksgiving, unlike Memorial Day or Presidents Day. Sure, there are Thanksgiving sales, but you do them on FRIDAY! How cool is that?

Also, there are no masks. You don't beg for candy from strangers. And nobody eggs your house.

Tell me there's anything better than a meal that goes all night, that doesn't have an event tied to it, that doesn't come with a bill at the end.

Tell me there's anything better than only having to catch up with your aunts, uncles and cousins to feel like you did the holiday proud.

Tell me there's anything easier than passing plates.

Tell me there's any better place to appreciate what you have than in a kitchen filled with good smells.

Tell me there's a better invention than "the kids' table."

And what holiday not only condones but pretty much expects you to fall asleep on the couch?

So let's sum up. No costumes, no presents, no services, no tuxedoes, no time limit, no guilt trips, and all the food, naps and football you want.

I'll take Thanksgiving. After all, no one tries to sit on the turkey's lap and ask for an X-box.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Room Mom Nazis

This post is like a year over-due for my monologuish tendencies when I have a rant about something. I was talking to my friend Gwen about it so I decided you know, it's worthy of a rant. So, here's the deal:

Last year when my son, Joshua, started first grade at public school, I joined the ranks of the proud room moms across the nation. When they had the initial yearly planning meeting to let those of us new to the entire "clique" of room moms in on how it's done and what was in store, they chose to do this meeting at a park... that has a 2 story play area for big kids... ??? I had an 18 month old...are you following me here? I responded back that I'd come (because I was supposed to be there) but I didn't think that it would be a very frutitious effort on my part because I'm sure I'd spend the better part of the meeting chasing my son on the playground.

I got there and sure 'nuff, he headed right to the playground... I redirected and was able to join in a few minutes of the meeting... some of these moms were really just letting their kids run crazy with no supervision... it was very nerve racking!

They got to the discussion of the "holiday parties" -- I HATE that you can't call them Christmas parties anymore. I hate political correctness, it sucks the fun out of everything. over 90% of the population is Christian but we are such a bunch of wussies that the miniscule 10% gets their way... somethings' wrong when we try to say that majority rules but it really doesn't... what a bunch of hypocrites we are! -- anyways... they said for the craft -- all the classes had to do the same thing because that way it was fair and equitable (since when does everything in life have to be fair and equitable)? so the craft they were goign to do was tie dye t-shirts. I just sat there while everyone was just listening and not peeping a word. Apparently, I was the only one that was like... ?? hello, HOW are you going to do tie dye shirts at a school party? Oh no, you don't dye the shirts at school, the craft is that you let the kids have a t-shirt and put the rubber bands on them... then the room mom takes the shirts home and dyes them. I just sat there and smiled shaking my head up and down until she paused and then started shaking it in disagreement and retorted, "that's not a craft... that's rubberbands... and I'm not dying shirts." You would have thought that I dropped an "F-bomb" in church the way their heads spun around to look at me... how DARE I challenge the way it's always been done... this wonderful idea of a craft for the Holiday party -- can you tell me what part of putting rubber bands on a plain white Hanes t-shirt is "holiday-ish?" My thoughts exactly. So then I proceeded to continue to question this ingenious, creative-laden, holiday inspired craft with "how are you going to get the t-shirts back to the kids? Are you going to have them write their names on the tags inside?" And the reply was, "oh they don't get back the one they made... they just get back a t-shirt" -- sure, lets teach them about fraud in the first grade -- hopefully they'll all get a job at a bank or as a gemologist or better yet, a politician!

By that time, Drew had doddled over to the large kid play area -- you know the kind with the 2nd story drop offs to a fireman pole-type-serious-bodily-injury-adult-supervision-required play area. Off I went... I'm sure they had some choice words to say in my absence... I basically stayed there for a play date at the park with my son while the rest of the meeting was being carried out.

Once I realized things were wrapping up, I scooped up my kiddo and headed to the master planning table and said politely, "so, someone is going to e-mail a synopsis of this meeting to those of us that didn't make it or that were busy supervising our children right?" And again -- the were in shock that the bride of Frankenstein had spoken. I got a hasty synopsis that I was supposed to memorize with a dash of attitude and an ounce of contempt. It was my first official welcome into this secret society.

.... fast forward a month or so....

Josh comes home with his class t-shirt (another mom in the room graciously agreed to labor to dye them since I didn't sign up to do that when I'd already PAID for a SCHOOL T-SHIRT!?!? WTH is wrong with the t-shirts the school had PROFESSIONALLY made? Just request that parents buy those??? I mean, they're living in a ritzy school district anyway... don't tell me they can't afford a $10 t-shirt for field trips!?!) ANYWAY.... so he comes home with this shirt that is NOT the size that we'd requested, and it is LIGHT LAVENDER TIE DYE? And, all kidding aside, I looked at Josh and said, "What the hell is that?" He just started laughing and said "my class t-shirt" to which I replied, "but it's light purple... it's a girl color... yo'ure not wearing that" and he said, "we're supposed to wear them next Tuesday for a school field trip."

Do you know what I did with that shirt? I threw it away. I told my son about the battle, the war, the reasoning, the fraud, and the fact that it was 2 sizes too small because they didn't give hi mback the size we'd paid for... I said, if you have a field trip, you can wear your school shirt that I bought and paid for... I'm not sending you to school in a lavender tie-dye shirt. He just smiled... said "okay... giggled" and then said "good". :)

Seriously, if I feel the need to get my son in touch with his feminine side I'll play some Barry Manilow for him and we'll move on.

Teaching my kid to fight the good fight.... and hoping someone has a better idea for this year's holiday "craft"

... sidebar -- by the way, the field trip was post-poned due to inclement weather...twice... then canceled so they never needed them anyway! :) Hee hee hee... I think that's called divine intervention -- or karma

Friday, November 16, 2007

What Are You Thankful For

I just have a tendency to use humor... so you'll have to just laugh with me at my responses.... I'm in full-on PMS mode today

I'm thankful for birth control -- because this week between cleaning up vomit at 2am and my 3 year old not wanting to change out of his spiderman costume, I don't know how I'd manage another child. :)

I am thankful for fast food, Chinese take-out/delivery and curbside delivery because the extra-cirrucular activities, "ho ho ho" seasonal obligations and errands are upon us and otherwise we'd go hungry.

I am thankful for Ambien CR otherwise, perhaps, I'd lie awake at night wondering if I"d syncronized my Palm, unloaded the dishwasher, made my Thanksgiving menu, charged my Zune, empted the pecans out of Drew's pockets before I put them in the washer, threw away the kleenex that Drew gave me that had his "boooooooooogers" on it that I'd stuffed into my pocket, put the milk in the pantry again instead of the refrigerator (yes, happens more often than I'd like to admit)...

I am thankful for my vacuum cleaner because with 3 dogs shedding right now as they get their winter coats in, I fear my hardwoods would look like carpet (at least in the corners anyway).

I am thankful for the pooper scooper guy -- I have 3 dogs... nuff said. :)

And today... I'm thankful for chocolate covered marshmallow santas already being on sale because I just had to have one. :)

BUT...when you get down to it...

I'm thankful each night for a warm home, full belly, flannel jammies, cup of hot chocolate, my completely dysfunctional family, our health, our God, and of course, my own scrapbook room ---oh, and my little Boston Terrier, Lola that just can't seem to understand why she can't fit in my lap as I surf the internet so she decides to squish between the chairback and my rear end ultimately trying to push me out of my own chair... aahh.. yes... motherhood of the two and four legged variety is something to be thankful for.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hasn't Anything Exciting Happened since 11/7?

You'd think that SOMETHING newsworthy would have happened since then??? Lets see... hmm...

I went to MOPS on 11/7 and heard a WONDERFUL talk from an amazing woman named Terri Camp. She's a single mom of 8 that had her life go into a tailspin after her 18 year old daughter confessed that her father had been molesting her. With the faith in God and the spirit of a woman, she relocated her family to Texas and started over from scratch. It's just been an amazing journey and she is just such a wonderful blessing and testimony of God's true love for us... and how it's proof that He WILL get you through anything. She has an amazing story to tell. I won a book of hers called "I'm Going To Be The Greatest Mom Ever - Even If It Kills Me" :) So far it's been a great read! :) That happened on 11/7

I had my den meeting on Thursday -- we made Indian dream catchers... that was kind of neat. After the meeting was over, I was in the garage moving a night stand and saying goodbye to everyone and when I walked into the door, Josh had a freakin melt-down because he forgot to anchor the bottom bead and when he held up his dream catcher, the beads just filed one by one onto the floor. I think he was just exhausted, and needed a good cry. He annoyed the crap out of me (before I realized that) because he compeltely had destroyed and ripped the entire thing apart...?? that's real smart... yeah, right... so iw as like... you know what.. go to your room. Go to bed. He went up there, had a good cry, pout and came back down and was fine... ?? kids. I swear I thank God daily he's not a girl. I don't know what I'd have done with anymore estrogen in this house. Mama don't do drama!

Friday I woke up with a splitting headache but going to Trulucks for dinner and having a FANTASTIC time with Ray and Lori was just what the doctor ordered. I took the boys over to mom's for the night because I had a training class the next day at the butt crack of dawn on the other side of town... but as far as Friday -- the food was fantastic, the company was the best... it was just a great night out without a kid's menu! YEA!!! Gotta love that! :)

Saturday, I got up and went with another den leader to Everman, TX to the Longhorn Council's POW WOW... I had a few classes that seemed beneficial but a couple of them were real snoozers. I e-mailed the coordinator and suggested they do some sort of class evaluation so they can see the strengths and weaknesses of each course to help it grow and make it a better program year after year. I was supposed to go to the scrapbook crop at Recollections (one of the few remaining this year since they're closing their doors at the end of December) but my friend Trinity gladly took my spot (THANK YOU GIRL) because I was just BEAT by the end of that day and literally just wanted to lapse into a coma. 7pm and I was just ready to die!

Sunday, Veteran's Day -- the Lion's club came and put up the flag in the yard... I said a little prayer for all those serving... wished I still didn't feel so beat and did nothing but clean/organize/laundry all day. It was sheer madness here I tell ya! :) I'm in some kind of nesting mode (and NO -- so don't even go there!) but I'mjust wanting to get RID OF CRAP! The more crap you have, the more you have to dust and organize...the more you get rid of, the simpler life is... :) Seems simple enough! :)

That's the update from my household... hope you're all doing well. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

When your best friend isn't home...

... just go in the back yard and find a new one.

I had had a great afternoon with the boys but a cold front was due to move in any hour so I sent my boys out back to enjoy the last of the warm and they went lizard hunting.

Eureka! They found one! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think this little guy was starting to feel the chill in the air because it hung to Josh's warmth like a duck on a June bug. (If you're not from the South, you just won't get that last saying.) :)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, this is Josh and his reptilian compadre. Sorry, just gotta say it -- Say hello to my little friend.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gymnastics and fun

Both boys are in gymnastics on Tuesdays... I had to be on a waiting list for several weeks to make that happen but after a brief hiatus for them both, when signing them back up, Josh needed to be in Level 2 and Drew was going to start out in the 3 year old class (before he was 3)... which means, no more mommy on the mat to chase him around -- he had to listen to his teacher! (Yowza). :) Well, as it goes to show from the pictures below (ha), listening and doing what youre told remains to be seen but at least he has a good time while he's there.

Drew and his little class coming from circle time... they all like to run their fingers along the wall and shout out to their moms to "watch me" or "hi mommy"
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then there's Drew on the wedge doing a somersalt -- the picture quality sucks... because the lighting there hey, work with me... :) regardless of the lighting, they really ARE Kodak moments! LOL

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and then we think Josh is actually doing something worthwhile and he's just hanging around
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (ha)

This is one of Drew's station - practicing balance doing an arabesque
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

various bear crawls on the bars
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and then they teach Josh to demonstrate how he'll look if he eats too much fast food and gets no exercise
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and then Drew just didn't like that news because he's a big fan of the Golden Arches so he went to pout in his giant donut (too bad it's not powdered from Mrs. Bairds)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Time is running to an end....they all sit at the edge of the mat and get stickers, stamps and progress reports
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and then they take their papers and go to the wall's end and say "ta da"
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

notice, he just chose to scream. :) Gotta love this kid!

Standing up for yourself...

That would be Drew... today... standing up to pee. Yes, it's a milestone we've conquered I suppose seeing that I lack the proper apparatus to adequately teach him exactly "how" this is supposed to happen but I think the near hiney dip in the toilet this morning has scared him into submission of "hey... I can stand up and pee so I should."

Yes, my friends, they're no longer little boys when they stand up to pee and tell you to "go away" when you're trying to make sure that it winds up in the commode rather than on the tile.

My days of scrubbing floors are going to be coming back I see. OH well, you can't keep them young forever... today he pees standing up... tomorrow he actually may eat a green bean

yeah, right... who am **I** kidding!

Delight in the little things....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Why I Do What I Do

I think Ambien has the effect that maryjane has on others... you have some and then suddenly feel that you can figure out what is wrong with a particular situation with great certainty. (phooey)... but in theory -- sounds good right?!

So what's wrong with me?! LOL... I've had close friends tell me that I was nuts, that I must be a mad woman, that I must never sleep, that I am obviously over-involved, that I must be a micromanager, that I must have been cloned.

====Here me now putting the record straight==== there is no cloning going on in this little Texas woman! Nu uh... unless she's gonna come back with me with the body at like... 19... man, would wouldn't kill for that bod! It was SLAMMIN! OK.. ok .. ok.. so I totally digress. :) The point of the story... I over-commit myself to activities that I feel strongly about because I feel that if someone else doesn't step up to assist, it's going to go tumbling to the ground and that will ultimately have a detrimental lasting effect, so I volunteer my humble services in the hope that whatever madness I can help keep the whatever it is afloat, that we are going to be just fine and they'll be appreciated and just make me feel warm and fuzzy. :) I guess I just need constant reaffirmation.. wow.. and I never would have thought I did. Hmmmmm.. major breakthrough right here!!!!

I want to help children.. I've wanted to help them since I was in my teens, I wanted to teach. . . that was until i learned how much they DIDN'T make and that was like a violent shove into violent of "what are you going to do" so I went into law... love it, did well, very well perhaps... but the yearning that I had to work with and on behalf of children was always there ....

I taught AWANA at church on Wednesday nights... loved it...I taught Sunday school for 3-4 years... loved that as well. i just still wanted more...I just have a calling for MORE!... so I'm considering going back to school.... to be a teacher... we shall see...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Newest Creations

I finally got the bug fixed with my scanner -- no clue what was up but it kept telling me that if -22 was flashing on the display to click troubleshooting -- but there IS no display so I was baffled. BUT, finally after jacking around with it for a while I KNEW I had to get it figured out since my design team submissions were beyond LATE! SO... without further delay... here are my latest creations (well, the ones I scanned in anyway). I'm trying to use JUST what is provided in my kits without overly embellishing them or going "over the top" which is very hard for me to just get "back to basics" with scrapping but I think it was a noble effort on my part if I do say so myself! :) Hope you enjoy.

All cardstock is Bazzil, pp is Urban Lilly, rubons are Doodle Bug, twill ribbon, foam dots.

This is my cute little pouty Drew on his 3rd birthday. You'd think he'd be excited but he was just a little bundle of pout so .. you know me... snap snap snap!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In May was Josh's Crossing Over campout with the Cub Scouts where he got to pin on his Tiger rank. Andy had Drew for the night and brought him out to the lake (Grapevine) to see Josh so I, of course, snapped some photos of them together.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is a photo of Josh on a day we'd just gotten home from school... the snow had really started to fall (though you can't tell from the background) but it was really coming down. Josh and Drew had been outside trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues and Josh wound up with a wet head but he is so adorable, I had to capture the moment.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is a photo of Drew from the Crossing Over campout when he was spending time at the lakeshore. He loved picking up and throwing everything into the lake that he could get his hands on. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket