Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drew's first visit at the house with Evan

Andy's good friend Greg and his wife Heather have an adorable little munchkin named Evan. Andy watched Drew one day while I was helping with a class party at Josh's school and they went over to play at their house. Today was our turn to host -- Heather is a homebody like me so she's trying to get out of the house more. Drew and Evan had a great time. Drew got an Aquadoodle pad for Christmas... he loves to suck and chew on the pen. Evan came out of the playcloset downstairs with the pen in his mouth and Drew walked up to him and said something (I'm sure it was like.. hey buddy... that's my pen... what do you think you're doing?) and took it from him and walked away with it in HIS mouth. I totally know kids don't know how to share at this age... heck, Josh still isn't good at it and he's nearly SEVEN! :) SOOOooooo.... you try your best but I'm jsut going to let him work it out on his own. He's 18 months... he can handle confrontation .. right? LOL

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