Sunday, April 5, 2009


As Scouts we are to teach young men the three R's in life. And, I'm not talking about Readin', Ritin' and 'Rithmetic... I'm talking about the otherthree R's. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reduce - reduce your footprint. Buy in bulk and refill current containers.

Reuse - find a new way to use old stuff so that it's reused and not in a landfill. Reuse your waterbottles instead of buying more.

Recycle - what you can't reuse, buy only what you can recycle.

It seems simple. It SEEMS simple but it's really not! Especially, when Andy's best friend works for a waste management company and he said that over half of what they're taking in for recyclables -- is winding up IN THE LANDFILLS ANYWAY! Why? Because it's expensive to recycle items. How's that for making your day? You go out of your way to do your part, and it still doesn't do any good anyhow!? Grrrrr...

And so now, in that it's in vogue to try to lead a frugal, simple, whole, green life, I've found a fun little website called Repurposeful that I just adore. She gives great tips on how to reuse items so that they're always in vogue. And I'm not talking tin can pencil holders -- I'm talking fun items! :)

Check out her blog HERE.

My favorite item of late on the blog is a link to another site on how to make hoodie towels! I love this idea because my BOYS would love this idea! For a tutorial on how to do it -- SO SIMPLE -- and it's even something I could do:

So, how are YOU repurposeful?! :)

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