Saturday, January 28, 2006

This kid has WILL POWER

Yes, Drew is a strong willed child. This morning, I made him a delicious bowl of hot steamy baby oatmeal with 1/2 a jar of apples/blueberries stirred in. Usually that with some real diced banana is a feast for a king (well, to HIM anyway). This morning, he was I was making waffles for Josh so HE wanted one. Yes, I let him have one. He'd never had one for breakfast. He ate an entire waffle... I could tell, however, that it didn't give him the energy he needed as he was tired soon thereafter. Nap time. Lunchtime was another battle of the wills... I wanted him to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. I even made it with NO butter so the bread would be toasted but not soggy and the cheese melted JUST right... would he eat it? Heck no! I warmed up a corny dog... would he eat that? Heck no... I tried to give him some of the pasta shapes from Josh's Jimmy Neutron chicken/noodle soup would he eat that? Heck no. He went without. He tried to suck down an entire glass of juice but when I realized he was doing THAT instead of eating -- he got water. He was pissed.

Then, changed and ready to go to Josh's basketball game. We were almost late -- made it just in time. Drew took forever getting dressed -- wouldn't let me put his socks on ... kicking me so his pants couldn't be pulled up... it was just about maddening!

Then the game was on... they did a great job. Josh's team only had 5 players present which is how many plays at a time so he got a lot of action which is GOOD! He needed it.. AND he scored his first basket! :) I got it in video!

Andy finished putting together his ESPN game center and he was playing that until I called his dad in Iowa and made him talk to him... put drew down and came down to plan my scrapping time this evening! :) Andy's at the gym... i'm going to go take a nap... I think Spring Creek BBQ sounds good tonight! :)

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