Monday, December 19, 2005

Doing Laundry is FUN?

Well, I suppose it is if you're 17 months old and mommy hands you a big bundle of wet clothes for you to stick inside the black hole. How exciting that must be. I have a child that LOVES to help with the laundry. Once the clothes are done tumbling, he loves to pull them out of the dryer and hand them to me. Of course, it's usually much to fast and some of them wind up on the floor -- did I mention the dogs sleep in this room so yes, some of my nice, fresh, warm, clean clothes have a nice addition of Boston hair. Oh well. :) I guess that's just what happens when you're a mom.

He also loves to help empty the dishwasher. Nothing breakable of course but he loves to put away his and Josh's bowls, cups and plates. Everything goes into whatever cabinet he opens. It's really very cute.

He's expanded his vocabulary somewhat in the last couple of weeks. One of my Christmas displays is in the breakfast nook and it's three small Hawthorne Village houses. Each of which comes with a little "extra"... an antique car for one, a horse drawn carriage for another and two people wearing period clothing in another. When it's time for him to eat, he points to the car and screams "KAH" and then makes a car motor sound. I usually then take the car off the shelf and go vroom vroom up one arm, over his head and down the other and let it drive itself back onto the shelf. Before the car has parked he's screaming NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... that's what HIS horsey says. :) so we gallop up an arm, over his head and down the other arm...then dinner continues.

He LOVES to have the little Christmas tree plugged into his room. It's about 3' high and is completely bare but for the star shaped red, green, orange and yellow lights. He just thinks that tree is the cat's pajamas! Let me tell you.

He can say Christmas tree, too. Well, it's more like he heaves Christmas tree. It's three distinct heaves.... so that he is saying all three syllables. It's quite a hoot!

We colored some coloring pages on Saturday for his Christmas gifts to his grandparents this year and I told him all the color names. He picked up the blue and said "boo"? I was floored. He didn't like the red -- threw it to the floor repeatedly. Probably because Josh had peeled off the wrapper. He only likes the crayons with wrappers.

Speaking of Josh.... he's in Iowa. Made it to the airport in what could only be described as a complete act of God. He left town Saturday morning... Friday night Andy and I went out to see Pat Green at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth with some friends so I spent the better part of the day packing Josh up. Making outfits, etc. Well, of COURSE we couldn't find his coat when it was time to go so we spent a good 20 minutes running around the house... he was at the door about to cry saying he'd just go without one... there is over six inches of snow on the ground... like I'd let him go without one...well, guess what? I let him go without one. I told Bob it's either we search for the coat or he'd miss his flight. They made the flight, he had no coat but Bob met him at the airport with a ski jacket for their upcoming ski trip the next day. Not that there are any places to REALLY ski -- after all, it IS Iowa... but I'm sure it was big and fun for Josh and that's all that matters.. he's warm, safe and has a coat. Now... where his real one is... probably at school in his locker still. UGH!

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