Tuesday, January 3, 2006

They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha ha!!!

Well, I thought I was going ot have to have myself committed today. I have a teething 17 month old that is literally capable from going from zero to hysterics in a matter of milliseconds. IT's been an adventure. I think Josh was the silent sufferer. I never knew he had a molar -- no fits of screaming, no psychotic tantrums, no night and day, no Jeckel and Hyde -- just one day, there it was. This child seems to think you're the anti-Christ if he doesn't get his way IMMEDIATELY. It's UNbelievable. Un-FREAKIN believable. Now I know why some animals eat their young.

We went to Little Gym this morning... Drew had a good time, Josh didn't seem to understand that it was Drew's time with mommy in the spotlight having all the fun -- not his. He didn't take to that idea very well. I tried to explain to him that now he can understand and appreciate how Drew feels at his soccer practice and soccer games, t-ball practice and t-ball games, basketball practice and basketball games. And that whining for a 45 minute gym class was just not going to cut it with me. :) Besides, I have been running really low on patience, sympathy or empathy with this teething trip we're on.

Drew's taken pretty kindly to naps today so that's a good thing... so horrible to think that it's not a nap... he's recharging the wail value. UGH.

Josh had basketball practice tonight. Did much better. I have such a sweet natured, unaggressive child. He needs to get in their face. Every person he was guarding scored a goal. He's afraid to hurt their feelings... and he won't keep his freakin fingers out of his mouth. I told him I was going to dip them in pepper juice... should I REALLY resort to that?! It's maddening! He's chewing on his fingers like a mental patient! Maybe it's me who should be committed! They're coming to take me away ... ha ha...

Dinner tonight was on Dad -- thanks for the Chili's gift certificates.. it saved me because I was in NO MOOD to cook DIDDLY squat after this day! Drew's in bed... after falling off the big chair backwards... this kid WILL wind up in the ER before he's 2 with a broken something.... UGH.... Josh is in his bunk not realizing how early tomorrow will really be with it being his first day back to school and then there's me.. in here playing catchup on life!

Gotta get those swaps mailed out but I'm so zapped... I just am literally drained of life by 7:30 pm.

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