Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rain on our De-Christmas-if-ing day -- Hallelujah!!

It rained it rained! Normally, you don't want that on a weekend but it's been SO dry and there have been SO many wildfires destroying acreage around here that this is just something NO ONE could complain about. Ok...well there are those that COULD find something to complain about ANYTHING (I won't name names) but not today!

Yes, we FINALLY got all the Christmas goodies down and packed up in our house. Wow that seems like so much more work that it was putting it up! Andy threw his back out the first week or so of January and then I had a stomach bug last week and wasn't about to exert energy so this was the optimal day to get it done. It's just so amazing how must STUFF I have! I love Christmas stuff though. I collect Santa and hope to eventually have ONE tree in my home completely dedicated to nothing BUT Santa ornaments!

It evokes a sadness however that just comes over you when you see your naked mantle... it was adorned with a sparkling lit garland, ornaments and shiny silver stocking holders... now it's just plain and boring with a few books and candleholders. The entry way table used to boast a hand-made ceramic nativity scene that my grandmother made for me and now it's just got crystal picture frames. The bannister leading up stairs had pine garland corkscrewing up the staircase entwined with white lights and now it's just a barren wooden handrail. I so look forward every year to going into the attic after Thanksgiving and going through my boxes of "stuff". There are so many cherished memories in those boxes.... my little stuffed snowbear holding a personalized paper heart with Josh's name on it. It was a little gift from his first Christmas... or all the little Classic Winnie the Pooh ornaments that I put on his first tree. Our beautiful needlepoint stockings we hang by the chimney ever year... with care. Then there are those handmade ornaments that I get from Josh every year. Those are truly my favorite... the painted puzzle piece wreath... bead candycane, tongue depressor snowman... i love them all and can't wait to add to my collection every year! :) These are the things that make my season special so to put them away is like saying goodbye to so many special things. But next year it's like I've struck gold with each box I unpack. :) I guess I've always got my own little treasure tucked away in the attic. :)

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