Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's it worth?

All these recent tornadoes really have had me thinking, if I had to replace "stuff"... what's it worth?

There are things with sentimental value (obviously) that simply can't be replaced but the other "stuff" like clothes, furniture, etc. can be replaced but do you know what model you had and what it's worth?

I've gone through the house and done a video catalog of contents but when you're looking at replacing forty Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, will your insurance cover their replacement cost? I doubt without documentation.

So, I went online today looking for software (freeware) that will give me a backbone to helping me catalog and inventory our household contents. I figure a little at a time every day is a great place to start. I downloaded a 2011 program and today I shall start the tedious task of inventorying our household contents to make sure that a) we're covered and b) that we have ENOUGH coverage.

I certainly wouldn't want to have to remember what all we have in order to tell an insurance agent... because you know they'll want proof and since I don't really know what we have, how am I to give an accurate account of what it's worth?

Is your time worth it? I think mine is!


brandt! said...

you know makes sense to make an inventory of your goods for the cost ..but it's always the stuff that you can't replace that is worth the most. When I was making my move, I only had a 6 x 12 ft trailer (see )..trying to make a decision what to bring with me or loose it forever! It sucked! I still look for stuff and say "oh, that's right .. the new wife is using it .." grrr! (oh, did i really just say that?! I just can't understand a woman who wants to use another woman's stuff ... but that's another story for a different day!)

Anonymous said...

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