Friday, March 20, 2009

Today is a perfect example...

... of why I prefer to listen to CD's or children's DVDs in the car instead of live radio.

Drew and I are driving down the highway enroute to IHOP so he can have breakfast (pancakes and bacon) with his grandma and then to plant some flowers and such with her. He wants to talk so I turn off the radio and when he said he was done, I turned it back on just to have something to listen to. I was listening to talk radio but both stations went to commercial, so I thought, seriously, I did.... "why not find some music we can listen to".... turn on FM and start channel surfing...

1st station... commercial
2nd station... commercial
3rd station... commercial
4th station... it's on there all of a microsecond but then I hear, "dumb ass" -- great... that's just what I want my 4 year old hearing....

I'm sick to death of all the gratuitous expletives, gratuitous nudity, gratuitous sexiness, gratuitous violence.... it's just very HARD to be a parent and teach your children right when the WRONG STUFF is shoved down their throats on a daily basis!

Mr. DJ -- if you're reading... YOU are the ! SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE! Grrrrrr mama bear is irritated!

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chksngr said...

And this would be why I always immediately go to the Christian Rock station in Charlotte. They even call it the "family friendly" station.