Saturday, June 21, 2008

Favorite Things

In MOPS we did a spoof of Oprah's Favorite Things where we'd make a list of 5 things that were our favorites and I had to come up with one thing from that list that I could share with everyone (hard to do without a budget like Oprah's)

I found my paper the other day on the things that I'd listed as my favorite -- would love to share them with ya...

I created a list that was pure sarcasm first... because, well, that's just how I roll. :)

chin hairs
"that time" of the month
potty training
running late
red lights
gas prices
arrogance (ha ha..)
stepping in gum (freakin did that yesterday!)
cold toilet seats
public restrooms

but then I started with saying how truly silly that was so I said think about these things...

a good fitting pair of jeans that actually make you look as good as they feel on you
pure silence
live music (insert a fun diddy about Rick Springfield or Bon Jovi here)
kids that eat their veggies

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh... those are pure bliss so I thought hm... how can I come up with a truely tangible list of some sort... and here it is.

1. Escada collection perfume. They don't make it anymore and you have to therefore purchase it for about $100 a bottle off e-bay (bastards!) It's SO worth it though. They come in "collectible" bottles that are limited editions. I just didn't realize that the entire PERFUME was going to be LIMITED! Jerks!

2. Scrapbooking. This just goes without saying if you know me, you know I love all things scrapbooking from collecting the trinkets, paper lines to finding great ways to surprise people with my creations.

3. teaching/leading children. I had a calling all my life to work with children. I pursued teaching in school until after working at an inner city school headlice went around 2 or 3 times in one year and I was just so completely grossed out I was just like... no way. I went into law instead... you're still working with kids that way (ha ha!) Still wanting to work with kids I started teaching Sunday School and then AWANA on Wednesday nights. When I married Andy and moved to Keller and ultimately became pregnant with Drew, he sat on my sciatic (sp?) nerve and I couldn't walk very well so I quit teaching. Took a break for a while and then started leading Josh's cub scout den. :) THat's been so fun! Now I'm Cubmaster. :) WOO HOO

4. Colorado - this is my favorite place to be in all the world. I truly feel like if you need an "ah ha" moment in life to experience God's glory and might... it's in the Rocky Mountains. Go to Roosevelt National Park in Estes Park... hike up to Nymph Lake and just be wow'd. It's just amazing... amazing... amazing.

5. My last favorite thing that I listed that I chose to share with everyone had a little story to go along with it. My grandmother who has since passed was a HUGE fan of Elvis which, in turn, led to my adoration of the hunka hunka burnin love. She introduced me to him and to these.... root beer floats. We'd make these and then go watch Mr. E on the black and white tv... so my 5th favorite thing was rootbeer floats not really because I just lvoe them to pieces but because they remind me of my grandmother... and I like anything that reminds me of her. Sharing those at her kitchen table were some of my most favorite and treasured memories of childhood.

So, that's it... if you had to sum up some of your favorite thigns... what would they be?

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