Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday 13


Fresh back from my trip to Las Vegas... 

... some images have been burned onto my corneas are still fresh in my head.  As such, I shall share the bountiful visual pleasantries with you.

1) a nearly naked overweight Caucasian male complete with a tenth-month-pregnant belly donning red foil heart shaped stickers over his nipples... and a cloth diaper... driving an electric scooter down Las Vegas Blvd.  

2) a aged gentleman dressed as Gene Simmons (think make-up KISS, not "Family Jewels" aged rock star)... driving an electric scooter... down Las Vegas Blvd.

3) Bumblebee (car from Transformers) wearing platform shoes... posing for pictures (and accepting tips for doing the same) on Las Vegas Blvd. 
Photo credit

4) an Asian woman wearing patent leather Tiffany turquoise platform shoes, black tights and a nude strapless bra.  Even the bartender said, "She forgot her clothes...and that's NOT good."
Photo Credit

5) not one, not two, but three guys with colored mohawks.  And these aren't YOUNG guys... these are like... men in their late 40's early 50's.  There must have been a convention.

6) roots, roots, roots EVERYWHERE.  If you're gonna indulge in some place, get your roots done.  It looked tacky.

7) Women dressed to the NINES... seriously, over-the-top A-list high maintenance women... and their men?  They're wearing tennis shoes, shorts and Tommy Bahama shirts.  It's just a shame.  Either the women are paid for... or there are some SERIOUSLY lazy assed men around.  (I'm thinking the latter... because, you know... even being high maintenance they were't trophy girls.)

8) 5' tall Mr. T. impersonator.  Seriously... I pity the fool!
Photo credit

9) 6'2" beautiful gladiator... complete with leather loin cloth and steel helmet... Fremont Street... he was seriously beautiful

10) GIGANTIC plates of over-indulgence at every buffet known to man... it was scary how much people can put away.  I don't care HOW much you pay for it.... gluttony at its finest.  I guess that's really what Vegas is all about... devouring every molecule of gluttony until it's oozing out your pores.
Photo credit

11) TOO high platform shoes complete with too young girls that don't know how to walk in them.  I don't care how skinny you are... or how great you think Spanx make your ass look, when you can't pull off the walk, you look like an imbecile.  Lose the heels, or better yet, lose an inch or two on the heels.
Photo credit

12) Lights.  Vegas has lights... EVERYWHERE... except for in the bathroom of the Venetian.  The water closet had the strangest light fixture that seemed to take about 15 minutes to rise to come to room temperature.  If you needed light, you best leave the door open or better yet -- leave the light on.  Hey, I'm not paying the light bill... I'm okay with leaving it on.  

13) Germans.  ;)

and one for the road...

14) I've never see the movie "The Hangover" but apparently every male that is a little overweight and doesn't want to shave, think it's funny to dress up like this guy and take pictures on the strip.   Boring...  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm a Believer

Saturday 9: I'm a Believer

1) This song is about a guy who fell in love when he saw her face. Do you believe in love at first sight?  Absolutely.... it's something cosmic that you can't put your finger on but it doesn't happen for and to everyone.  Some people, I think, have LUST at first sight... but that's a whole other topic. 
Photo credit

2) "I'm a Believer" is the best-selling Monkees song. Can you name another one?  Daydream Believer.  Otherwise, not a single one.  I'm not exactly what you'd call a fan.  My friend, Nancy, however, OH EM GEE!  She was THE biggest fan all through our youth.  Luv ya Nancy!
Photo credit

3) On their TV show, the boys competed for the same girl. Have you and a friend ever been romantic rivals?  Not really.  I had several friends that always seemed to date the guys I dumped.  It never was a big deal though.
Photo Credit

4) In another episode, the Monkees visited the circus. If you were confident there was a good strong net beneath you, would you walk across the high wire?  With training, yes.  Otherwise, that'd really hurt my feet.  I have some tender tootsies.  Apparently, however, any ole monkey can do it (shut up, I know it's a damn gorilla... go with the joke!)
Photo Credit

5) The Monkees show originally aired on Monday nights. Do you have a favorite day of the week?  Not really.  I'm a mom.  They're all pretty much the same.
Photo credit

6) Davy Jones guest starred on an episode of The Brady Bunch. The plot revolved around Marcia's efforts to get him to perform at the prom. Share one of your memories from a school dance.  I hated school dances.  I thought they were stupid.  Unless, of course, this guy was going to ask me... and then, you know... I'd be giddy.  If you don't know who he is... I'm not sure we can be friends.  
Photo Credit

7) At the height of their popularity, the Monkees' faces and logo appeared on a lot of merchandise, including lunch boxes. Which would you rather have for lunch -- chicken salad, tuna salad or egg salad?  Yes!  I don't have a preference.  I LOVE THEM ALL!  Chicken salad with apples, grapes, pecans, celery.... tuna salad with onion, celery, pickle relish, egg, mustard and apple or egg salad with creamy may and lots of black pepper.  MMmmmmmmmm
Photo Credit

8) You have an afternoon all to yourself. Would you rather spend it at the mall, checking out what's new in the stores and people watching, or walking through the forest, observing the birds and trees and leaves?  I would rather be punched in the nose than spend a day at the mall.  Throw me in the forest ANY DAY!
Photo credit

9) Do you have a good memory for names?  No.  I don't have a good memory for anything.  You want to know how good my memory is?  THIS would be my "celebrity" of choice that would be most like me....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Runs with scissors

Time for Five Question Friday!

1. What is on your Summer 2013 bucket list?  I make a Summer Bucket List every year and use that as a guideline for fun.  I use that not as a "must get everything done" list but more as a "hey, here's a way to have some fun" list.  We are in the countdown to school (they start the 15th so it seems a little late to be asking me what's on my bucket list now that summer is pretty much over for us.  I blogged about it here if you were in need of ideas for next year's Bucket List.

2. What is the most useless item on your child's back to school list?  Scissors.  We have like... a GAZILLION pair of scissors.  Seriously, it's ridiculous.  I don't get rid of them because we're in Cub Scouts and there is always a need... but to buy a new pair every.single.year is just dumb.  I didn't, however, have to buy any school supplies.  Our PTO does the whole "kit" which absolves me from any comparison shopping and checking off lists for Diconderosa pencils.

3. What is the one reality TV show that makes no sense to you?  NONE of them make sense to me.  See

4. What is one movie you can watch over and over again? Why?  I watch tons of movies over and over again because I'm a mom...with a DVD player in my van.  I can recite every Pixar movie known to man I think word for word with much enthusiasm.  I need to do voice overs.  I'd rock.

5. What's your favorite back to school tradition?  I don't really have one I guess.... maybe I should start.  I mean, I always take pictures of the boys on their first day of school, but it TRULY sucks that my oldest goes to school on his first day... in a gym uniform.  Seriously?  They totally spoil it for me.  Hey... look at me... in my great athletic shirt.  Bleh.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You friggin' Einstein!

Paula's Place wants to know what one person from history would you most like to spend the day with and why.

My list is long.  My reasons are plenty.  Here is a brief snapshot, however.

I would LOVE to meet with Leonardo di Vinci... his works were so far beyond anything ever even imagined for his day.  There are even groups of scientists that believe he was abducted by aliens because during a hiatus he wasn't heard from... and when he returned, he seemed to be renewed with a vigor... and a lot of ideas and concepts of such vastly different sciences, they don't believe it is possible he could just BE that smart. Must there always be some stupid conspiracy?
Photo credit

Thomas Edison... can you imagine the idea of inventing a light bulb...and then mass producing it?  The business-minded man would certainly have strategies to share.
Photo credit

George Washington... I would love to know about his resolve, integrity, strategy... 
Photo credit

Sigmund Freud... I've read so many of his works... he intrigues me.
Photo credit

Benjamin Franklin... I mean, he invented electricity... and the odometer!  He was an accomplished writer as well.  A politician... a postmaster... the man was a little bit of everything.  Although, he really needed a haircut.  That mop is just inexcusable for a man of such dignity!
Photo credit

William Shakespeare... he was such a brilliant writer.  Who wouldn't want to share a moment of time for the writer of the ultimate love story?
Photo credit

Elvis... because, who wouldn't want to spend a day with him?  I mean, he's ELVIS!
Photo credit

But if I have to pick JUST ONE (which I already really didn't do because I listed some others anyway), I would say Albert Einstein.  He was personable, he was brilliant, he wasn't one who threw around credentials to make himself important.  He was on a journey of discovery... always.  I mean, he was the reason people CALL people "Einstein."  I would just love to pick his brain for a day... and take a picture with him doing this!

Photo credit
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

H20 baby!

Today's topic: What is one thing you can't live without in your kitchen?

I would have to say running water.  H20 baby!  I can't really elaborate more than it's the source of life... without water, you're just... not.

What do you think?  Link up here.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Question of the day:  What is the last thing you bought just for yourself?

This is really hard because I typically don't buy things for me.  I buy for the boys... and the dogs.  I did, however, buy me a blender!  I love me some smoothies!  

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Always be Batman!

It's time for Stealing Sunday. This week's questions come from a defunct blog called Tense Teacher. Massive Alphabet Meme, part one. Link up here.

The Letter A
Are you agnostic?  More often than not.
What is your age?  40
What annoys you?  Laziness (That's today.  It varies.)

The Letter B
Do you like bacon?  I don't dislike bacon but I prefer not to eat it since it's not the healthiest of foods.
When is your birthday?  December 20
Who is your best friend?  You know, I don't really have a best friend (singular), but I do have some great FRIENDS!  April, Tamara, Elizabeth, Cristy (she's new but just love her to pieces!), Michelle, Kathryn, Shannon.  
Kevin Bacon out of bacon.  Photo Credit

The Letter C
What is your favorite candy?  Dove dark chocolate 
Who is your crush?  Why?  Are you going to text him to see if he likes me?  LOL  I'm beyond the age of crushes.  It's just full on love baby!  
When was the last time you cried?  I don't know... I'm sure it was from some YouTube video of a soldier's homecoming or some rescued dog or something.

The Letter D
Do you daydream?  Not really
What is your favorite kind of dog?  Boston Terrier
What day of the week is it?  Sunday
Photo credit

The Letter E
How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled, loaded with veggies and covered with avocado and salsa
Have you ever been in the emergency room?  Yes
What’s the easiest thing to ever do?  That's completely relative.  I could say breathe...but others struggle.  Probably... just be "me."
Photo credit
The Letter F
Have you ever flown in a plane?  Yes.  I don't enjoy it, however.
Do you use fly swatters?  Yes.  As does Benji, he thinks if he is outside in the back yard, he must be holding one.
Have you ever used a foghorn?  No.  However, you say "foghorn" and this was the first thing that popped into my mind. If you don't know who this is, I'm not sure your childhood was adequate.

The Letter G
Do you chew gum?  Yes.
Ever tried gazpacho?  Yes.  I make a fantastic gazpacho!
Are you a giver or taker?  Giver, definitely.
Photo credit

The Letter H
How are you?  I've been better.
What’s your height?  5'2"
What color is your hair?  brown
Photo credit

The Letter I
What is your favorite ice-cream?  Blue Bell Vanilla
Have you ever ice-skated?  Yes
Do you play an instrument?  No

The Letter J
What is your favorite jelly bean?  Jelly Belly cream soda... so vanilla-y
Do you wear jewelry?  No
Have you heard a really hilarious joke?  Yes, but I never remember them.
Photo credit

The Letter K
Whom do you want to kill?  I can't tell you.... I'd go to jail.
Do you want kids?  I have them so it's a little late to ask if I want them now, now isn't it?
Where did you go to kindergarten?  M.C. Lively Elementary in Irving, TX

The Letter L
Are you laid-back?  I like to think so.
Do you lie?  No, me?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA
Do you love anyone?  Indeed.

The Letter M
What is your favorite movie?  I don't have one.
Do you still watch Disney movies?  You betcha!
Do you like mangoes?  I have three in my refrigerator.  I'm going to make some mango salsa to go on some tilapia.  
Photo credit