Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. What is an acceptable age for girls to start dating?  30.  Get your life in order before you decide to be a part of someone else's.  Girls are stupid... they need to grow up and be their own person before trying to be someone else's everything.  

2. Do you think your kids should have summer homework?  Yes, otherwise they tend to sloth all summer and regress.  Keep the brain alive!  Seriously, this would be my son... other than he'd lose the cap... and he'd be texting rather than talking.  I'm not sure kids KNOW how to have a conversation any longer.  They're stupid.

3. Would you prefer to live without AC or heat?  AC.  I can get warm on my own... cool, not so much.

4. What the worst thing about staying in a hotel? (Besides not being with your family)  I actually LIKE getting away and staying at hotels!  I get to stay somewhere KNOWING I don't have to wake up, wake anyone ELSE up, I obviously don't have to wake up and immediately make breakfast... the sheets are clean... and I don't have to make the bed!  Barring those things that make me smile... I do hate hearing EVERY.SINGLE.DOUCHEBAG.DRUNK that walks down the hall at night!  Paper thin walls.... and the towels are never really big enough! But, seriously, if you stay at a decent one, the mattresses are so nice...and the pillows are poofy.  Sigh.  I need a getaway!

5. So, do your kids really get "104 days of summer vacation"? (Bonus points for those of you that get this reference!)  No, counting weekends, they get 75.  Wow, are we getting ripped off?  PHINEAS!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Birth Story -- Part 2! Happy Birthday Joshua!

... I woke up on this morning in Kettering hospital to the rush of nurses and beeping of machines...

I sat on a "birthing ball" to loosen my pelvic floor.

I walked the halls to help with labor pains gripping the railing at times when the contractions were so severe, I thought I might lose my balance.  My pitocin was kicked into high gear... and soon I needed to sit down more often than walk or roll around on the ball.

They kept asking me from about 3-4cm on if I wanted an epidural.  




They seemed puzzled.  

I do have a high tolerance for pain but it wasn't that bad that I needed. 

I made it to 8 and asked for one.  That.Was.Difficult.  Holding still so someone can stick a needle in your back when you have to arch over a beach ball with contractions so strong you're going to scream is difficult.  But I did it.  And then I was laughing again.

Once I got the epidural, things kicked into gear... I went from 8 to 10 in no time and it was time to push.  Dr. Hemmelgarn was soon there and instructed me to push with contractions.  She said that we were getting close and said that "it" had a head full of hair.  

I'd chosen to hide the mirror on the opposing wall there to let moms watch the birthing process with a sheet because, YIKES, I didn't want to see that!!!  

So, pushing started with each contraction... it lasted a mere 30 minutes... and then the little miracle was born-- with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck and a with a knot in it. If he'd gone any longer in utero, she was almost certain he wouldn't have survived.  It was truly a miracle that I'd paid such close attention to my body to notice that small little trickle to alert the doctor.  

Oh, and we hadn't opted to find out what we were having... so when he was born... was the first time we knew we had a son.  

We named him Joshua... 

They had the NICU staff present since he was a month early.  He scored all high marks on the APGAR test and was just perfect. Pink and perfect... with a head full of hair.

He was my mom's first grandchild.  She made it from Texas shortly thereafter his birth.

He was the second on his father's side (but the first boy).

And today, I get to wish him a happy birthday.

Happy 14th birthday, Joshua.  Happy 14th birthday to my motherhood.

The first time I was told that I was pregnant, I was in denial.  I actually went to Dr. Hemmelgarn to be tested.  Something was WRONG with me.  I was told it wasn't anything "that can't be cured in 9 months." 

I was in shock.  I was in disbelief.  Seriously, I took like six tests at home and they were ALL NEGATIVE.  

However, from that moment ... from that moment when it sank in that I had you growing within me, I knew I loved you before I met you.  Those may be the lyrics to a song... but it's very much true.  From the first time I was told that I was  going to be a mother, I was already in love with you.  

I went back through a box of photos I had and scanned in some of my very favorite photos to share with you.  I hope you like them.

This photo represents something I cherish... time with my kids... when they're still.  I appreciate the still.  You can hear them breathing... You can take them in.  Tears fall freely like this (hence the pink nose in this one.)  This was the essence of motherhood.  I knew you wouldn't stay little like this forever.  You're living proof.  Babies grow.  In this photo, you know as a mother these little beings need you for support to hold them up... physically.  And as they grow... as in now... to only hold you up emotionally.  I hope you see this, too, as a need to always care for the weak... because they need the strength of those who can bear the burden of care.

 photo IMG_0007.jpg

You and Pawpaw 1999... 
 photo IMG_0028.jpg

This photo I love because it looks like one expression but it's totally another.  This was mid-yawn.  You look extremely ticked off, however.  

 photo IMG_0029.jpg

Your first snow... Beavercreek, Ohio.  It was a chore to stuff you in that snow suit.  It was short lived because you wanted nothing to do with this white crap falling from the sky.  But we did it anyway so that you had the experience.  I hope you always realize that sometimes... although it may be a chore, the experience is worth it.  

 photo IMG_0033.jpg

Photos from your first photo shoot... your nursery was done in Classic Winnie The Pooh.  It was so hard to get rid of many of those knickknacks in decluttering from time to time because they represented you, when you were oh so little to me... But I have the memories... and this photo... you could barely hold up your head... bright blue eyes.  
 photo IMG_0019.jpg

 photo 41460b1b-30b2-4ce0-b61b-ac7f491d126e.jpg

The photo below was when you were learning to crawl... you kept your eye on the prize and stuck with it.  You would get SO frustrated and cry and scream... but persistence pays off... as a child you don't have a lot of choice because we don't let you give up... However, when you grow up it's so much easier to quit.  I hope you always go after important goals with steadfast persistence... don't give up.

 photo IMG_0038.jpg

August-September 1999
 photo IMG_0032.jpg

This was in Ohio... it was cold.  I love this photo and this little outfit.  

 photo IMG_0036.jpg

We had to do it for you in this photo... but never be afraid to be silly.  You get one shot at life, so make sure that you have fun.  If you're always so worried about looking silly, or worrying about looking cool, you're going to miss out on so many deep experiences... forget what everyone else thinks and live your life FOR YOU and HAVE FUN!
 photo IMG_0027.jpg

Your baptism invitations... there's a funny story that goes along with this event that I should share sometime... remind me, will ya?

 photo IMG_0020.jpg

I love sleeping babies... From the day you were born, you slept right next to me until you were probably... a year old or longer.  When you were sleeping well, your arms were always up over your head.  You know I spent many a long night rocking you to sleep... and found it to be a time that was so fleeting... I wished many nights that you'd fall asleep... but even when I had other things to do... I stood there staring at you in the crib, this beautiful child of mine... sleeping peacefully...and I would rub your back or pat your little Pampered bottom... You would suck on your "binkie" (pacifier) and sometimes it would pop out but your mouth would remain open like it was still in there... it was the cutest thing ever.
 photo IMG_0025.jpg

 photo IMG_0026.jpg

 photo IMG_0001.jpg

 photo IMG_0006.jpg

Bundling you up after bathtime to make sure you stayed warm because it was cold in Ohio.  Now I can't even get you to wear a pair of pants when it's below zero outside.
 photo IMG_0035.jpg

Your first Christmastime... this was at our condo in Beavercreek.
 photo IMG_0031.jpg

First time to visit Santa... he looks thrilled, no?
 photo IMG_0009.jpg

Your first Christmas in Ohio at Grandma Kehres' house.
 photo IMG_0039.jpg

January 2000
 photo IMG_0002.jpg

This picture here is one of my favorites... because not only did I get to hug you... but I made you laugh.  You've entered the age of know-it-all... and that makes me sad sometimes... I hope you realize that it's okay to laugh and have fun with your family...
 photo IMG_0030.jpg

This was taken at a park by the house in Ohio.  Grandma came up from Texas to visit you to help keep you out of daycare as long as we possibly could because you had been given such a strong dosage of steriods when you were in the hospital with pneumonia at the age of 9 months we were asked to keep you out of a day care environment for 6 weeks if possible so all the grandparents came up and gave us a week at a time to help out.  You were the only one of any of my boys who loved to swing...
 photo IMG_0017.jpg

I truly loved this photo of you.  Why in the world I put you in red socks is beyond me (first child failure, now they're lucky to even HAVE socks on, but that's neither here nor there), but this was one of the first times you ever sat up by yourself... and you looked adorable... and I got the picture and then you promptly spit up all over your cute Mickey Mouse t-shirt.
 photo IMG_0012.jpg

A photo from our kitchen in Beavercreek... this is a photo of you slinging around a napkin.  You thought it was the funniest thing EVER!  Just is a good reminder to keep things simple.  
 photo IMG_0003.jpg

One of my favorite photos of you... so proud of you for sitting up on your own.... and goes to show you how great good posture looks -- at any age.  Always sit tall.
 photo IMG_0008.jpg

One year photo shoot 2000
 photo Josh-tot.jpg

In Ohio, this was one of your absolute favorite pasttimes -- going through the Tupperware cabinet.  Your room looks quite similar most times.  Thanks for keeping it upstairs and leaving my Tupperware to me.
 photo IMG_0004.jpg

This photo was taken at your Grandpa Gregorsok's farm in April 2000 before we moved back to Texas.
 photo IMG_0015.jpg

I have to laugh at the number of photos we seem to have of you with a football... destiny?
 photo IMG_0013.jpg

Fish sticks and chocolate pudding anyone?  I love that you're at least able to make less of a mess with your dinnertime now.
 photo IMG_0010.jpg

Your playroom full of your creations 2002.  I have always been proud of your fun artwork.  I love to show it off.
 photo IMG_0023.jpg

 photo Josh2.jpg  
Don't worry, I think it's funny you're wearing Browns stuff too.  ;)
 photo IMG_0005.jpg

I took these when you were 3 or 4 in Reverchon Park in Dallas.  This was when you would wear Wranglers and cowboy boots.  And it wasn't until this year that I got you BACK in a pair of cowboy boots.  I like you in cowboy boots.  I like that you trusted me to fix your hair, too.  It really DOES LOOK GOOD SHORT.  
 photo IMG_0024.jpg

This little boy I have chased and carried... wrapped up and bandaged up.  I've held you as you cried...and you've held me as we both cried.  You loved overalls.  I did too.  
 photo IMG_0014.jpg

I've watched you go through your phases with Captain Feathersword with the Wiggles to The Power Rangers and from Spiderman to Toy Story... and of COURSE -- BATMAN!
 photo IMG_0022.jpg  photo IMG_0016.jpg

I carried a sweaty tired little boy who HAD to wear this HOT Simba costume through Disney World in Florida... Simba Halloween costume
 photo 109_0998.jpg

Our day together at the zoo, 2004
 photo 125_2527.jpg

It's been hard to see you make your first real friends like Matt Cagle and watch how your heart broke when they moved away.  If you'd only been a bit older... technology would have kept you close but you were still too young to embrace that kind of connection at that age.  I hope you do realize the importance of long-lasting friendships and that you remain a true friend to those that you encounter.  Be trustworthy to those who share their burdens with you.  The fact that they share them means that they trust you.
 photo IMG_0034.jpg

Your sixth birthday at the Fort Worth Zoo.  2005
 photo IMG_6568.jpg

D-1 graduation at Fort Worth Christian 
Me and Josh photo imagew222.jpg

You spent two birthdays at the Summit Climbing gym... never skipping a beat and never accepting that you couldn't reach the top.  Chase your dreams with that kind of tenacity...
 photo IMG_0730.jpg

Your 7th birthday party at the Rangers Stadium, 2006... notice where the batter's arms are... make note  ;)
 photo IMG_3051.jpg

Another birthday came and went.... 
 photo CopyofIMG_9387.jpg

2010 I watched you become a big brother for the second time... as a mother nothing pleases me greater than when you all get along.  To see compassion and understanding when Drew asks you a crazy, off-the-wall question... and for you to play along or answer him with the same inquisitiveness that you used to have at his age.  Don't let your contempt for the younger generations let the sarcasm ooze through your pores just because you are kin... he comes to you because he seeks acceptance from you.  He has great admiration for you.  These two boys below you in this photo think you've hung the moon.  Show them how to lead.  Show them how to be a friend.  They are learning from you every day.  Make eye contact.  You may need them some day... show them why they should be there for you... by being there for them.  
 photo IMG_8938a.jpg

And this photo... this one marks the start of the "look, up in the sky" pose at your awards ceremony for 5th grade, 2011.  I do love the friendships you continue to make now... I hope you always choose to surround yourself with centered boys who think before they act.  
 photo IMG_4350.jpg

I've watched you grow into an amazing athlete.  I've watched your skill set and confidence grow with each season.  

 photo IMG_3633.jpg

You stole second and third on this play
 photo IMG_5236.jpg

This is one of those centerfield catches for the out.  Although you're good, stay grounded.  And always remember the sacrifices that everyone around you has to go through for you to do what you're doing.  You may play centerfield, but stay centered.

 photo IMG_5325.jpg

I've watched you grow from a toothless, colicky baby to a 5'9" teenager with stubble on his upper lip who wears a size 12 Nike.  I've watched your hands turn from chubby infant fingers with indented knuckles so ready to grasp mine to lead you, to hands that can throw a knuckleball and are quite absent from hugs any longer.  

You are working on your PhD in sarcasm... and you have a great sense of humor...

You've experienced a lot in your life... whether you realize it or not... with a move, a divorce, an absent parent, switching schools, losing friends...and having ME for a mom!  If I could give you one gift today... it would be for you to see yourself through my eyes... just one day.


Don't forget... who your best friends are... and who your biggest fans will always be... 

Fourteen years ago you gave me stretch marks... 
...and now you're going to give me grey hair.  

I should kick you in the shin.  

But instead, I'll bake you a cake... 

and hope for a hug... 

because it may be your birthday... but today is also the day that you made me a mom...

and it's been the best present anyone could have ever given me.  

I love you, son.  Happy 14th birthday.

 photo IMG_5405.jpg