Monday, March 30, 2009

You know you're getting old...

When you're TRULY excited to get a new vacuum cleaner. Yes, I know, I know... who cares. But typically when you say something isn't working anymore, you say, "You know, that old piece of crap washing machine? It really sucks!" But, when it's a vacuum, you can't SAY that. Generally, when a vacuum cleaner goes bad, it DOESN'T suck, and therein lies the problem. So, to Conn's we went and bought not one but TWO new vacuum cleaners! Aren't I spoiled? :) Yes, I know. I am. :) I'm loved!

I got a little lightweight Eureka for the hardwoods and tile and then got a new Eureka for the carpet (basically, the upstairs). The total for both was under $190 so you just can't beat the price we got. And, face it. Without having a vacuum that sucks (in a good way), you can't clean Thor hair off the stairs! Man alive can that Rot shed!

Then, off to Souper Salad (one of my favorite eateries) for dinner. I feel totally spoiled tonight!

OH... and I also found out my friend Carl Wilson, a fellow Scouter, is ALSO a Buffalo (from Woodbadge -- we were both put in Buffalo patrols!) I'm so glad he's a Buffalo. I know it really doesn't matter in the long run but, for me, it's pretty darn cool!

I used to be a Buffalo
and a good ole Buffalo, too
but, now I've finished Buffaloing
I don't know what to do
I'm growing old and feeble
and I can Buffalo no more
so I'm going to work my ticket if I can....

Back to Gilwell, happy land
I'm going to work my ticket if I can!

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chksngr said...

I'm speechless...and laughing...