Monday, September 24, 2007

My dangling participle

Isn't that just the funniest term? Seriously though, typically when the button is depressed for the garage door to begin it's slow, creaky ascent to the top of the track, Drew will typically put a finger on it or just stand in awe of the huge door opening to reveal an entire driveway just waiting for the Power Ranger run to the grass. Today, however, he chose a different direction for me to witness... Let me set the stage.

Hands full, button pressed with the only free finger, walk to the car door, struggle to open it and keep my business balanced so that I could easily stack everything I needed to on the front seat without anything falling to the ground only to wind up in the puddle created by the condensation of the air conditioning - without anything falling to the front seat floorboard - without my purse slipping off my shoulder thus knocking my neatly arranged piles of "stuff" to the floorboard thus tipping my purse spilling the contents into the aforementioned water puddle. I was carefull, quickly arranging. Then you hear that weird tone "muuuuh..... mommma.... mmmmmm" ??? I was like... what the!


Of course, the first words out of my mind "OH SH@#" I was hoping nothing was crushed or ??? caught or something. No, he'd just decided to hang onto the door and take a ride up. Of course, I rushed to his rescuse, making sure he's okay (a little scared, I could tell). Then trying to tell him how we don't do that, I burst into laughter. And I could NOT stop. It was laugh or cry. Adrenaline kicked in and me, not being an adrenaline junkie at all, just could NOT contain the laughter -- to the point of of course, he thinks this is hilarious now.... how DO you discipline a child that now thinks riding the garage door is entertainment for mom? Ugh...

At least he forgot what I'd said and just laughed... hopefully he wont do it again... I doubt I'll be that lucky (and I'm just thankful he's a skinny little runt and didn't break the stinkin garage door motor!)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Even if you don't like HIM...

the last sentence he says.... is AWESOME... I wholeheartedly agree. :)

Ted Nugent was recently intereviewed and asked his opinion of the 2nd Amendment - the right to bear arms...

and he delivered a wonderful monologue... watch here.

and his last sentence -- I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.

He's got a point there.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Countdown is ON!

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This is a photo of my BIG man 4 years ago at Disney World.... and it's literally going to be a whole new world for him now! I'm SO excited to take him back and let him not be terrified of every ride again. Note to any parent - do NOT take your child who just turned 4 to ride The Haunted Mansion as any ride from that point forward that requires you to move ultimately becomes scary and you just don't want to deal with it. :) Trying to coax someone onto "It's A Small World" just sucks the joy right out of it. :) I think Drew would probably headbut the ghost... Josh waited until he was done and then cried. Bad mommy.

So the countdown is on... we're so excited! T minus 16 days and counting. (What the "T" stands for I don't know but it sure sounds official huh?! :)

I'm having THE WORST time trying to locate shirts to fit. T-shirts are either fitted which means they like hug your underarms and rub them and make 'em itch or they're large and oversized. If you buy the nice form fitting ones in a larger size (because of having a larger than average bosom) the armholes are huge... I don't understand why women pay to be this size... I just don't get it at all. Then again, I don't understand a lot about things superficial but alas, not my job to figure out! :)

I've been busy in the scraproom and have some fun classes and projects coming up... I can't wait to work on some more. I need to scan in the ones I've created lately. I've had the bug (the SCRAPPIN bug) but.. the OTHER bug is still going around the house. Me.... then Josh.... now Drew... :( and my throat is starting to feel scratchy again. I hate the sick cycle. Hopefully doing a thorough cleaning of the house today will clear it up. (I can hope anyway).


Friday, September 14, 2007

Godspeed your recovery Marlena

One of my best friends, Marlena Methner, is under the knife today to repair her broken ankle. Some idiot was leaving an apartment complex in a stolen car fleeing security and hit her head on because he was going the opposite way in traffic -- going northbound in southbound lanes. So please say a little prayer for her, the doctors and for her healing and recovery. If you could remember her husband Kevin and their daughter Melody too. I know her mom and dad would appreciate those too. :)

Marlena and I have been friends since elementary school... all through high school and now into adulthood and motherhood. She's one of my best friends and just has THE most wonderful demeanor and personality of anyone I know. So please lift them all up in prayer...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am officially the librarian! I got new spectacles today (against my better frugal judgment) and while they're quite the librarian look.. I can see better (blech!) Again, gotta post some pictures! Geez

I got some great deals at Macy's today! Shop shop shop till you drop!


On a side note -- today is 9/11... I am just beside myself with the fact that it WASNT a lead news story. Our country is so fast to forget the things that bring us together. I see flags flying today... the life of the patriots are so short lived... how soon we forget...

Always remember...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Basura pick up

Today was our Cub Scout Pack's community service event. I took my little scout to pick up trash along the designated clean up route our Pack had adopted. It was actually an enjoyable time although I didn't feel 100% still... I went from having food poisoning to feeling like I had strep throat to just a full blown cold. But, for the good of the Pack... we were there! I came back, picked up Drew-dles and off to the park we went. The City of Keller provided a hot dog lunch, the boys played on the playground and then we all walked along the creek bank searching for turtles. We found one HUGE alligator snapping turtle... I'm talking HUGE. I couldn't believe how big this tortuga was! Holy moses batman!

So, bring them home, let the little one nap, then off to pick up a birthday gift for a party Josh was attending later. I LOVE The Learning Express Toy Company in Southlake. It's FANTASTIC! We bought Josh some new Crocs with some new Jibbitz (sp?) to go in them. He bought himself a new gorilla Webkinz and I got two new puzzles for Drew. They wrapped up the gifts for his friend and off we went. Boy it's nap time for mommy too!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Grandparents Day

Josh had Grandparents Day at school today. His Mimi, Pop, Grandma and PawPaw all came. He was so proud. :) I hope to see some pictures of the day so I can share them with you too. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

To chop or not to chop, that is the question

My FIRST day without a little person attached to my side and I hit the salon. I love my hairstylist! I printed off a few photos of styles I liked and took them to him and we did a trim and highlight. :) I always know when I'm in a hair rut when I start looking for drastic new styles. I'll have to post a picture of the end result -- it's not THAT big of a change, but it's change enough that I feel perty!

Tonight was also the first Cub Scout meeting and we got to meet our newest little scout - Luke. He's just adorable. :) I'm excited for the new year and having Lisa help with the den. She's just such a blessing and I'm so thankful for a friend like her. She's truly just a warm and wonderful person. The boys made some model trains and they'll be on display for the first Pack meeting. They're quite excited about this. I still didn't feel 100% so I didn't make the round table meeting but there's always next month (like I've said before... things WILL go on if I'm not there) -- yes, I'm coming to terms with this! Ha!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sick as a dog - missed MOPS

Well, I missed my first MOPS as a table leader. I came down with some funky version of food poisoning last night about 10:45.... was not a pleasant person until about 3:30 am.

I was hurting.... but I wanted to be a part of this new year in MOPS so badly... I actually thought about going but the fact that I couldn't even hold down water got the better of me... :(

Jeri Lynn came by and picked up the newsletters I did and took those for distribution. I know that life goes on -- as it should -- when we're down but when you feel so much a part of something and then can't be there TO be a part of it... you just feel like you've let down everone, including yourself.

Drew was a trooper letting me just lay in a comatic state most of the day...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busta Move

At gymnastics tonight I SO wish I had a camcorder! Not only did Josh climb the rope to the TOP of the gym (getting a blister in the meantime) but Drew gave me THE biggest laugh ever!

This is a new class for both boys at a new time with new teachers on a new day. Are you following my drift here? Typically at the gym they have music going over the speaker system that just helps keep the tempo up and gives us parents something to listen to (gotta love it when they are playing 80's music for 3 and 4 year olds! ha ha)

So Drew is at his third station. They have two orange cones set up with a jumprope through the holes. The kiddos can adjust the rope to their desired height and jump it. It teaches them to jump UP and use their arms for momentum. So it's Drew's turn, the music isn't on, the line of kids in his class (4 deep) is behind him, the teacher is standing at the cones and then someone does something amazing (to Drew anyway). They turn ON the music. Drew is about to leap forward over the rope but upon hearing the music tilts his ear to the sky, claps his hands, pokes his elbows out to either side and starts DANCING. The parents erupt into laughter... and he claps not once... but TWICE... and three year olds just really can't dance... it's more like a huncha-squat-thing. It was hilarious. It was something reminicent of Elaine Benis from Seinfield trying to start the momentum on the dance floor at the J. Petermen Catalog company party... I was oh so proud. LOL

Want to see her version? Ha... check it out. OK.. so Drew wasn't QUITE so... seizure looking but it was just as funny!

Drew's 1st Day of School

Ladies and gentlemen -- he did it! It was his first day back at preschool and he ASKED to go to the bathroom... twice. :) I now see that all my apprehension about his bathroom abilites were all for naught. But, at least now, he IS potty trained.

I think Drew was quite excited about school as well. Last night, he would NOT to go sleep. Now, it COULD have been the fact that for dinner he had the icing from two spiderman cupcakes and a push pop but hey, it was a holiday. Anyhow, I digress, I believe the last time I went to his room it was well after 9 o'clock (he was tucked in at 7:30). He had his light on, was sitting in his chair putting on some socks and there were about five or six books strewn about his bed. He seemed to believe he was doing nothing wrong. Ugh. I guess he could have worse habits than READING! (GASP) Ha ha...

Then this morning when I went to get he and Josh up and ready for school, he was already up, again -- READING!

I tried to pick him out something "cute" to wear but he wanted NOTHING to do with cute clothes and pulled a red t-shirt out of his closet and said, "I wear dis." So, mom caved and put on the grungy red t-shirt and shorts. Who cares, they're just clothes right? Ugh. It's ONLY pictures of his FIRST DAY back at preschool.. NO BIGGIE right?! Grrrr...

We got his backpack all packed up for school including his Lumpy to sleep with (the Heffalump from Winnie the Pooh), his nap mat, his stamps for going potty, put a change of clothes in a baggie in case we had any accidents... we were off. We got there and he wanted to wear his back pack, no he wanted to drag it. His Mimi got him a wheelie back pack with Spiderman on it! It's quite an exciting thing to have a wheelie Spiderman backpack, let me tell ya! We walked in and he proceeded straight to his old classroom and I got to explain to him that he's a big boy now and we took a right turn into the turtle class where he will be spending his school year. :) He paused at the door and didn'td want to enter at first. He just clutched onto his backpack handle realizing that this place is different. There was only one other boy there (and HE was wearing cute clothes for his first day!) and Drew took a minute and then saw a lot of cars on the floor and he was engaged. He barely even said bye to me... so, I guess that's good for a first day right?! :)

My little man... :) first day back at preschool -- sigh. :)

He looks WAY to grown up in this photo!
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Check out the fangs!
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This is the classy shirt he picked out to wear. :) Nothing like the great collared Gap shirt I'd picked out but at least the message is clear! Little Kid BIG Plans
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Mimi gave us our rolly SPIDERMAN backpack --we are ultra cool because of this!
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No school day is complete without SPIDERMAN shoes!
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His first day was only a two hour day so that all the children could get to know one another, their teachers and the classroom. Thursday is the first FULL day (yea me! I get a hair cut) so I ran to the Container Store to buy storage bins for Josh and Drew's school work for the year... went and made all the copies for MOPS and stopped at the eye doctor to look at frames... OH my GOSH holy cow BATMAN frames are EXPENSIVE! $270 for a piece of PLASTIC!?! That is just freakin ROBBERY. There is NO WAY those things even REMOTELY cost that to make... that has to be like a 500% mark up... IN FREAKIN SANE. I hate that I need them, and new tennis shoes AND a new phone... all at the same time. :( waaaah!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Year New Rules New Commitments

One week down and if you ask Josh, a million and fifty to go. Everything with him that has a number is automatically 150. "Wow, there is probably 150 of those there." I can't imagine going through life not knowing any sort of quantitive idea of anything. I mean, I'm sure if you ask him that he wouldn't say that there are 150 kids in his classroom, but any number that is too high for him to imagine, it's always 150. Kinda funny, quirky thing about him.

Drew... Drew is a hoot. I had him help me the other day count all of Josh's money that was in his ATM bank so that I could make sure that the amount was accurate and he could KNOW how much he had. I did the bills, gave the boys the change and I had Josh counting and told Drew to count the pennies. He started out, "one monies, two monies, three monies..." It was so adorable. He wants to help and it's sweet but unless you have the patience, it can also be SO FRUSTRATING!! Sometimes I have the patience for it, sometimes I don't. But, I'm trying.

I just realized when looking at my schedule the other day -- WOW I have a lot on my plate. I did not volunteer this year to be the room mom for Josh's class. I think this year I will just assist and send stuff like a lot of them did last year. A friend of mine had to participate in a sort of "lottery" for the events they had scheduled for her son because everyone WANTED to jump in and do something. Wow, I can't imagine. I think I got the room with lots of working families.

Drew starts preschool on Tuesday (for just 1/2 a day but at this point, I'm ready to welcome any break.) The summer was far too long and man alive we just need some healthy time apart. I love him but he is SO active it wears me out sometimes. Couple that with it just being so darn hot that I didn't even want to go outside a lot to play because it's the whole conundrum i shower when i first wake up only to walk outside two hours later and be a huge sweat ball.

Thursday when he has his first FULL day of school, I have a hair appointment scheduled. I'm going to join the world of high maintenance and get some highlights. I thought of cutting it off but I do like it long, I just need to know what the heck to do with it. I even him-haw'd around with the thought of a body wave/large rollered perm. I love curls. I think that'd be a fun change and certainly give me some lift that I need.

Cross Timbers' MOPS meets this coming Wednesday (1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings) and I'm a table leader at that (table leaders meetings 2nd Sunday evenings of the month). I also do the newsletter for the entire membership for them. I'm a member at another MOPS group (meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays with playdates 1st and 3rd Fridays) but am just attending there as I'm thinking of joining the church and wanted to get plugged in to get a feel for it first. I'm still a Den Leader for Josh's Scout troop (meetings for an hour every Thursday) and am now the Pack Secretary (leaders meetings 2nd Wednesday evenings of the month). The district meetings are the 1st Thursday evening every month RIGHT after my den meetings so that'll be a fun day (not). The boys are in gymnastics now on Tuesday nights (Josh is in level 2) and I think I'm going to enroll him in a martial arts class too on Wednesdays. I'm a member of the GCS Mom's League (meets first Friday morning of the month) and I lead the Craft Club for them as well (we meet the 1st Wednesday evenings of the month).

I'm sure I've forgotten something as I'm going from memory but WOW that's a busy schedule. But honestly, I like it... gives me a purpose other than making sure my household runs and the work required to make that happen.


OH... and look at this... these are the photo winners from last year's classic. If you love to take photographs, this IS the place to be... color, beauty, majesty... it's just awwwwwwesome! I love this place. I can't wait for the Balloon Classic in 2008. I'll be bringing my boys to it. It's just such a beautiful place and I look forward to living there again.