Friday, January 6, 2006

To the Crop.... Crop till you Drop... A Cropping We Will Go

Today I atteded the GCS Mom's League monthly meeting and heard a great speaker talk about home decor. It's inspirational -- overwhelming, but inspirational! Drew did okay in the childcare (big plus!) We went home.. he napped.. usual shin dig...

then I started packing... why? Am I moving out... Of course not... tonight is the first of my monthly crops! I set up shop at Miss Maude's Market in Keller. It's dimly lit and quarters are a bit cramped BUT it's SO quaint and cute and fun. I really liked it. I got all my swap materials completed so I'm done with swaps for good now. I've done way too many in the last of the year and the first of this year so now that February is just around the corner, no more swaps for me. I just realized that I joined them because they sounded so fun but I never use the stuff I get. So, why am I incurring the expense and stress to make stuff for everyone else? It's just dumb. more. I wind up sending 90% of the stuff I do get to my sister to see if she could use them and if not, she can always give it to some of the scrappers out there.

So, I plan to do more scrapping now that I've at least got one evening dedicated every month just to ME with no kids... :) AAaahhh... scrapping! It's a great life!

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