Monday, April 13, 2009

"Good Job-ing" your kids to death

A Cub Scout message board I'm on posted THIS link about how people "good job'd" their kids to death so much that they thought everything they did was far beyond anything other than miraculous. It's a good read. I encourage all parents to read it. :)

I can't say I'm not guilty of this -- to an extent. I do believe that CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is a good thing. It's hard to take at any age. The sooner they learn to hear and handle it and LEARN from it, the better off they'll be and the more productive they SHOULD become. Well, in my utopic world, anyway. :)

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chksngr said...

So with you...I'm totally about the coaching...we coach and praise...we praise specifically the good things - "Mommy can tell you have been working on your manners!!! I like it when you use you say please and thank you!" and coach the not so good things - "Buddy, those shoes look like they are on the wrong feet. Are they? Try again!" I'm SO proud that he can get those darn shoes on at all but I'm a firm believer that he should recognize when something is amiss...