Monday, January 16, 2006

Pregnancy is so cute...

on everyone else! I went to Andy's cousin-in-law's baby shower with his mom today. Jeff Berry (singer of the Jeff Berry Band, a religious singing group) and his wife, Anna, are expecting their first child and we hit the George Bush Tpke to go visit the shin-dig in Garland. Anna wore this tight fitting outfit that I don't know if I could have worn if it were me but it was SO CUTE! Pregnant women are so cute! (As long as it's not me!) I'd still like to lose the babyweight from DREW! UGH When I got back from the shower, Josh's best friend, Matt Cagle was in town from Illinois where they moved last year so he came over to spend the night.

I can't remember the last time I saw Joshua SO excited! He literally was THRILLED to see Matt AND to have his first REAL sleepover. (We attempted on with another friend, Sterling, but he missed his mom too much -- poor kid). I remember those days. They camped out in the tent in the family room, ate smores, popcorn, I took them to Chuck E Cheese. It was a great time for them both! :) Josh can't wait to see them again. The only sad part was watching Josh really become emotional when Matt was leaving. He went out to hug him twice...walking back just crying his little eyes out. It's hard watching your children hurt at life's unkind realities. But, this IS the electronic age and cell phones and internet make communication much easier. I hope they'll stay in touch for the long haul.... I know me and Matt's mother will! :)

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