Friday, January 13, 2006

Wasting away to nothing.... he's NOT wasting away to nothing but Drew has gone from the 97 percentile to the 23rd and it was cause for concern at his 18th month check-up today. So he weighed 23 pounds but part of that was because he'd gone the prior two days eating nothing but bananas and milk. I'd gone on the "I'm sick of you eating nothing but babyfood mush and crackers so you're going to eat what I want you to eat" diet. This, in turn, led him to be welcomed into TAA (toddler anorexic anonymous) -- otherwise known as "I won't touch a vegetable, fruit, meat or anything other than mush and crackers so HA" diet. So, tests are scheduled for next Thursday, the 15th. :( Major bummer.

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